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  1. Ok, I am the forgetful one in here. I am sure she would not mind you reminding her. My mom has to do things like that with me all the time! Making it bigger than it needs to be is not a good idea (ie. calling ds, emailing if you normally call or text). I am sure it is not intentional on her part. Sometimes people like us just need a "'Hey _____, could you take a few minutes right now and mail me that check or Paypal it to me?" End of issue. And in the future make sure to get payment beforehand.
  2. Breakfast! No one in our house wants to wait to open presents or stop enjoying opened gifts to eat breakfast. So I pack their stockings with a bunch of munchies (freeze-dried fruit, nuts, a bar of some kind, apple, jerky, mini cereal boxes, etc...) that they can eat as they wish. Things change based on what I find, but the theme stays the same :).
  3. I was feeling the pressure to switch from MUS, for my son, since he loves math and I can see him heading into a math field. And then it hit me. Why am I switching from a program that has worked great for not only him but his sisters? Yes, his sisters are not as in love with math as he is, but they are very competent in it. I actually purchased another curriculum for him. After looking at it, I am convinced that MUS is enough. I will be adding some fun supplements for him, but it has been great so far for us. I spoke to my dd15's tutor about what she thought of MUS ( I got her a tutor for the upper math levels because I was not able to help her the way I wanted to when she had questions.) She said it was a solid program and saw no issues with the content covered. I choose to take the word of someone that knows what they are talking about and has been working with dd from Algebra to Pre-Cal. I believe a lot of the naysayers are people that have not actually tried MUS all the way through.
  4. I am like your son. I hate being told what to do and when to do it. I hate grades and tests. I do not learn well under pressure. I also really struggle if I have to be somewhere at the same time every day. It completely sucks the joy out of things for me. These are some of the reasons I homeschool. I function very well doing things on my own schedule. I am actually very good at scheduling myself, I just don't like it if I am always on someone else's.
  5. I was a SAHW before kids. I had a much cleaner home. I could stay on top of clutter. I had dinner ready at the same time each night. I baked more. I could shop sales more easily, to save money. I could volunteer more. I taught a few children's classes. I read a lot. I am an only child so having alone time has never been a big deal for me. It was very low stress, and both my dh and I loved it.
  6. Yes, I always wanted to be a SAHM and a homeschool mom. I would not have married anyone who did not value that as much as I did. I sometimes think my dh values it even more than I do :). For 15 yrs. I have been doing exactly what I wanted and I love it!
  7. Well, we lived full time in our RV/fifth wheel for two years (450 sq. ft.). We are still living in it, but on 3 acres where we have more solutions now (too complicated to explain). In the RV, there is a built-in bookcase in the kid's room that holds all the teacher's guides, future books to be used, etc... We bought one of these Elfa systems from the Container Store https://www.containerstore.com/s/elfa/best-selling-solutions/cabinet-sized-elfa-drawer-systems/platinum-cabinet-sized-elfa-mesh-pantry-storage/123d?productId=11002108 . We have two of the biggest drawers, one for each girl. The smaller drawers are for school supplies like scissors, pens, and pencils, etc... The big drawers store all of the girl's books. I like them because they can pull them out completely, and take them to their work spot then put them back at the end of the day. My son stores all his books in a square storage ottoman that has a triple use (a seat also). Our couch has storage underneath, where book already used or to be used way later go. I know ours came that way with the RV, but there are freestanding couches out there that have storage underneath also. As far as workspaces one of the girls works on her bed the other at the kitchen table/living room couch. My son and I used to work at the other end of the couch (it is a large u shaped couch with a long table in the middle). Now we work in a separate building. If my 3 yr. old did not need a nap we could work in our room too. Think dual purpose, portable, and floor to ceiling shelve storage solutions.
  8. I might be the only one, but when I read your list my immediate response was," Heck no!" That would be way too much for us. Some of the reasons I homeschool, however, are that I want my kids to have plenty of free time to (a) be together and establish strong bonds, (b) explore their creativity and passions, and © decrease stress. Each family is so different though, and some families can accomplish all those things with a schedule like yours. My red flag would be the children's complaints. If it was me there would be one thing per kid and one co-op.
  9. I would start asking your ds a lot of question like- "What do you like about _____ (favorite qualities)?, What makes you guys such good friends? Is there anything you don't care for about her? Are there any potential problems you see in your relationship?" Basically, I would try and get my child to think, and I would try to do it in the least threatening way possible. Ask just a few question and do a lot of listening. If he feels safe to talk, he could very easily talk himself out of anything deeper.
  10. I am so prepared I have read and reread all the documentation. I made sure we knew exactly what to do and what to bring. However, I thought the test was yesterday! I dropped my dd off and drove away! She called me a few minutes later, saying I got the date wrong. I think it was/is nerves on my part. Well, it was at least a good trial run. Today is the big day (yes I'm sure). Prayers for all.
  11. I think you might need to consider some things. How important is this to you? Sleep is a very important thing for a child, not to mention a parent. I know you don't want to let him cry, but a little crying might be necessary since you have let this go so long. I suggest you look up all the benefits of sleep and decide if you are serious enough about this or not. To me, sleep was and is such a serious need for children that I made sure all my kids got 12-14 hr. of sleep (including naps) as toddlers. Sleep is more important to their emotional health than a little crying is damaging to it. You need to decide what your priority is. You might want to try and slowly remove yourself from the equation. Rock him less and less, putting him down in his cot earlier little by little.Then graduate to putting him in his cot and rubbing his back or holding his hand. Then move to sitting on the floor in his room. Do the same thing at 2 in the morning, be consistent.You get the idea. This is a gentle way of going about it, but it does not mean there will not be any crying. Sometimes the crying might be hard for the whole family, including your dd. The long-term benefit, however, would be worth it to me. No matter which way you go at this point there will be discomfort. Ask yourself, which discomfort is worth it in the end for the overall wellbeing of the family? ETA: I just read your last post, obviously do not let him get worked up to vomiting level! You should probably seek some outside help if he gets that worked up. There might be something else happening here. If that was just once, however, I would try again. Whatever you do be consistent.
  12. MUS IEW SWI A then Continuation courses I wish Logic of English Foundations was around when my girls were little; I would have definitely used it. Living books, CM style for content subjects The Child's Story Bible by Catherine Vos.
  13. I would try Modcloth they carry vintage looks, so I am pretty sure they will have some cute cardigans.
  14. This is a great idea. With both of my daughters I started this with The Secret Garden. We really enjoyed the time together, and it was a great way to help with any comprehension issues. After doing a few books like this they were ready to launch into harder content on their own.
  15. I have not read the other responses. I know you say you don't want to/can't parent him, but God put him in your home for a reason. If you pray and feel that you have already done everything God wants you to do in this situation, then by all means end it now. If, however, you do not have that peace consider what I have to say. Have you confronted the boy? I mean outright, not asking if he did it, but telling him you know he did it and you would like to talk to him about why. I would be worried about him and what is going on inside his head. As a Christian I would view having the child in my home everyday as an opportunity to minister to him. I would pray and ask for God to give me the words, and help me to show His love to the boy. If he continued after these efforts I would then consider ending the arrangement, by letting his mom know why.
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