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  1. If I wanted to use Coursera's Social Psychology course as part of a half credit class, would I need to supplement with anything to make it credit worthy? If you used it, what t kind of output did you require beyond the quizzes in the course? Thanks
  2. You're awesome! Hope you get your new dog soon.
  3. Ds did Funda Funda Biology and there were no dissections.
  4. Thank you for all the replies. I am taking everything into consideration even if not replying to all. His phone use is managed. I can check the router and I'm sure he isn't online when he should be sleeping. So that's not really a concern. So his doctor wasn't much help. I was expecting him to say he needs a break and to do less while he told us to have him do more things. He blames it on boredom due to being homeschooled *sigh*. He feels his once a week co-op isn't enough and he needs to "get out there", while my son thinks that this is enough. He's introverted and "a nerd" (his words) and he thinks the way things are are fine. He lectured me on not letting him do nothing all summer, which I of course completely agree with. They no longer test for vitamin D due to insurance telling them to just prescribe D if suspected low. He did order metabolic panel, thyroid though. But I have already seen a change in him from changing his work load to doing one or two subjects a day just for longer duration vs doing all subjects each day. He seems happier this way. We'll keep trying to tweak things to get it right. I do have depression and anxiety on the radar but don't think that is it. Thanks again!
  5. He's in 10th this year, not doing DE. Idk why I feel like he needs to school through the summer. I guess b/c I feel he is behind in math and english. I definitely appreciate the advice and will see if we can take a nice break after his main science class ends in may. I think he would like to spend his summer designing things and doing a lot of nothing at all 🙂
  6. He is getting about 9-10 hours but it's interrupted. A sleep monitor watch is an excellent idea. His schedule is that he usually gets up around 10, putters through breakfast and gets to work soon after that. Sometimes school work takes him all day, especially if he has a test. He does take breaks. He is introverted too and I think this is part of it. I am worried about anxiety like you mentioned. He was having a lot of stomach upset during competitive robotics season.
  7. He does just the teen co-op once a week for a few hours. But competitive robotics just ended for him and it was a really stressful season, not a good team dynamic or leadership. We all felt stressed from that. Maybe he is still recovering somehow. Free time he likes to listen to podcasts and design legos and then he says he wants time to "just do nothing". Video games are limited to the weekend only and for a set time. Sleep could be better. He feels he needs to set his alarm early because it is so hard for him to get everything done in one day but then goes back to sleep anyway. I have been asking him to turn it off and just get up naturally. Mono wasn't even on my radar. I will ask about that at his physical.
  8. My 16 year old was venting and crying to my dh the other night that he is "just exhausted" with "everything", school work, which I feel isn't that heavy, and just wanting to have some free time to himself. I made an well visit appointment for him to get his physical and I will ask for vitamin levels to be checked. We are trying out a new schedule this week where he does one or two subjects a day instead of most subjects everyday. He seems to be stressed out getting it all done so I thought clearing one thing for the week in one day would maybe help. He has a teen co-op once a week that gives him a social outlet and a nice break. I don't know what else to do. I was thinking of schooling through the summer, which I think he needs, but I'm wondering now if that's not a good idea. Any other tips?
  9. Time Left: 14 days and 10 hours

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  10. Thanks for all the replies. I am getting excited to try some menu planning. Yes, I think I'd need some kitchen supplies to make life easier. I want an IP and a food processor. A lot of recipes seems to call for a processor.
  11. Do you need to take supplements for B-12 and iron?
  12. I'd like to stop eating meat. I'm looking for tips on cooking for a meat-eating family. I tired before for a month and maybe I didn't plan meals well enough b/c I ended up anemic. I'm thinking the best way to go about it is to start making meat a side dish and build the meal around the veggies. What else am I missing? Thanks
  13. Maybe Acellus (power homeschool) would be a good fit. It's very get it done, lectures then multiple choice aftewards. You don't need to do anything.
  14. Welcome, I'm just chiming in to say I'm another one who wished they had started with Barton after trying a whole bunch of other stuff. I have three dyslexic kiddos. They all love audiobooks and I think that has really helped them have a good vocabulary.
  15. Thanks, Lori. This is a great place to start.
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