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Curriculum Plans: Week of 10/22


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What are everyone's children studying this week?


I'm working on our lesson plans for this week while I eat cheesecake and play games on facebook. :)


We'll be starting Story of the World Book 3, chapter 5. I'm hoping to finally get started on our Earth Science curriculum. The only science we've really done so far this year has been at 4-H.


12yods is starting Saxon Math 87, dd is working on Saxon 3 and 7yods is in Saxon Math 2. I need to do more math than I have been with 5yods. Everyone is still enjoying ixl.com


12yods and 9yodd will both keep working through their new Spectrum Spelling books. 7yods and 5yods have a reading class at the library on Wednesday; it's their second week going.


Maybe, just maybe, I'll manage to get the second lesson in our Atelier art curriculum done.

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13yo ds:


History - War of 1812

Language arts - descriptive writing

Math - Multivariable linear equations

Sciences - amphibian project/orbitals and energy level diagrams


Art - working with pastels

Finance - stocks




It's gotten to the point where there is no him learning and me teaching. It's both of us learning together!

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ooooh, I want cheesecake!


We're playing catch-up with our AO readings; and making notebooks and filling out forms for our charter school; running around in the rain (it's just started raining here -- it rains most of the winter, Button has Big Rainy Day plans for tomorrow); we'll be picking up our Apologia Zoology 1 science (we are old-earthers, for the record: there is a lot of on-the-fly editing of Apologia), I fervently hope; DH has a birthday.


And I'm troubleshooting our math -- continue with the new year of Singapore, do some MathUSee, some MEP, or drop into some TOPS units? -- and trying to get us up and running on the producing-art front. At least a good drawing-material area set up.


Finally: finish lesson 3 on our Progressive Recorder program. Button's sick of the note G; he wants to move on to C!!!

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This week we hope to accomplish the following:


Older dd:

quiz in English, new chapter in Latin and French, writing project in CW, start notes for paper in Renaissance humanities, finish our chapter in science, continue in math, independent reading in Age of Fable, English Literature for Boys and Girls and K12's Human Odyssey, striving to finish Renaissance and Reformation Times


Younger dd:

quiz in Latin, new chapter in French, grammar work with nouns, continued work in Singapore Math, almost finished with Burgess Animal Book and then moving to our study of astronomy and physics, independent reading of War Horse, House of Arden, My Bookhouse #3, Cricket in Times Square and Among the Night People, working in D'Aulaire's Greek Myths, reading Our Island Story with our Book Notes


I'm hoping for a good week....:)

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ooooh, I want cheesecake!


Me, too!


5th grader and 4th grader:


Along Came Galileo, more stargazing at night, trying to watch Orionids (but too cloudy)

Tales of Robin Hood, SOTW 2, writing summary of Beowulf Stories Told to Children

Following some math rabbit trails right now: integers and consumer math (my kids are building a fictional business)

Writing descriptive and narrative paragraphs

Journey through the Bible (my kids will move out someday and we'll still be trying to finish this)

Artistic Pursuits

Reading Middleworld, Fudge-a-mania and Sea Star


2nd grader:


Building a times table chart, Life of Fred

Reading Anansi stories

Apologia's Swimming Creatures with sketches of sea creatures

Beginner's Bible, Loyola's Book of Saints

All About Spelling 2

Artistic Pursuits

Reading aloud Beezus and Ramona

Going to *try* formal LA this week - WWE and PLL


5 yro:


More Mudpies and Magnets...

Starting MFW K this week

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My main priority is supposed to be to get some fun chemistry experiments/projects going this week. I'm always so lazy about that.


DD9 will need to memorize 5 multiplication facts per day. They're just NOT sticking, no matter how well she understands how they work.


Spanish review week. Testing my made up worksheets on the girls. DD10 wants to practice emailing with her bilingual friend, but most of her comprehension is auditory.


We're on SOTW3 ch10. I forget what chapter of History of US we're on. Math, spelling, and MCT will flow as usual.


