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  1. Time Left: 10 days and 2 hours

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    We used two of the Student Activity Workbooks, but all of the Parent Manuals are included. The manipulative sets are brand new still wrapped in cellophane. Two of the unused Student Activity Workbooks are included. I purchased much of the literature used, but some of it is brand new. Some of the used books are ex-library copies with the awesome cellophane wrapped dust jackets. Missing are: Concept 1 “Community” Student Activity Book (consumable), If You Give a Pig a Pancake, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble,The Giving Tree, Boiling Point Thermometer, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, Subtraction Action (I believe I have this somewhere but it has disappeared!), Concept 3 “Culture” Student Activity Book (consumable), Yeh Shen, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, Paul Bunyan and Everybody Needs a Rock. I even have the poster, but I believe shipping costs on that would be prohibitive. If you want it badly, I'm willing to roll it up and send it at the cost of postage. It is worn from being on a kid's wall. I forgot to take pics of the math manipulatives and scale but I do have them and can photograph if you like. Also willing to take closeup pics of individual books as you desire. Accepting best offer within 30 days.


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  2. I'm changing to Biblioplan Ancients and combining my two younger sons for history, Bible and literature. They will still have readers on their own of course.

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    I need an extra copy of the manual for HOD R2R. It's just a second since we are using the program with two students and it's monotonous to share. Condition is unimportant.


  4. White Belt in Tae Kwon Do = Blisters on my toes from turning on the hard tile wrongly during our front snap kick exercise.

  5. Cajun Beans N Rice with Smoked Sausage for lunch. Score!

  6. Loving being "back in the groove!" We'll see, I might even start TKD classes at the local YMCA this evening!

    1. SJ.


      Do it!!! And have fun! :)

    2. SnowWhite


      I did! And it WAS!


  7. Puking kids. How are we ever going to finish out the school year with everybody sick all the time?

    1. Annie Laurie

      Annie Laurie

      So sorry. I hope everyone is healthy very soon. Those years when sickness keeps cycling are so hard, especially hard on mom.

    2. SnowWhite
  8. Merry Christmas to all!

    1. mom31257


      and to all a good night! Merry Christmas!

  9. Excited people enjoyed the pic of my kids!

  10. I'm excited about the "like" feature and the status update on the new WTM boards.

  11. ETA, I did not read responses before posting either. (sorry, blush blush). I have three boys and no girl desires, but if you have those desires, I would imagine it is the Lord pulling at your heart strings creating the desire so that you can raise a daughter who would otherwise not have such a wonderful home. GO FOR IT!
  12. With numbers it is an easy quandary to solve. Simply spell out the word. Sevens, eights, twos, threes... no problem, see?
  13. We did about half of WAM. Ds always called it our "fun science". I still plan to do parts of the remaining materials on our own schedule. The only part we didn't like was the daily written narration and illustration on More Fun With Nature. I drool over the new ency spine and inventors book. We also used Science Play in the old I'm Ready To Learn program and I found it appropriate for my older child as well. So IMO it doesn't necessarily make the program lighter.
  14. Here's what we used last year for second grade: BJU Math 2 WinterPromise Amer Story 1 WP World Around Me Science WP LA2 God Made Music 2 Usborne First Book of Art
  15. You can also make split pea soup. Here is a link to a recipe like the one I make. http://www.cooks.com/rec/doc/0,1848,153161-244196,00.html The only thing I do differently is that I cook the ham bone first and take the meat off, strain the broth and cook the everything in that.
  16. Oooo, I LOVE this idea. If ds doesn't like CLE after all (he's wanting to copy his friend who's in it :glare:) when I make him do some sample LUs in the summer of his fourth grade year, then this gives us another option! Spring Into Action workbooks! Great idea.
  17. ITA! These were a great part of our history program this year. Ds8 read them independently. I think a first or second grader could enjoy listening to them.
  18. Hopefully WP will eventually outgrow the growing pains and the service will be more reliable. As of now, they DO have a good reputation with a number of users (I'm one, but I'm not going to get into a big discussion, I agree that a business needs to be reliable for EVERYBODY all the time). They relocated away from their Grand Isle island this year so hopefully that will facilitate their communication and shipping abilities. CATW is not one of the programs I have used, but (correct me if I'm wrong, previous posters) I do not believe the program *schedules* the mature topics... they are
  19. I don't know the scope and sequence of Spunky math. BJU 2 pretty much covers numeration to 9,999, addition and subtraction to 4 figures with renaming, shapes (both two and three dimensional) to geometry with perimeter, measurement in metric and customary units, patterns, problem solving to two-step problems and some "extra information", money to $20 bills, time to 5 minute increments, visually illustrated multiplication and division in single digits, the calendar, and several kinds of graphs. Yes, there is a Reviews workbook for grade 3. I plan to give ds Joshua the diagnostic test fo
  20. BJU Math is mastery, but the chapters spiral in topics if that makes any sense. For example, you would spend a chapter on addition, then subtraction, then shapes, then measurement, then go back to addition but with renaming then, subtraction with renaming... you get my drift. It is fairly teacher intensive for the new topics intro lessons. People think there is not enough review because the Reviews workbook is separate, but if you do everything (we don't, because ds gets 100%s on tests without it) you could do four pages a day. You are the one in the driver's seat, assigning what you wa
  21. (timidly holding up my hand). I do NOT like CLE math. When I was a student, my parents used CLE. I had planned to use CLE all the way through for all subjects for my dc. My sisters in law use CLE math for all of their kids. Then I experienced first grade CLE math for myself and watched it turn a math-loving, gifted ds into a math-hating, low self-confidence, daily-crying math student. We switched to Singapore within six weeks. (now we're using BJU Math) IMO, at least at first grade level, CLE features drill and kill drudgery. My girlfriend has taken her ds out of public school a
  22. I try to always wash whenever possible... I got excited and wore a new nightgown before washing... ended up with a prescription for Prednisone (which I didn't take, I just washed the nightgown and didn't wear it for a while).
  23. That sounds like a perfect recipe for WinterPromise Adventures in the Sea and Sky!!! We are going to do that this year and I cannot wait! We have to use the Younger Learner Guide, which you would not.
  24. How picky are your kids? My kids would have been the ones who wouldn't eat the crust nor "cold" bread (what's the big deal... stick in in the toaster on light or in the microwave!). Do you think picky eaters are born or made? I think kids are BORN picky, because I am raising my kids the way my Mom raised me, but their picky gene comes from their dad's side. I swore up and down as a teen watching my aunt try to force her picky kids to eat healthfully that I'd never fight that battle... my parents were low key about food and we all ate very well. Fast forward 20 years and I'm th
  25. We loved WinterPromise's Amer Story 1 for second grade and Amer Story 2 for third grade.
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