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    I am 40 (gasp), and I am married with two daughters.
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    I love cross stitch (especially reproduction samplers!), reading, growing roses and baking.
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    I am a proud stay at home mommy!

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  1. Has anyone used Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren's Modern Rhetoric to teach writing?
  2. We are fans of CNN Student News as well. I am interested in other options for high school that are more in depth while maintaining a level of discretion (not showing piles and piles of bodies), explaining terms and institutions (CNN is doing a great job of explaining terrorist groups without fearmongering - just giving information), and avoiding giving opinion as fact. I would like a step between CNN Student and the actual news. While I send articles that I find to dd15, I don't want to turn her loose on the news until she has more experience with logic and identifying bias - although I think she has more already than many adults! lol
  3. Very interesting! I am obsessed right now with reading everything on this board about credits. I remember getting college credit for a "theatre tour" in New York. we went to some performances, did some back stage tours, wrote a paper, and got an hour or two credit. That was a million years ago though.... ;)
  4. I recommend the Dorothy Sayers translation; I realize it is not a popular choice. She uses terza rima which gives it a very nice flow. Even if you do not use her translation, her notes are invaluable. Ms. Sayers was catholic - sharing the religion of the author provides insights that may have been neglected by others who tend discount his religion in favor of his political machinations. When I got my English degree, I am sure I scoffed at Dante's religious motivations and simply said with so many others, "he put his enemies in hell and his friends in heaven," etc. Dorothy Sayer's notes opened my eyes to the religious and linguistic subtleties throughout this work. I am not saying that one needs to be catholic to "get" this work, but I am saying that a co-religionist provides a unique vantage point. She also offers quotations C. S. Lewis and Charles Williams throughout her work as well. Just something to consider. :)
  5. I really like the poetry analysis in Writing With Skill. Is there a recommended resource that is similar for more poetry analysis? thanks, Michele
  6. We have been doing Artist Study for a couple of years - some times we do better than other times. :001_rolleyes: I made some Pinterest boards for specific artists. Here is Audubon http://pinterest.com/micheletb/homeschool-artist-study-audubon/ I found a biography-novel about him written in the 30s. That is the kind of book I search for.
  7. Just saying "Hi," Martha! I have been following this question at 4Real! :)
  8. dd11 is taking apart her sister's now defunct Nintendo DSI, trying to learn what makes it work. She says she wants to learn about that in science. I cannot even think what science that is! :blush: What is it, and what books should we look at? Curricula? Thanks!
  9. I have plans to beginning SOTW vol 4, ch 4 this morning as wells a s get back on track for science... One piano practice is finished, so 1 more piano and a violin left. We are going to hit grammar and writing hard this morning to make a good start for the week. :)
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