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    I am 40 (gasp), and I am married with two daughters.
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    I love cross stitch (especially reproduction samplers!), reading, growing roses and baking.
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    I am a proud stay at home mommy!

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  1. :Angel_anim: Happy All Saints Day Eve eve!

  2. Your posts yesterday about Mom0f7 were thoughtful and warm. Wish everyone gave everyone else the benefit of the doubt when reading a post!

  3. At my mom's house this evening, she was showing me the (glossy, 4-color, dvd message included) booklet from her church (Southern Baptist mega-church). They're planning to expand (again) & their budget for the new expansion is $52 million!!!! In the back of the booklet, it talked about ways to ensure your giving by doing things like: putting off planned purchases (!!!), not retiring & instead continuing to work instead (!!!), and giving your money as soon as you get paid (!!!). It also said that they could assure you of a closer relationship with God if you learned to open your listening skills to how He was leading you to give. (They inserted a quote from 2 Corinthians that talked about all the ways to exel w/ 'give' being the main item.) I also noticed that the drawing that showed the proposed expansion had some cars in front -- a BMW, a Corvette, and a Porsche (I think). :cursing: I'm not against religion per se. However, I can't call this religion. Too many churches, imo, have sold out from being about something spiritual to being about business (and total greed). Grrrr.


    Totally, totally agree!

  4. Hi, Michele! I really liked your post about how our choices for clothes and hairstyle can reflect who we are. It was well-stated!

  5. Morning, Michele! Thanks for the friends request! :)

  6. 36_15_57.gifWhy don't you start a social group for mommy lawyers or mommies with other professions?
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