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  1. Prima Latina--My 3rd and 6th graders are working through the next book (Latina Christiana) this year. It's worked well to have them combined.
  2. My 8th grader is using Novare Earth Science. We just started, so I can't give much feedback, but I like the layout of it. No complaints about the readings. The science experiments look do-able and interesting.
  3. I just found a migraine topical oil at TJ Maxx that has really been helping me. It has a few essential oils and also lists Iris versicolor and Natrum muriaticum as active ingredients--Forces of Nature is the brand. I can't take most pain relievers due to liver/kidney issues, so I was thrilled to find this. I had a horrible headache yesterday and was able to fall asleep without much trouble after applying this to my temples. I mostly have stress headaches that get progressively worse throughout the day. Also, taking good vitamins has been another help. I'm pretty sure I have some deficiency that makes the headaches worse when I'm not taking vitamins regularly.
  4. I found a curriculum I like to teach and my kids also mostly like, so I refuse to switch again. I regret all the curriculum hopping I did over the years. If they have issues, I'll adjust their workload, try a different approach, or try scheduling it at a different time of day. There are many things we can do to work around a subject without actually changing the materials. I totally get customizing an education to your student--and that is a wonderful thing we can do as homeschoolers. However, for me, the frequent curriculum changes have caused their own set of problems. I feel I need to make it the absolute last resort from here on out. We actually use Memoria Press too. Since we've started, we've made several changes. My middle two hated English Grammar Recitation, so I dropped the copywork portion of the lesson and upped our recitation time. Problem pretty much solved--It's still not their favorite, but there is far much less complaining. My 3rd grader hates the math textbook, so I've cut some problems and lengthened the oral drill & flash card part of the lesson. Sometimes I have her dictate the answers for me to write. We mostly do the guides orally. We've done some other tweaks and changes, but what I haven't done is completely switch programs. I like that MP has been thoroughly tested and adjusted by professional teachers. After being published, it's been further adjusted to meet the specific needs of homeschoolers. I keep telling myself, if it's good enough for MP/Highlands Latin School, it's good enough for me. 🤣
  5. I like to put subjects into tiers. Tier one has daily "must do" subjects. At the moment, for us, it includes math, Latin, writing. Phonics would be included here if I had a younger elementary student. I can get through these in a couple hours if needed. So if we have dr. appointments, minor illness, or a co-op field trip, we'll just focus on these. Tier two includes subjects that need to be done multiple times per week. Handwriting, literature, spelling, science (for my older kids), history, grammar, etc. I aim to get to these daily, but I will cut them out if we run out of time. As long as we get to these 3-4 times per week, I'm happy. I can usually fit a weeks worth of lessons into fewer days when we need to, so it's not a big deal if we miss a day or two during the week. Tier three is our weekly subjects like geography, science (for my younger kids), Bible, composition (younger kids), etc. These are often dropped, because we can easily get through them at the end of the year. As other subjects are completed, we have more time to get to these and can make them daily subjects...or drop the workbook pages/assignments/etc. and just read through the material. Tier four is the "I'd like to get to these some day" subjects. Things like art, music/art appreciation, nature studies, projects, etc. I tend to pick one of these that we focus on at a time, and they usually happen outside of regular school hours. Currently, we are reading through Much Ado About Nothing before bed. Next will likely be the Artistic Pursuits program that I spent a small fortune on and haven't touched. 🤣 Each day, I do a quick run through of what we have going on that day and make a list of which subjects I think we can fit into our plans. If we haven't gotten to a subject in a couple days or weeks (depending on what tier it's in), I'll make it a priority.
  6. I just ordered their Music Appreciation book/cd set and it looks really good! I think it's for grades 3+.
  7. My 8th grader has read/is reading: Treasure Island Wind in the Willows As You Like It Tom Sawyer Iliad/Odyssey (Butler translation) And we're doing 3 Shakespeare plays with our co-op: King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing, Julius Caesar. We like Shakespeare at our house! 🤣
  8. We just signed up for Amazon's Stem Club. It's $20 a month, and the items they receive are worth at least that! My 5yo just got a roller coaster building/logic game that has been tons of fun! If you log onto your account that day of the month (for me it's the 15th), you can cancel your order if you don't want the item or already have it. You can also sign up for every 2 or 3 months instead of monthly.