I'm trying to get the girls to take a break from Harry Potter and cover some less recent classics. ;)


My K'er doesn't have a set plan, but he's very motivated, so I'm sure we'll do a lot of fun stuff!

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Math- Likely finishing up our skip counting chapter in BA

Writing-wwe2- Week 11

Spelling-Spelling Plus- Moving on to List C, we've been reviewing a few from B the last few weeks but I *think* we've covered them all now

Phonics- Blend Phonics/Websters- Finishing up this week and moving onto ElizabethB's online Spelling and/or Phonics lessons

Penmanship- Working on learning LoE cursive



Phonics & Writing- LoE- Foundations

Math- Some RSA when we feel like it and lots of play


Science Reading this week-

All about BUGS- I think they picked out half the selection of bug books from the library. Trying to see what bugs we can catch is on the list for every week :)


History Reading-

Early American History- Dh is wanting to watch - How the States Got their Shape so I decided to get some books to go along with this a bit



St. Joseph Communion Catechism, learning the Act of Contrition and 10 Commandments(and what they mean), reading about various saints and study of All Souls / Saints Day. Bible Reading.



Since we are not doing FLL here this year we had slacked in this area but ds loves poetry and they both have been begging to memorize more poems, so I have the poems from IEW Linguistic Development through Poetry Development printed up and ready to start.



We are starting a short term "enrichment" co-op this week as well. They will be doing some fun music, art and science there. It is for a couple of hrs on Fri.

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Ds8 will be on lesson 15 in R&S spelling. In math he is going to continue measurement, working on unit 3 chapters 4 and 5 in Singapore 2A. He will continue working through PLL (starting lesson 58 today) and Easy Grammar. He will be reading Tut, Tut (Time Warp Trio) and then The Whipping Boy and starting The Mouse and the Motorcycle. In science we will be studying day and night/the rotation of the earth. In history we are on chapter 14 of Story of the World 1. We will be working on chapter 15 of Song School Latin.


Ds5 will be on lesson 94 in Abeka reading. He will be beginning Unit 7 in Singapore Math 1A, on shapes. He will be doing the same science and history as ds8.


Both boys will be using their Awana memory verses as copywork, along with working in their handwriting workbooks.

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We're rowing Climbing Kansas Mountains by George Shannon, studying Ancient China in SOTW, vol. 1, finishing up a BFSU lesson on time and the earth's turning, finishing up our study of Columbus, listening to opera (The Magic Flute has been a huge hit here!), doing some Michelangelo-inspired art projects, and moving along in OPGTTR, FLL, WWE, and RightStart B. We just returned from a week's vacation in DC so we'll likely have to start slow . . . I've probably been too ambitious in my planning for the week. :001_smile:

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Ds will be finishing Tale of Despereaux today and attending the book club I'm leading tomorrow. I will be teaching about the literary elements of theme, point of view, and simile vs. metaphor. He will only have a couple of grammar and math lessons these two days.


On Wednesday, our student guest comes to do history, geography, health, science, and art. We are in the United States in our geography study, so I decided to spend a day focusing on our state. We will do a science experiment that we didn't get to last week about how soil erodes but grass helps hold it. I'm still working on our activities for that day.


The rest of the week will be focused on math and language arts, including IEW writing.

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The unofficial plan for ds (11) this week is:


  • The first of three 90-minute stop-motion animation classes in Manhattan
  • A few more readaloud chapters of Prince Caspian
  • 2 lessons in Saxon Math 7/6
  • Reading, discussing, and doing some writing about 2 poems in Read & Understand Poetry
  • Editing 3 or 4 paragraphs in Daily Paragraph Editing (for grades 6+)
  • 1 lesson in A Workbook for Dyslexics spread out over the week
  • Starting a month-long unit on The Animal Kingdom using Science Essentials and nature study - maybe a trip to the science museum (it's 10 minutes from my house and we get in free. I have no excuse not to take him).
  • Reading about Early Man in the Complete Book of World History and maybe doing some sort of project (lapbook? art project?)

