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  1. It has been years since I have posted on the forums! My last child is going to be in 8th grade starting June 1st. He will be the only one still homeschooling as my oldest graduates this year and the middle is at private school. He will be doing: Math: Algebra 1 with a private tutor Maybe Jacobs? Maybe AoPS? I am still deciding if I think he can handle the AoPS History: I have basically created a shelf of books that go from Ancient to Modern History. I expect him to start with Ancient and then just read through at his own pace finishing by 11th but possibly as early as 10th. Afte
  2. Im going to list what we are teaching that I know are not offered at our local PS since unusual is a relative term. I suspect on this forum that most of us do these though: Latin Formal Logic Free market economics Philosophy Apologetics My children also participate in robotics classes at the moment but they are not required.
  3. I think it depends on what you are going for. You can complete the season and only compete in scrimmages. Or not compete at all. Or only compete in the robotics games. You just do that knowing you won't move on. We always compete against robot only teams during 1st round qualifiers. As for core values, I don't really "teach" those. I just insert them where they fit organically. Truthfully, if you want to have a chance at moving on, you do have to put in some time and effort, but the program is totally adaptable.
  4. Have you ever considered first lego league? It is a robotics competition that includes a research project. It runs from Sept-Dec. It is a lot of fun and very educational.
  5. It was on purpose. My middle child is "mathy" and I didn't see any reason to put her through a level of math she already had mastery of. We do classical conversations and they use Saxon. I guess I need to at least look at it. We haven't really had any issues with my oldest being in a different math, but if long term Saxon is going to be the better option I would rather know that now. I think part of me is stuck on the fact that 10 years ago, everyone I knew hated Saxon math. A lot of our local schools were using it and all I can remember is everyone talking about how incomplete it was. I reali
  6. Now I am a little bit panicky. I had really only glanced ahead at CLE upper level maths, but my daughter just completely skipped over CLE 6 and will be starting CLE 7 as soon as it comes in. However, when I looked just now, CLE does have Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Functions and Trig. Am I misunderstanding what is missing or do these maths just not hit the marks for your family?
  7. I would be curious to know where you read that about CLE. We use it and I have never seen anything so I would be interested to read it.
  8. We started formal reading for all of my children around 7. Within the year they were reading at grade level and within 2 years they were several grade levels ahead. I don't know if this is typical, but three different children, 2 girls and 1 boy, and the results have all pretty much been the same. My son is only 8 now, but he is progressing at a rate that will definitely put him ahead by the end of the year. My husband is British. We had planned to take a vacation with my SIL's family (they live in the UK) and when I chose the date they turned it down because my oldest niece would be starti
  9. As a general rule, we assign 1 hour of school work per grade level until the work is capped at between 4-6 hours (sometimes it takes longer, other times it takes less time). It is hard to pin down an exact time, but my son (going into 3rd) definitely spends the vast majority of his day playing.
  10. We are currently using it. I will admit though, it's kind of something we squeeze in rather than something that we do all the time. I will probably have them put it away for the school year since we are doing CC; they can pick it back up again in the summer next year. Neither of my girls are head over for it, but I feel like it's been good. I like the set up. I think our issue was the lack of consistency, something I really couldn't help considering our summer schedule. I did try it too early last year and it bombed. I would definitely wait until you have a 6th grader, but encourage waiting
  11. What about simply doing a read through in a year plan? We used CLE's Bible and I did like it. There were a few things that we didn't agree with since it is Mennonite, but I can't remember any of it specifically so it must not have been that big of a deal.I also really liked the Studying God's Word series by Christian Liberty Press. It has a Calvinist lean, but again, I can't recall anything major that we believed was contrary to scripture. One year, we simply went through the Westminster Shorter Catechism, once again just correcting where we felt there were errors.
  12. A week of church camp, a week of an upper respiratory infection and now a week of my cycle. Could I please catch a break? Is this TMI?

    1. mama25angels


      You have had a rough few weeks. Praying that things get better and nothing else happens.

  13. We have been using Life of Fred. My daughter is only technically in 5th (but a bit ahead as she is very math oriented), but she is enjoying the casual nature of the LoF book and I feel like it's a good introduction.
  14. I grew up on Abeka. They are definitely not Calvinist, but they also aren't strictly Arminian. Frankly, they were so vague and taught practically no deep theology at all so by the time I graduated and started studying other theological view points I kind of had to study and figure out what the Bible actually said myself. Anyways, my point being that you could probably get away with Abeka if you really wanted to. I think it's a dreadful curriculum in terms of academics though. We are I guess described best as right in the middle of Arminian and Calvanist (anything that attempts to explain God a
  15. Booked our flights to MCO for our Sept. Disney Cruise. So close to having it paid off completely! This is our first cruise so I am super excited! Also, today is my 15 year anniversary. In 3 years I will have been married half of my life. Woah.

    1. Crimson Wife

      Crimson Wife

      Happy anniversary! I'm not quite to the "been married longer than I was unmarried" point but last fall I did pass the "been in a relationship with DH longer than not" point, which made me feel old!

    2. SanDiegoMom


      We went on a Disney Cruise last year and it was wonderful!! Enjoy!

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