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  1. I've tried pm'ing you, emailing you, and still no response. I'd like to get a response on when the package I ordered shipped. Please, please contact me.

  2. Hey there! I checked the other threads with similar titles and couldn't find the answer I am looking for :001_huh: I bought MegaWords 1 for my daughter. She is 12 and has some trouble spelling some words, but is usually more of a natural speller. She tested right out of it ... blew it out of the water. (So now I have to sell a completely unused curriculum on the For Sale board. Again.) Google searches have brought up nothing as far as placement tests go. I would hate to buy MW2 and have her test right out of that only to have to sell it and buy level 3. Meanwhile, she doesn't ha
  3. Excellent questions! I'm sure I won't be able to remember them all, but I will try... Math Singapore Math - liked it, but wasn't a good fit at the time Teaching Textbooks - like it and DragonGirl is still using it after a year Math U See - liked it, but MonkeyBoy got too distracted with the blocks and just wanted to play with them MEP for math - like it for MonkeyBoy and still using it Social Studies / History Story of the World - didn't care for it History Odyssey - didn't care for it Beautiful Feet Early American History - liked it Science R.E.A.L Science by Pan
  4. The Dragon Academy ~ Those are beautiful cases and beautiful collections! Your son obviously loves what he does! My son is interested in insects, but doesn't like collecting them... yet. I think someday he will be. Especially if I started a collection 'for' him -- I'm sure he'd be more inclined to continue. :D Thank you for posting that photo!
  5. Hi, still wondering about explode the code workbook one. I never did recieve it.

    Thanks, Candice

  6. What a generous offer! I already started making the worksheets... LOL... but if you don't mind, I'd love if you can send me a couple samples of yours so maybe I can glean some more ideas! :001_smile: We are also on Level Two with my daughter. Thanks so much! My email addy is: whimsicaltwist @ gmail . com [remove the spaces]
  7. Thank you for sharing this. When I first saw this thread, I didn't even bother opening it because I thought, "AAS isn't meant to be independent." :ohmy: Then I noticed that my daughter hasn't gotten in one single day of spelling this week because her little brother is so demanding of my time. Off to look for this thread! :tongue_smilie: It never even occurred to me to make worksheets from AAS! My daughter (surprisingly) loves worksheets! And she needs to review the spelling rules at least twice a week or she'll forget them. After reading your post I realized that I could at
  8. Thanks for the replies so far! I'm so excited about our field trips that I hope to take this year!
  9. I'm planning a field trip to a beekeeper for our family this month. It got me thinking, "I wonder what the Hive's favorite field trips are." So tell me: What have been your family's favorite field trips?
  10. Wonderful news! I hope you get the answers you need to get resources readily available for you! :001_smile:
  11. REALLY not trying to start a debate. I've tried Googling for this, but it's really hard to get any hits for exactly what I'm looking for. I am thinking about continuing my degree for my RN. I figure by the time I'm done my oldest will be 16, so they can school themselves by that point, or maybe they'll be going to charter school by then. Who knows... Before I really delve deep into applying for college or anything, I'd like to find some resources on how this HCR bill has affected / will affect health care careers. Does anyone have any links to good articles regarding this?
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