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lesson 12 R&S spelling 3, lesson 35 in R&S English3, lesson 44 in R&S math 3, Review chps. 1-5 in Prima Latina, study insect life cycles and defense strategies w/books and notebooking. I plan to have her do some copywork and dictation as well.



lesson 11 R&S spelling 6, lesson 34 in R&S Engish 5, lesson 40 in R&S math 6, lesson 9 in First Form Latin, lesson 5 in Spanish for Children. For science she is moving in the human body at home using The History of Medicine, and reading a chapter of her text for co-op. I haven't looked to see where they are this week yet. It is a new chapter. She is reading Tales from Africa and doing work (summaries, dictation, etc) from CHOLL logic ancients.



Ancients in history: we are up to the Israelites in SOTW1 (chp. 6?) I have KHE, Ancient Israelites and their neighbors, and MP Christian Studies I to use. We are on lesson 8 of MPCSI.


That's about it. :tongue_smilie: We take on a new babysitting child on Wed. so Wed and Thurs might be light days as we adjust.. We may be finishing up some of these chapters next week. Hopefully by week 2 of new child, we will have all adjusted. We are close to where I wanted to be by the end of Oct. for all skills subjects and science and latin. I had hoped to be further along in ancients studies. I don't want to work all summer, so I will be keeping up history if nothing else over holidays.

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We'll be studying farm animals and harvest time for the next 6 weeks using MFWK units 12-14 and Wee Folk Art Harvest Time. We'll be spending 2 weeks on each MFW unit and do 2 units a week for wee folk. I am not following it (wee folk art) as written, but more as reading list (1 book a day), activity that goes with each unit, and the poetry (spending 2 weeks on each poem). We'll be doing the quilt block patterns, too. We'll just be focusing on Christmas crafts, baking, and Christmas stories for December, so will likely try to put quilt together then. For BFIAR we're doing Prayer for a Young Child. K math theme these next couple of weeks will focus on telling time, seasons, months, days of week, etc.


I am very excited about these next couple weeks of themes!

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Bible-LifePac 2 book 9 continuing with how the nations were separated after the tower of Babel

Math-Restarting with BJU Grade 3

History-Pythagoras, Confucius, Belshazzar and Cyrus the Great, and Darius I

Science- Finishing up the Moon and moving on to Mars. We will make a telescope sometime during the week.

English and Writing-Easy Grammar lessons and how to write a friendly letter (we are writing to Grandma), Brianna will be picking out her book for her first book report. Reading in Abeka readers for comprehension and book of choice for pleasure.

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All together but not all at one time:

Bible memory

Aunt Vera's Bedtime Stories (missionary stories)

History- Start "Incans Aztecs Mayans" (We did SOTW2 chap. 32 last week)

Picture Study- We're on the last picture in SCM's Michelangelo portfolio.

Winnie the Pooh (I read this to the girls when they were little. However, they want their little brother to hear it. Plus didn't mine hearing it again themselves. ;))


Dd 10:

IEW SWI A lesson 2

MUS Epsilon L. 25 A&D

Spelling Wisdom Ex. 76

Read a chapter in Little Women


Dd 8:

R&S unit 6 L.3

Spelling Wisdom Ex.23

MUS Gamma L.27

Reading a chapter of The Secret School


DS 6:

ETC book 1 pg. 22-23

Scardey Cat Reading game in lesson 2

Play a math game I made up with Squinky cars and dice

Maybe do the last MUS Primer page in L. 18

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Big Crew (7th and 8th)

-whatever comes next in grammar, composition, vocabulary and math

-displaying data, mathematics and careers/people in physical science

-finish going through the Revolutionary War battle by battle

-defensible arguments

-Tolkien study for the older one, dystopian rabbit trail for the younger one

-getting familiar with Art of Poetry, reading introduction

-whatever comes next in the Constitution study



Middle Crew (2nd and 4th grades, with the preschool tagging-along where she can):

