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  1. It was on purpose. My middle child is "mathy" and I didn't see any reason to put her through a level of math she already had mastery of. We do classical conversations and they use Saxon. I guess I need to at least look at it. We haven't really had any issues with my oldest being in a different math, but if long term Saxon is going to be the better option I would rather know that now. I think part of me is stuck on the fact that 10 years ago, everyone I knew hated Saxon math. A lot of our local schools were using it and all I can remember is everyone talking about how incomplete it was. I reali
  2. Now I am a little bit panicky. I had really only glanced ahead at CLE upper level maths, but my daughter just completely skipped over CLE 6 and will be starting CLE 7 as soon as it comes in. However, when I looked just now, CLE does have Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Functions and Trig. Am I misunderstanding what is missing or do these maths just not hit the marks for your family?
  3. I would be curious to know where you read that about CLE. We use it and I have never seen anything so I would be interested to read it.
  4. A week of church camp, a week of an upper respiratory infection and now a week of my cycle. Could I please catch a break? Is this TMI?

    1. mama25angels


      You have had a rough few weeks. Praying that things get better and nothing else happens.

  5. Booked our flights to MCO for our Sept. Disney Cruise. So close to having it paid off completely! This is our first cruise so I am super excited! Also, today is my 15 year anniversary. In 3 years I will have been married half of my life. Woah.

    1. Crimson Wife

      Crimson Wife

      Happy anniversary! I'm not quite to the "been married longer than I was unmarried" point but last fall I did pass the "been in a relationship with DH longer than not" point, which made me feel old!

    2. SanDiegoMom


      We went on a Disney Cruise last year and it was wonderful!! Enjoy!

  6. Moments of panic as I come to terms with my oldest being a middle schooler next year...

    1. MerryAtHope


      I remember that panic! Most of it for nothing, LOL!

      Enjoy your middle schooler!


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    FS all are PP media: Nearly New-IEW Teacher Seminar DVDs and Workbook Teaching Structure and Style- $130 Excellent Condition- AIG The Human Body Text and Teacher Book with CD (printable worksheets and quizzes)-$20 Excellent Condition-Apologia Who is God and How Can I really Know Him Text- $25 I also have the journal which is worked in through about the first 5 lessons-$10 New- Apologia Flying Creatures of the 6th Day- $25 New to Gently Used- BJU Science 3. TM and Student Text are in great condition. Test Booklet and Answers are brand new. The answers are still sealed.- $25 for all New- Memoria Press Tales from Beatrix Potter Student Study Guide and Teacher's book for all 4 of MP's second grade guides- $10 for both Excellent condition-BJU Math 3 New Edition including the CD Teachers Book- $15



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    Tried it and it is not going to work for us. We completed the 1st unit so I have Units 402-410 and the 2 Teacher's answer books to go with them. Paid $4.16 each asking $35 total postage paid.


  9. Well we did it. We pulled her from her team after the meet yesterday. Her coach was completely uninterested in being there and sat texting on her phone instead of warming Keira up. Keira is now nursing a pulled muscle in her back. That was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I wrote the email this afternoon and this evening got "Ok, hope she feels better good luck." I don't think I could ask for much more so I am happy with that being over. I am calling the new gym tomorrow to get her situated in her new classes.
  10. Thanks :) She does work out on her own quite a bit here at home. Our gym tends to only condition at leangth during the summer. There are many many reasons why we are changing gyms though. It isn't just a time thing. Thank you for the video suggestions. Handstands is definitely something she needs to work on.
  11. I wonder if it is just dependent on the area. We are in Texas and things can get highly competitive. The main issue is though that I know from checking around when we were looking for a new gym, that every gym that I called that we compete against does at least 3 more hours a week of practice and it definitely shows. We compete placement at level 3 and higher so maybe that is the difference. I don't know, but I do know that where we are at is not sufficient for my daughter's goals (yes, they really are her goals :) )
  12. Six. Most gyms in our area train for 9 hours at this level with some training as many as 12
  13. I wish our current gym would train more hours. We are in the same position with the scores just not competing because we don't put in the same amount of practice. I guess I also am considering that my daughter is pretty serious so she wants to push through a few levels and just can't get there on the number of hours she has right now. The move to the new gym will fix that though. Everything feels so...half-hearted where we are right now. It would be ok I guess if K wasn't really wanting to do well and putting in the work to prove that to me, but it just isn't working for her.
  14. She is competing new level 3 this year, but is close to having all of the level 4 skills and most of the level 5. The big thing missing right now is her kip but that would be because her current gym isn't even working on it. She has the drive and I am sure with the right coaching could get the skills. She knows it is a long shot but is willing to put in the work so we will see :)
  15. We tried a tumbling class at the gym we are scouting and are very happy! My daughter was quite upset that we were even looking but came out of the class asking if we could totally switch gyms today LOL She looked so much more confident in this new gym. We can't completely switch until we finish our current meet season but I have talked to the coaches at the new place and they tell me she is definitely good for team so she plans on spending the rest of meet season working very hard and attempting to "skip" a level. My understanding is she has to compete at least 1 meet at the next level so she
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