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  1. I can crochet and knit, which I started a blog about and need to write some more. I would love to learn to make patterns. Also thinking about/researching starting a robotics class. Does Etsy have a big learning curve? Thanks will look that up.
  2. I need to hear some success stories from anyone who has found a creative way to make an income or just side money. Did you start a class, a blog an etsy store? I've exhausted all the work at home opportunities. I've had the same - until now- very good freelance contract for years that is starting to flake out on me. I need some fresh ideas. Thanks
  3. I'm confused if it's a semester long class or year long. The description says college level semester, but wondering how long it took your dc to complete. Thanks ETA: looks like Thinkwell is going on sale 7/25 - 7/29 at the buyers co-op if anyone is interested.
  4. I'm new to getting my records in order and I appreciate your feedback. I totally get what you are saying and see the difference in your description verses the website description. Thank you!
  5. OK, I get it now. Did you designate the class as advanced or honors?
  6. Thank you for the ideas, you seem super organized! :)
  7. Thank you. That's makes more sense. I realize my description is still kind of cringey.
  8. VT has a course description here we can use, but I am just wondering if others have split the description up into 2 years or listed both Algebra 1 and 2 together noting it took two years (if it did). I slightly modified the description given to read "This course thoroughly covers all aspects of Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2, laying a firm foundation for students advancing to geometry. Lessons are covered in a conceptual manner. Topics such as the structure of mathematics, first-degree (and higher) relations, rational relations, quadratic relations, conic sections, and literal degree relations, are broken down into detailed examinations of each in order to master every individual concept within." Did anyone add anything more or less? Thanks
  9. We're just doing Barton over the summer. Adding some khan may review a few weeks before we start back up again. Ds 12 is finishing up level 4 of Barton so this year we're adding in writing. Still on the fence between EIW and IEW. Excited to try Getting Started with Latin, which he asked to learn.
  10. Thank you for the recommendation. I agree it does look like a wonderful class that might be a perfect fit. I'm sure it's worth every penny, but I'm in a bit of sticker shock at the moment. The class will, however, have a high spot on my wishlist.
  11. Thank you. That's is a good idea to look at the workshops first. I didn't realize they were the same content as the semester classes.
  12. Great. I'm sure if your daughter got something out of it, being advanced in science, then my guy definitely could.
  13. I'm looking into Uzinggo for my rising 7th grader. He says he wants to learn a lot of different science fields and my idea was to do a little of some main areas of science, or science hopping as well call it. :) Would Uzinggo be a good fit for this? Is it boring to do all the labs online? Did you supplement with some fun kits? Thanks
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