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  1. Thank you. I guess that is a possibility and am okay with doing that, I think. I wish I was more confident in assigning him what to write about daily or just helping him without a "program." If left up to him, he says he doesn't know what to write about or he will write a paragraph and every sentence basically says the same thing 🙂 I get that. I was on the fence about IEW for a long time and I honestly still am. I wish I was more confident without the checklist.
  2. He says that he hates the checklists and just wants to write. I’ve given him random writing assignments and he doesn’t transfer what he’s learned from IEW over to it. After thinking on it I am leaning toward he just doesn’t want to put forth much effort.
  3. Grammar for the Well Trained Mind and WWS. How teacher intensive are they? My upcoming 8th grader hates IEW and has begged me to do something else next year. I personally love IEW because I'm not a natural writer so it helps me. I was thinking either WWS or EIW for him. If I do WWS then I would like to try the Grammar as well but I don't want anything that heavily involves me since I have 4 total kids doing school. Suggestions?
  4. We started with So You Really Want to Learn Spanish last year and put it away after a few months. I pulled it back out this year and after 8 weeks I'm done with it. It's not horrible but it is not teacher friendly in my opinion, it takes us soooo long just to complete a short lesson, We both struggle with the speaker on the audio CD and I just don't feel like we are really learning much. My son is in 7th grade and I'm wanting to learn with him. I've signed him up for a free class at Homeschool Spanish Academy but I would love other suggestions to consider.
  5. My 7th grader reads a good bit on his own and we do some reading comprehension/vocabulary stuff. I feel like we need some lists to just read through together to work on this. Suggestions?
  6. We did Dancing Mat last year with my 7th grader so I'm looking for something different this year. I see Typing Pal is on Homeschool Buyers Co-op for up to 5 students so I'm leaning toward that. Any other suggestions?
  7. I'm wanting to add in a Geography study for my kids (K, 2nd, 4th and 7th). We use SOTW for history so this is extra and will only be one day a week. I'm okay with it taking longer than one school year. I don't want a big curriculum that has tons of projects, I'm mainly looking for a good spine with country info., maybe maps, pictures, etc to use with the resources I already have. I'm looking at Memoria Press Geography but I'm unsure on which one to get and would like other suggestions.
  8. Has anyone used this after using SOTW 1-4? We are currently doing history as a family and that's what I'm leaning toward for next year. My oldest is going into 7th and we will be using SOTW vol 2. I do have him do more writing, assign the questions and make sure his reading list is appropriate for his ability. I'm tempted to buy her high school books and read myself but was curious if anyone has used them for 7th grade and could offer a review.
  9. I'm just seeing this but thank you so much for writing this and the encouragement.
  10. Thank you for the suggestions. ❤️
  11. I've tried searching the forums but I'm not having much luck. My oldest is finishing 6th grade and I had planned to start Latin with him this year but it didn't happen. I really lack the motivation to start and consistently do it. Advice? Forum threads, Articles or podcasts that really motivated you to put forth the effort? We have GSWL and that's what I would start with next year if we do it since I already own it. Thanks.
  12. Thank you so much for all of these resources ❤️
  13. Anyone know where I can see samples of this?
  14. I can’t find any sample pages or reviews for the Spanish.
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