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  1. Thanks! Your response was very helpful! I just got the letter today and was wondering if I should fill it out. I guess I should take the chance. She turns 18 this summer, but does not have all the credits she needs. 😩
  2. Does anyone here have experience requesting their child’s Social Security survivors benefits to continue after 18? Everything I read sounds like it’s hit or miss for homeschoolers. I was curious if anyone had experience. Also, when it’s discontinued, how does that affect the amount our family receives? Thanks!
  3. I’m wondering if there exists a government course that is Christian, but not overly conservative? Every one I’ve looked at is extremely conservative, and my daughter is not. I feel like it’s one subject I’d like to have God included in, but I also want a program that is politically neutral or even left leaning. Does such a thing exist? A tall order, I know. 😂
  4. I read that article like 5 times trying to find that information. Apparently I need to get my ADD checked out. 🙄. This is exactly why I generally avoid online discussions like this...and usually stick to the k-8 or general homeschool page. 😉
  5. According to the numbers he stated, he was making a small profit from each sale ($4). I assume everything I buy online is marked up many times before it gets to me, as a consumer, so a $2 item with a $4 profit doesn’t sound ridiculous. I do think he’s a jerk for leaving people without resources—I’m not praising his actions at all. But everyone is saying he sold them for $70, and I don’t see that anywhere in the article. In his own mind, he is reselling the item for a small profit, and I’m questioning whether this fits the legal definition of price gouging. Either way, I think he is in the wrong from a moral standpoint.
  6. This is the part I was thinking of: Mr. Colvin does not believe he was price gouging. While he charged $20 on Amazon for two bottles of Purell that retail for $1 each, he said people forget that his price includes his labor, Amazon’s fees and about $10 in shipping. (Alcohol-based sanitizer is pricey to ship because officials consider it a hazardous material.) Current price-gouging laws “are not built for today’s day and age,” Mr. Colvin said. “They’re built for Billy Bob’s gas station doubling the amount he charges for gas during a hurricane.” He added, “Just because it cost me $2 in the store doesn’t mean it’s not going to cost me $16 to get it to your door.”
  7. I thought he said $20, and it cost him $16 to list and all. I must have misread. That is quite the markup! 😱
  8. He wasn’t making a huge profit from it, after shipping, listing fees, and all...but it does bother me that he left those areas with no sanitizer and other supplies. It’s hard to feel bad for him.
  9. I just started a loaf of bread in a brand new machine. After starting it I noticed it says to run a bake cycle for 10 minutes then wash it out again, before the first use. 😩 Would you eat this bread? throw it out? I think it’s something about residual oils.
  10. I’m using it with my kids, all ages. You can do as little or as much as you want. I mostly just use it to guide our outdoor nature time. We use her mini lessons and schedule and skip the extras. Once in awhile we do an activity. We are also using SCM’s Journaling a Year in Nature.
  11. Change of plans ☺️ History: Beautiful Feet Early American Primary, but I may have him participate in some of the BF/SCM ancients with my older kids. I just really like the idea of starting with American history and the D’Aulaires’ books Bible: Catherine Vos Child’s Story Bible SCM Enrichment 2 Math: Mathusee Alpha—this will put all my kids in MUS Language Arts: Delightful Reading 2/3, Delightful Handwriting, Pathway readers Science: Rod & Staff’s “Sampling Science and Social Studies” booklet and scheduled readers; we may add Outdoor Secrets later in the year once we finish the R&S guide Spanish: the Learnables Continue R&S ABC series to work on motor skills
  12. Simply Charlotte Mason for most subjects history: Beautiful Feet, supplemented with SCM’s ancient guides SCM’s Enrichment 2 guide for literature, fine arts, etc language arts: Spelling Wisdom/Using Language Well Book 1, 2nd half math: MUS Delta science: R&S 5 Spanish: The Learnables Latin: Minimus Secondus
  13. My youngest—we’ll be using pretty much all Simply Charlotte Mason History: SCM’s Genesis-Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt; Visits to Africa SCM’s Enrichment 2 Math: SCM’s Arithmetic 1 Language Arts: Delightful Reading 3, Delightful Handwriting, Pathway Readers Science: Outdoor Secrets Spanish: The Learnables
  14. History/Bible: Beautiful Feet Ancients supplemented with Simply Charlotte Mason guides Geography: Visits to Africa/Middle East Science: R&S Grade 8 science Math: MUS Pre-Algebra? Language Arts: Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Well 2 (second half), written narrations Latin: Cambridge Latin Unit 2 Fine Arts/Literature: SCM Enrichment 2
  15. Novare would be a good curriculum to consider. Earth Science or Physical Science would be the best bets for 8th grade.
  16. My daughter had complained that we've only covered ancients and pilgrims (which isn't quite true, but maybe not terribly far from the mark). We also switched curriculum or joined a co-op where we were limited by the time period. Two weeks ago I switched us to Modern Times. 😊 We are now studying the Civil War and everyone seems to be enjoying it. History will always have gaps, no matter what curriculum you use, you can't cover it all! I think this is one of the safer subjects for curriculum hopping! Math is another matter. I regret switching curriculum as often as I have over the years, but sometimes it's made all the difference. It's a fine line. I always say I've switched for the last time, but here I am again with a new curriculum two months onto our school year. 🙄 Technically this time I switched back to an old curriculum that I've previously used.