-whatever comes next in their math, grammar, and spelling

-paragraph writing for the older one, cursive copywork for the younger one

-cells parts and skin in science

-George Washington, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere in history

-tropical zone with a focus on Brazil in geography

-writing about stuff your parents say in poetry


Little Crew (preschooler):

-building numbers up to twenty

-reading every easy reader she can get her hands on

-some workbooks leftover by the big kids for when that's not enough


Toddler bringing up the rear will be in the middle of all that, no doubt. ;)

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3rd grader

four tt3 chapters and a quiz

two new stars in memoria press astronomy

fll3 week 11

wwe lessons 31 and 32 (there might be more)

start aas

a chapter in etc

location of continents for social studies

a lesson in her book on reading maps

a lesson in her book on manners

a lesson on vases and pottery then making bubble pots

a lesson on lungs for health

five religion lessons


1st grader

start aas

start aar (have a feeling we will initially move fast through it)

fll1 week 11

wwe1 lessons 30-34

one new star in astronomy

deserts in social studies

a lesson on manners

a lesson in maps workbook

same art lesson/project

a chapter in etc

starting rightstart math b, switching from mm

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We're doing measurement this week in math. Today we messed around with pendulums - changing the length of the string and experimenting with how it changes the period. Alex was totally amazed that for a given length, a big swing and a small swing take the same amount of time. :D


In spelling we are working on words with long A spelled EA, and will move on from there to -TION words.


In Latin she'll be learning how to use adjectives.


WWE is on The Magic of Oz. Alex would like to get the whole book from the library. We still need to have a book discussion about The Water Horse, which was her last "assigned reading" novel.


We're skipping chemistry this week because enviromommyis out of town. We skipped it last week because my son was sick, and the week before because I was out of town. Odds are not good for finishing RSO Chemistry before Christmas.


My husband is in charge of history. I believe they'll be focusing on the Spanish and Portuguese in the New World, but then again, there's a homeschooling group trip to a fun farm on his day at home, so maybe they won't. ;)


In MCT Language Arts, this is a poetry week. (We alternate between Music of the Hemispheres and Sentence Island.) After months focused solely on the sounds of poetry, we will begin to cover figures of speech.

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Family Subjects:

All of a Kind Family--literature, this is a big hit!

Guns for General Washington and other Rev. war readings

Apologia Swimming Creatures--finish up whales...we sculpted whales for our ocean boxes, but still need to paint them.

Bach study--listen to Bach CD throughout the day and continue with Boy From Thuringia

Monet--continue Linnea in Monet's Garden

Missionary Stories with the Millers chapter 2

Bible memory work, Catechism, Bible story book (we're on Abraham and Isaac right now)

finish sewing felt apple coasters and make caramel apples


We are on our 10th (or so) schedule, but this one is just slightly different than our last schedule...I think we're getting it all figured out!

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Math: My 6.5 year old just finished the section on adding and subtracting with regrouping in Singapore 2A, so this week we're doing some review and Intensive Practice before moving on to measurement. We also got Maya Madness (math game) this weekend, so we'll play that a bit. My 4 year old will do two lessons in MEP Reception.


Language Arts: I'm reading aloud The Rats of Nimh and a stack of Franklin stories. My 6 year old is also reading The Witch Family by Eleanor Estes for her independent reading. In spelling she's working on the sounds of long u and z (AAS). She does copywork and narration from our reading. We'll do poetry teatime on Thursday and freewrites on Friday. Oh, and handwriting practice for both.


Science: We're reading Winter's Tail and another book about dolphins.


Prehistory: Finishing up dinosaurs and moving on to mammals.


Spanish: Watching Salsa and reading a bilingual issue of Scholastic Let's Find Out.


Art: Making our own "leaf men" based on the Lois Ehlert book. We also have outside art classes.

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