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  1. I'm coming back to this a year later to give my own feedback. My son took Introduction to Solid Modeling & Engineering Design and really enjoyed it. A TA was assigned to him and answered all his questions promptly. I was impressed with the class and his final project. Taking the class has made him more sure about studying engineering at college and he will be taking another of their classes this coming year. Just wanted to post an update in case anyone was looking for a review. The class descriptions can be found here. https://catapultea.com/curriculum/course-descriptions/
  2. Anyone use CTC Math for geometry and have any feedback?
  3. I think Vex might be compatible. Also Make Magazine has a book on making your own sensors for Pi https://www.amazon.com/Make-Sensors-Hands-Monitoring-Raspberry/dp/1449368107
  4. Hi I work at home too, leaning more towards full time these days. I try to get my work done in the early morning like you but usually I need to pull some night hours as well. Days out of the house for homeschooling really throw my off. Sorry I am not helping much! Just here to say it's can be rough sometimes and hang in there. How do you want your ideal schedule to look like? If you want to spend more hands on time with them with school work, are you able to make that work during the time you're not working?
  5. From what I understand GCs can be used as half a credit. Can I put two together and use for a full credit, maybe one an overview and one more in depth? The output would be taking notes and answering the guide book questions with a few essays. Just looking to check a box and still in planning stages.
  6. I appreciate the suggestion. It probably would be ideal and help out. Thanks, this is really helpful. I never thought to thank my body for the adrenaline rush.
  7. Had anyone gone through anxiety driving after an accident? I was in one a few months. No one was hurt. It would have been a much worse accident if there wasn't a turning lane I swerved into. I'm hyper vigilant driving now and have to mentally coach myself through routes I take all the time. I'm driving all the time for homeschooling. Wondering if you took some steps to get over it. Please share.
  8. Thanks all. Was just feeling a bit overwhelmed today with the whole topic. Will take the advice to heart. Cheers
  9. This makes a lot of sense. What did you use to teach writing at this level?
  10. Thank you, this makes me feel a bit better. Glad things are working out for your teens and CC. I had a ton of writing programs and then sold them, now I need to rebuy one of them!
  11. I want to know if I can just limit writing like essays and papers to my son's English credit. He is dyslexic and dysgraphic. Do I need to make him try to write papers for history? Would short essays be enough for English? Are term papers an absolute must? Right now he is working on taking notes for his history chapters and answering questions out loud. Can I call that enough? He wants to be an engineer and he does have short writing that's required in the engineering class he is taking, so I feel he is getting some practice in professional communication. Thanks.
  12. I can crochet and knit, which I started a blog about and need to write some more. I would love to learn to make patterns. Also thinking about/researching starting a robotics class. Does Etsy have a big learning curve? Thanks will look that up.
  13. I need to hear some success stories from anyone who has found a creative way to make an income or just side money. Did you start a class, a blog an etsy store? I've exhausted all the work at home opportunities. I've had the same - until now- very good freelance contract for years that is starting to flake out on me. I need some fresh ideas. Thanks
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