  17. I'm so excited about this site that I just came across. It looks promising! https://bilingualkidspot.com/learn-spanish-for-kids/
  18. Hits: IEW materials: SWI, Fix-It Grammar, and Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization. I bought a couple other items from there, but these are the ones we’ve used so far. MP Greek Alphabet— This has been a fun addition to our morning basket. We are all enjoying learning to write Greek letters. I will follow it with Elementary Greek. Our morning basket—this has been such a fun start to our morning! Our basket contents are in my signature. We haven’t used Grammar of Poetry yet, but everything else has been so fun! Misses: I really hate to say this, but MP’s cores are not working for us. I have too many kids to teach and far too much anxiety over school. I’m a single mom and need something “easier”. So we are going back to SCM’s history and literature tomorrow, along with some of their other resources. I need my kids combined as much as possible! I had wanted them more separated since I have high schoolers in the mix, but at the risk of my sanity, it’s just not worth it. 😢 We are keeping MP science and Latin. I’m so sad about dropping their history and Christian Studies, but it’s just too many moving parts for now. Math—I will be moving most of my kids back to MUS. Teaching math is also causing a lot of stress, and MUS seems to work well overall. One is staying with Rod and Staff since she really likes it and doesn’t need me to teach her very often. MP Kindergarten: I think I could make this work, but I’m really worried my son will dread school if we continue. Every minute is a struggle to get him to form letters correctly or focus. I keep thinking that if we were still doing CM methods, he wouldn’t be doing any formal school at this point. I may shelve this until 1st grade, because I do like the program overall.
  19. My girls loved Book of Astronomy last year (for grades 3rd & 6th)! I don't think it would have been as enjoyable if we'd just done the workbook, but we often took nature walks after dark and looked for the constellations and stars that we'd read about. It was so exciting to find them in the sky and made them more interested to learn even more. There isn't a ton of information in the book though, it's mostly memorization and a bit of background information. We added a solar system kit to make it a bit more hands-on.
  20. Rainbow Resource, Thrift Books, Amazon, and from the publishers themselves--I feel like companies try to compete with Amazon now days, so I can often get a better deal ordering directly form the publishers! I order teacher guides and cores from Memoria Press so I can get download PDFs of tests & quizzes, plus they will replace their materials if they are changed drastically.
  21. I am a single mom of 5, grades K to 11th. I also have some health issues, so we school year round, taking time off as needed. I wake up at 7, check email, shower, etc. I make sure my kids are all up by 8:30 (we aren't early risers). Our breakfast is something easy like cereal, yogurt, fruit, or eggos. My older kids get their own breakfast. I usually help my youngest, although most days he just wants some fruit. I am aiming to start school at 9:00, but I may have to fit my 5yo's lessons in earlier when he starts K. He's not really a morning person though, so I don't know how this will work. Before lunch, we work on our "morning basket" (for us that includes Greek, grammar, hymn, catechism, and fine arts--basically anything we are doing together). Then we work on Latin, composition, and math. Lunch is quick and easy (quesadillas, tuna salad, PB&J, etc. with some a fruit and/or veggies). After lunch, we work on content subjects like literature, history, science, etc. If we finish early, I might organize a craft or experiment, but usually we just have free time. We work on chores and laundry during this time and on weekends. I start dinner anytime between 4 and 6. More free time after dinner, sometimes we take a walk. I try to round up kids at 8:00 to clean the kitchen and pick up. We do a family devotion at 8:30, followed by a read aloud. Then we head to bed (quiet time until 10-ish or later, depending on their ages). We sometimes take a day off for shopping, visiting with friends, co-op, or going to lunch. We don't have many activities, so we need this time out of the house. Sometimes we go to a movie, a park, or the ceramics shop. I try to grocery shop on Saturday morning. And we have church on Sunday. Yard work is done in the evenings or on the weekends.
  22. All of my kids have used the R&S preschool workbooks. Most have used at least one Kumon book. All but one have used McGuffy Eclectic Readers for phonics, my last is going to use Memoria Press, because I went with their whole core. We have gone back to some things we started with, like SCM's Scripture Memory System and Memoria Press Latin. I tried other things, but those work the best for us. I wish I'd jumped around curriculum less, but it seems like my family dynamics are always changing. What worked when I just had littles doesn't work with a mix of ages.
  23. I'm thinking of having a "heavy" school day on Monday and having the days get progressively lighter throughout the week. It's what ends up happening anyway. 🤣 So Monday would have video lessons, lessons on new material, and longer readings. The rest of the week would be spend completing workbook pages, writing assignments, review, and finishing what didn't get done on Monday. Hopefully by Friday, we'd be down to a math lesson and Latin review/quiz. Then maybe we could fit in some fun extras or take a field trip. But I will also have two high school students next year, and this schedule seems less do-able for that age. I'm still toying with this idea.
  24. They liked Treasure Island okay, but not any of the others. I think because they require more thinking on their part. 😢 I'm trying different ways of covering literature, and it works best just to read & discuss. Treasure Island asked more comprehension type questions, which they are comfortable answering, but the others have asked for central themes or dissecting descriptive passages, and my kids are really struggling with these. I see it as something we need to work on, but they are unable to go through the guides "as-is".
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