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  1. Agreed. Love this interview with Dr. Sears: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/vaccines/interviews/sears.html
  2. Math only. Everything else would be through hands on learning. :)
  3. But the poster didn't say it was a power struggle that involved nagging. She simply said her son would be given a choice. Not so different than you. I found Sadie's comment to be personal to the posters of this thread too, and not a generalized statement - but specific to those here. Respect and honor is a two-way street. If my child has a fit, he is not respecting me with his behavior or words at all. Therefore, telling him to go to his room until he can treat me the way I treat him is indeed a consequence. His privilege to freely roam the house was temporarily revoked. It is not unki
  4. Agreed. My comments really aren't about your family, so don't take offense please. I'm really directing my statement to people that are in my real life that don't give imposed consequences. Their kids are always doing what they please & the moms just seem to think that if they fall, have other kids get upset with them, get in trouble by the facility manager, etc. that their kids will learn through natural consequences. It makes for miserable company.
  5. No. You know your kids. I don't :) But certainly a child growing up with no consequences (outside of natural) and being a "joy" is not the norm. Do you agree? And without meaning this as a direct statement to you at all, often parents that withhold consequences are less than fun to hang around with, or maybe I am just jaded by my own homeschool group, lol. Perhaps they are not the norm. I hope so!
  6. Neither here nor there

  7. Made me laugh too. Either her kids are amazing... or the ones that run all over without consequences, lol. Hopefully the first. I often see the latter.
  8. I would let your 9 year old do her own narrations. If she balks at it, have her write them on the computer. It should only be a few sentences, no longer than a paragraph. If she isn't able to, I would help her with summarizing out loud, then have her type it. Or if you don't want to continue with it, drop it. If you decide to add creative writing, we are really enjoying time4writing elementary paragraphs. My son's teacher is very helpful! As far as writing goes here, stick with what gets done and doesn't make people cry! :)
  9. That clip hardly represents religious homeschoolers as a whole. Do you really think most Christians dress their kids in camouflage and call them Jesus soldiers? Have you watched the film? It doesn't even get good reviews from Christians. So to say it is highly relevant to what Bill Nye said to a secular homeschooler on his FB page... about a science curriculum no fundamentalist would even touch --- seems like a s t r e t c h
  10. Mom growing up. They call me mom or mommy. Dad growing up. They call my dh dad or daddy.
  11. I think you are assuming Bill Nye based his comment on something that was influenced by religious homeschoolers, when I see his comment as simply coming from a stance against home education as a poor option all around, regardless of religion.
  12. The problem with telling others how to live, is those same people are often wearing a telephone pole in their own eye, while looking at the speck in their neighbor's. It amazes me that gluttony, gossip, judgment, etc don't seem to convict them -- but make sure you take a stand against magic and zombies.
  13. Yes. But you are assuming that documentary would be 1) seen by most people and 2) accepted as typical. I've never seen it. Heard of it.
  14. I think you are making assumptions. Bill Nye never insinuated anything in regard to the conclusions you're drawing. He clearly did imply that homeschooling cannot meet social needs of children and it's a disservice to them. The poster asking the question was secular. Almost all of the posts following are secular. He isn't misunderstanding the question, simply outright disagreeing that homeschooling is a good option. He has had an enormous response from secular homeschoolers supporting him, so he isn't oblivious here. As for secular science options. There are good choices for homeschoo
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