  9. CLE has worked wonders for my DD who struggled with remembering past concepts.
  10. This is my 2nd 9th grader, so I feel a little more confident this time around. We'll be doing Memoria Press 9th grade with a couple adjustments. Second Form Latin Prentice Hall Algebra II Middle Ages literature: Beowulf, Sir Gawain, Henry V, Canterbury Tales, Poetry book, Book of the Middle Ages Classical Composition: Chreia/Maxim and Refutation/Confirmation --we're doing two levels a year to "catch up" Classical Studies: Book of the Ancient Romans, the Aeneid Christian Studies: The Story of Christianity Logic: Traditional Logic 1 & 2 Novare Physical Science American History: A Concise History of the American Republic Art: Artistic Pursuits Senior High Book One Music/Art appreciation and 3 Shakespeare plays as a family study He spends a lot of time on his computer, so he should be able to earn an elective credit for programming. Has anyone done this?
  11. I don't cook breakfast...unless we have breakfast foods for lunch or dinner, which happens several times per week. Breakfast here is cereal/oatmeal/malt-o-meal (Cocoa Wheats are a big treat if I happen to actually cook breakfast) yogurt fruit bagels eggos (topped with PB, bananas, and/or syrup...or made like a PB&J sandwich) toaster pastries--these are a big treat as we don't have them very often! Either pop tarts or the frozen Pillsbury ones. scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos, etc. are an option if the child cooks it without my help leftover egg casserole (I sometimes make 2 breakfast casseroles for lunch or dinner so we have extra cinnamon rolls (from a can or the bakery) My kids are in charge of preparing their own breakfast (except for my 5yo). When I do cook breakfast, I invest in pre-cooked bacon--We always have two packs on hand! We have two waffle makers, so I can get through a stack of waffles in record time. We have waffles at least once a week (but never for breakfast). I also make egg casseroles, boiled eggs, breakfast burritos, and scrambled eggs for lunch or dinner when I'm exhausted. I make breakfast casseroles with ham, so I don't have to pre-cook any meat. They also love fried egg sandwiches (Fried egg and a slice of American cheese on buttered toast)! I absolutely love breakfast foods, but as a single mom, I don't have much time, so this was the solution! Breakfast also makes for a cheap meal, so we have it at least 2-3 times per week, just not in the morning.
  12. We school year-round. There is too much fighting and bickering if they get too bored. We do take many days off for swimming with friends or park days, so it's really 3/4 days per week. It also helps them remember subjects like math, phonics, and Latin. Some years we've had a more laid back summer schedule, but that's gotten harder as they've gotten older. We tend to start new curriculum in the fall, except for math. We start it in January for some reason. 🤣
  13. My DD is doing MP's 5th grade/4th accelerated with her sister. I need to keep them together for my sanity! Math: R&S 5/6? She's going through these at a quicker pace, and I'm not sure where we'll be next fall. My goal is to have her do Pre-Algebra for 8th. MP goes through R&S 6 then moves to College of the Redwoods pre-algebra and we just started following their sequence. Latin: First Form & Lingua Angelica Language Arts: MP 5th grade selections, CC: Fable, SWO F, English Grammar Recitation II, Copybook Cursive II History/Geography: Famous Men of Rome, Geography I, US Review, American Supplemental history readers (she's reading through these at her own pace) Bible: Christian Studies II (2nd half of old testament) Science: Book of Insects "Evening" Basket (just before bed): MP's 4th grade read aloud books, 3 Shakespeare plays (to be determined, we use Arkangel CDs and they follow along with their own Folgers copy of the play), music/art appreciation, family devotion
  14. We are using the Book of Astronomy this year. My girls love it. It is a bit dry and boring at first. What makes it exciting is taking them outside to find the constellations and stars they are learning! This isn't really scheduled, so we have to make a point to do it, but it really brings it alive. I plan on adding a solar system model kit when we get to the planets. I will likely do similar things when we get to insects next year--in fact I think I have a science kit on the subject in our garage! This has been my favorite science program to teach because it is so simple. We can fit in a few extras when I have time and focus on the memory work when we are busier.
  15. We use Ecclesiastical because that's what our program uses (Memoria Press). We've used classical pronunciation in the past because that's what the program we were using followed (we've done Minimus and Visual Latin in the past). I think it's easier just to go with your program, especially if it has a CD/DVD component. My kids haven't had trouble switching back and forth.
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