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Planning for 4th Grade in the Fall (Help!)


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It really depends on what you want to do. Do you want to do the typical WTM thing and do modern history and physics? Or are you wanting to do something else? A lot of kids do state history in 4th grade as well.


Our line up is:


Oak Meadow 4

Rod and Staff 3/4

Spell to Write and Read

Scott Forseman language arts workbooks


D'Aulaire Norse Myths

Native American Folk Tales



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My 4th grade lineup next year will be:


Sequential Spelling

Dynamic Literacy

Rod & Staff English 4

Writing With Ease 4 & Writing Strands 3

Saxon 6/5 & Daily Word Problems

Sonlight 7 (History & Read Alouds, but I'll assign him different readers) w/ Map Trek maps

Latin for Children A

Building Thinking Skills & Mindbenders

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In fourth grade we used


Rod and Staff Grammar

(Saxon--but you are all set with Singapore)

Ellen McHenry's The Elements (didn't get far, would go with kits if I were to do it again, as well as finish this--it's great)


We dabbled in Latin, did Spelling Workout, and dd took piano lessons. We combined a little of the Sonlight lit with the SOTW stuff. We were on early mods. It was not a good history year for us. We do enjoy SOTW, and I'd highly recommend you either stick with it or try it!

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This year we are using for 4th:


Language Arts:*MCT Town Level

Spelling:*SWO E

Writing:*Writing With Ease 4 and MCT

Literature:*History-related and other selections I have chosen

Latin:*LFC B

Math:*Singapore 4A and 4B, and Horizons 4

History:*SOTW 3

Fine Arts:*Harmony Fine Arts, continue with violin lessons

PE:*Fall soccer, winter basketball (we may add fencing, but only if they will let mom fence too*)

Life Skills:*We are part of a 4-H club that meets once a month for horticulture, cooking, an outdoor related skill, and art

Memorization:*Selections from Living Memory

Science:*Elemental Earth Science supplemented with Science in a Nutshell Kits



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We had a 4th grade thread where everyone put in what they were planning not long ago. Is that what you want to see? I will post again:


My plan:

Math Rod and Staff 5

Spelling Rod and Staff 5

Grammar: Rod and Staff 4

Music: Rod and Staff growing with music, continue Alfred piano book, possibly begin piano lessons, read What Your 4th Grader Needs to Know music section


History: SOTW w/A.G. The goal was to finish 3 this year, and do 4 for 4th grade, but we won't make it :) We will finish 3 in the fall, and begin 4 at some point.


State History: required in my state, and is usually taught in 4th. We will do something for this. Not sure yet. Maybe a summer class after 4th grade instead of during the year, or maybe I will teach a co-op class to cover it next year. Still deciding.


Science: WTM plans. physics and computers. Have not decided what exactly I will be doing here, but it will be using WTM recs. We have done their science from the beginning.


Memorization: poetry, Bible verses, Latin prayers, states and capitals, grammar stuff, etc.


Latin: Latina Christiana I


Art: Continue Drawing with Children, supplement with What Your 4th Grader Needs to Know art section.


Literature: SOTW and WTM recs.


Writing: so far, R&S and narration, dictation, and copywork have been enough. Will review WTM before deciding if this is the year to start something new or not.


P.E. swim lessons in summer, soccer in spring, dance during the school year, bike riding and other skills at home.

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What we did this year:


Math: CLE

Grammar/Spelling/Penmanship: CLE LA

Reading/Literature: Mosdos Ruby

Writing: SWI-A

History: Our Golden California plus projects and historical fiction

Science: Real Science Odyssey Earth plus Mr. Q Science (life topics)

Art: Draw Squad

Spanish: Discovery Education

Music: piano

PE: homeschool PE class plus fitness at home

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Our fourth grade is going very well!




*Math - CLE 400s

*LA - CLE 300s

*Sequential Spelling


*Getty-Dubay Italic handwriting

*Various readers

*Reading- CLE 300s but I'm probably going to switch to something secular



*Oak Meadow 4 for Social Studies and some science (varies)

*Singapore Science 3/4 (with homework & Higher Order Thinking Skills) - doing the whole 3/4 program in one year (varies, but about 45 min 2-3x a week)

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i'm pretty sure this is what we'll be doing:


BJU English

CLE Bible

Science??? (still not sure?)

