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  1. Checking in after a long absence

  2. Going crazy from all of our Dr. and therapy appointments!

  3. Back after a rough six months

  4. :001_smile: Thanks! I don't doubt Calvinists, Catholics or any other denominations' salvation at all. I just was hoping someone, anyone had heard of something that my horrible google skills couldn't uncover that would support our theology. :lol:
  5. Oh I don't mind at all! I am glad there is any discussion going on. I was worried this would be a lost thread no one responded too :001_smile:
  6. Well I was hoping not to have to make my own since all of my kids have special needs plus I run a full day care but I guess I will have to. :glare: I agree that there are many acceptable Bible curriculums that aren't offensive or that I can tweak. I just thought it would be nice for an open and go class. Plus as they get older I want to move into a secondary theology class along with Bible. I am looking early :) My dad suggested using the Beacon Hill commentary and I found there is a new revised one coming out a couple of volumes at a time. I guess if i start now maybe I can afford them all by the time they are ready for theology :lol:
  7. It is the opposite :001_smile: Arminians believe that anyone can choose to follow Jesus. The Wesleyan branch of Arminianism focuses on purity and holiness. We even have different definitions of sin :tongue_smilie:
  8. Here is Bedell's response: Thank you for your questions, Virginia. Our curriculum is from a "Fundamental Baptist" perspective. We do not believe that God arbitrarily chooses people to be saved or lost, but offers salvation freely to "whosoever will." We do believe in the security of the believer, however. Our curriculum covers Bible (Bible Psychology, Bible Sociology, and Bible Apologetics) Science (Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physical Science) and History (World, U.S. Government/Economics) David Bedell
  9. Thanks! I am going to email him today. It is so hard to tell from samples but it looks interesting anyway.
  10. :lol: about our "type"! Do you have a reference you use for yourself to help you teach it? I am now looking for an adult-aimed theology book to give myself a firmer foundation to teach from.
  11. I am glad people besides me are interested! I really thought I was the only one lol. I kept checking and no one had responded so I finally gave up. Then today I decided to look for my thread and was pleasantly surprised to find posts :001_smile: There are a ton of Nazarene colleges, universities, etc and Free Methodist (which I actually am) also has a lot of Bible schools around the world. I know they have day schools in other countries, they must have a curriculum... right? I am starting to think about attempting to find a college theology book to at least get ideas from. Bible has been the hardest subject for me. Everything is KJV (don't necessarily have a problem with that but kids with speech & reading disorders can barely read it much less understand it) or strongly Calvinist. We just started using CLE for LA and Math. However we don't cover our hair or wear only dresses. We just have a very holiness-purity based focus. I haven't seen a Bible light unit though to judge how much time is spent on Anabaptist theology vs what really makes up Wesleyan theology. As I understand it they are from different branches of the "denomination tree" LOL (I could be wrong and love to be educated though!) ETA: Honestly I won't consider BJU because I just cannot support them. In 2000 when the ban was lifted my bi-racial children were being born. I don't judge others or anything, but me, personally, I just can't bring myself to use their curricula
  12. We are heavily Arminian with *ahem* pretty strong opinions. I was especially looking for Bible and History slanted our way. Everything I find is either neutral or Reformed. Obviously it isn't killing me but it would be nice to find to give our children a stronger foundation in our theology. :001_smile: I have googled Wesleyan and Arminian, Methodist and Nazarene homeschool curriculum. I have looked through a bazillion pages of results. The closest I have gotten is Sunday School curricula and college textbooks. I will admit to being a horrible google searcher. I am not sure why I don't get the miraculous results everyone else does. :glare: Anyway, anyone? :bigear:
  13. Oh thanks! We used to do that in private school when I was little. :)

  14. Thanks for sharing about Bible time at your house -- the whiteboard idea is great! :)

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