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  1. YES! I'm thinking that I'm doing something wrong because we can barely get our work done by 3pm! I have 8yo twins, one has aspergers, spd, and hypotonia. The other has a lot of trouble reading.....oh yeah, and a 5 year old that is outright refusing to do anything! Ugh. So I am spending a lot of our time doing just what you said.
  2. Looking for some online Latin practice for a friend. Is there anything out there? We are no longer doing Latin and I'm out of the loop since I'm not on these boards as much as I was 15 years ago!
  3. Yeah, I was kinda wondering if 24 weeks was a good thing..... I thought maybe it could be done September through December (lots of weeks off there) and then March thru May. That way there are many weeks off to do some other things. Or maybe it would be better to 3 weeks then a week off? Maybe that would break it up? She likes videos, loves the steampunk look, has a very hard time reading and writing is a boring drill. I sure wish I could test drive it. I hate purchasing new stuff only to have it "fail". pfttttt.
  4. I'm looking for something different for my 11th grader to do for LA. I realize this is a middle school curriculum, but she has some processing/IQ deficits and needs a simple, interesting choice for this next year. I have drilled grammar into her as much as I think she can handle and we need to put the focus elsewhere. Could someone provide a review for this? Thank you!

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    I have looked up and down for a price less than $85 on this. I would also be interested in just the teacher cd since it has the text on it, but I can't find it anywhere. I can pay no more than $50 ppd and am willing to trade, borrow and return, or pass along.... please email


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