Abeka History

Spelling Plus & Dictation in Cursive (and I may review with Apples Daily Spelling)

CLP Nature Reader

CLE Math


We'll also participate in our co-op, art class, and other stuff, but it won't be planned until summer though.

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What did you use for 3rd grade?


For 4th grade, my daughter will be using:



Sonlight Core 5 (History, Science, Bible, Readers, Read-Alouds but NO LA)


CLE Math

La Clase Divertida

A Reason for Handwriting




IEW Poetry Memorization


http://www.sheppardsoftware.com for geography

Atelier Art

maybe Hands On Equations?



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Here's our 4th grade line up this year:


Bible: Grapevine's NT overview


Reading: Lots of books based on history and classics


Math: MM5 and LOF Fractions


Writing: WWE4 (first semester we did cursive copywork, but I'm dropping that and instead having him write several assignments in cursive now that it's easier for him)


Spelling: AAS Level 5 and 6 (done with 5, now we're on 6)


Grammar: R&S 4


History: SOTW3 (now, 2nd semester I'm having him start a history notebook with a few Logic stage things to ease him into Logic stage)


Science: Elemental Science (just finished Earth Science and now onto Chem)


Latin: Latina Christiana 1


Logic: Mindbenders and Logic Countdown


Art: various things I find on the internet


Music: piano lessons and music a la CC


Memorization: AWANA and CC history timeline/science songs


Geography: drawing the world map a la The Core. We're also going to learn the states this year being that we're doing American history.


I'll probably work in state history over the summer.

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We had a great time in 4th grade history going "outside the box" with Ancient history. There is a lot of fiction that brings it to life (The God King, Cleopatra (Princess Diaries series), The Door to Science (about Archimedes) etc - we did some elementary philosophy to back up the Greek history (Philosophy for Kids) - entered the Philosophy Slam, did a ton of Greek Mythology (great for this age, especially with the interest in Percy Jackson books) - used te National Mythology Exam as a focus for this. It was a wonderful year, very much led by my daughter's enthusiasms rather than any book.

Good luck!

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I'm in a twitch about 4th, too, but it is because kiddo is stumbling on some things and soaring in others, rather unpredictably.


So far:

SM 4

GWG 4 OR MCT or some of each. My back up is JAG.

SWO D OR SWS, perhaps more SWR put in there.

Continue WWE 3 and WS selections.


Whatever Latin we fall into after Secundus. :confused:

6 months of chem and 6 months of physics

Continue Atelier Art



(rustle, rustle) Where is that crystal ball!

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For 4th my main goal is to teach my ds to start working independently as much as possible. We will be using:


OM 5

MCT Town


K12 LA

IEW Poetry Memorization

Phonetic Zoo

MBtP literature units

Lively Latin

Teaching Textbooks 5, My Business Math, MM if needed

SOTW 3 and 4 - either as independent reading or the audio versions - or both

Chess, logic workbooks

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Here is what my ds is doing for grade four:


BJU English 4

BJU Math 4

WinterPromise Adventures in the Sea and Sky (history and science)

Some of Heart of Dakota Preparing (more history, science, copywork, literature and reading)

WinterPromise S&S 4th grade readers

A Reason for Handwriting D

Just started Spectrum Reading 4 because he feared he wasn't understanding what he read well enough.

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My current 4th grader is doing the following:


CLE 400 level Math (will be adding in LOF Fractions soon as well)


Wordsmith Apprentice


Megawords books 1 and 2


Sonlight core 3 history


a bunch of different science resources (including Beakman's World, library books, Singapore MPH 3/4, and Apologia elementary books)


He did MCT Grammar Island and some of Building Language in the fall, but I think we may do JAG or switch to R&S for the rest of the year??


We are also about to start the Remedia Outlining books.


He's beginning to learn Trombone.


He is finally reading a lot for fun!! Books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson! :001_smile:

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