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  1. We had our Blue & Gold banquet tonight. DS8 earned his wolf badge, several patches, 3 belt loops - hiking, fishing, and bowling, a gold arrow point and 3 silver arrow points, and the God and Me pin and patch. He's already looked through his bear book at all the things we will be doing next year. I can tell the electives are getting a lot more involved. I found out that day camp is the same week as VBS at our church, and VBS at my in-laws' church, which the boys like to attend. We're going to have to make a decision as to what to do that week. DS6 is very excited that he will get to be a tiger cub next year!

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    I am looking for the following items. If you have any that you are willing to sell, please send me a pm with what you have and the asking price. . Beast Academy 3A practice book, 3B/C guides and practice books Memoria Press Astronomy MCT Sentence Island TE MCT Building Language TE MCT Music of the Hemispheres TE Singapore Standards Edition 2A/2B workbooks


  3. This is what we used when I taught in public school. We did physical in 6th, life in 7th, and earth in 8th.

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    All readers are $4.50 each, media mail postage paid. Books are in good used condition unless noted. 1st Grade: Tiptoes (some pencil writing which has been erased) Secrets and Surprises (slight shelf wear on spine) Stepping Stones Open Windows (fair condition - cover very worn) The Bridge Book Kind and Brave (fair condition - cover worn) Aesop's Fables for Young Readers 2nd Grade: Story Tree Treasure Chest Hidden Treasure (name written in pencil on inside cover, title page torn on edges) No Longer a Nobody Paths of Gold (fair - shelf wear) Sunshine Meadows (name on front, pencil writing on inside front cover, worn on inside front cover and title page) Silver Sails All Kinds of Animals Handbook for Reading - Teacher Edition - $15 ppd. My America and My World History/Geography Reader Grade 1 - $8 ppd and I will throw in the grade 2 history/geography reader for FREE! ( Grade 2 reader has answers filled in in pencil and some pen marks where answers were checked)



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    Lot of Abeka 2nd grade readers listed below. Used. Some have names/writing on them. $35 ppd. for all or $5 ppd. each. Paypal Only. Story Tree Treasure Chest Hidden Treasure No Longer a Nobody Paths of Gold Sunshine Meadows Silver Sails Growing Up Where Jesus Lived All Kinds of Animals



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    Abeka 1st Grade History/Geography Reader: My America and My World Used Cond. - Name on back cover $8.00 ppd. Paypal Only. * will add for free Abeka 2nd Grade History/Geography reader "Our America". All answers have been filled in with pencil and there are some pen marks where answers were checked.


  7. Here are a couple of conversations that have occurred in my house recently: Me: Ethan, you have a math test tomorrow. Ethan: Yay!! Isaac, upon hearing that Ethan has a math test: "Can I please have a math test, too?"
  8. Ds7 today, when I told ds5 he has a math test tomorrow: "Mom, he always gets tests. It's not fair. Can I please have a test tomorrow too?"
  9. My boys loved Team Umizoomi (preschool math). Surprisingly, they learned a lot from Dinosaur Train as well. When people heard my 4yo using the words "hypothesis" and "nocturnal" correctly in conversation they thought it was because I was a science teacher. Nope, he learned it from a cartoon!
  10. Our plan is to homeschool our two boys next year. We are in NE Texas.
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