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  1. Time Left: 13 days and 9 hours

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    We used two of the Student Activity Workbooks, but all of the Parent Manuals are included. The manipulative sets are brand new still wrapped in cellophane. Two of the unused Student Activity Workbooks are included. I purchased much of the literature used, but some of it is brand new. Some of the used books are ex-library copies with the awesome cellophane wrapped dust jackets. Missing are: Concept 1 “Community” Student Activity Book (consumable), If You Give a Pig a Pancake, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble,The Giving Tree, Boiling Point Thermometer, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, Subtraction Action (I believe I have this somewhere but it has disappeared!), Concept 3 “Culture” Student Activity Book (consumable), Yeh Shen, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, Paul Bunyan and Everybody Needs a Rock. I even have the poster, but I believe shipping costs on that would be prohibitive. If you want it badly, I'm willing to roll it up and send it at the cost of postage. It is worn from being on a kid's wall. I forgot to take pics of the math manipulatives and scale but I do have them and can photograph if you like. Also willing to take closeup pics of individual books as you desire. Accepting best offer within 30 days.


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  2. I'm changing to Biblioplan Ancients and combining my two younger sons for history, Bible and literature. They will still have readers on their own of course.

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    I need an extra copy of the manual for HOD R2R. It's just a second since we are using the program with two students and it's monotonous to share. Condition is unimportant.


  4. I have been around since the days of the tree style forum, but I guess I have not yet posted on this software version. I am a second generation homeschool mom, with three sons, grade nine, six and one.
  5. I'm with the rest of you who are :001_unsure: about the second student joining the LOGIC stage board. Here is Andrew's plan for fall: Heart of Dakota's Creation to Christ for Science, History, Poetry, Literature, Copywork, Dictation, Content Area Writing, etc. HOD Drawn into the Heart of Reading BJU English 5 Teaching Textbooks 6/Life of Fred Fractions Community Bible Study/Awana Homeschool Band Spanish or German, taught by Mom with workbooks, undecided which.
  6. We're using the CD Rom course for General and I hope to use it for Physical as well. Big advantage = no big book to lug around.
  7. I just wanted you to be prepared that although it's open and go it requires adult participation.
  8. I am with the woman who walked out of District 9. In my defense, I never would have chosen to go watch it on my own. I had a nursing baby in my arms and all the terrifying sounds kept making both of us jump. I went and sat in the car- my husband and his cousin/wife followed within a half hour.
  9. I would say it took us about two hours per day when we did most of our activities (we didn't always do everything). I'd say it would be difficult for a fifth grader to do on her own.
  10. Build Your Library's unit studies are included- I paid for mine (a discounted price) because they are FANTASTIC. I can't say that I have ever seen a nicer lit based unit study. I think if everybody would pay a little for the nice stuff, more publishers would participate and they'd offer nicer stuff.
  11. I am going to be doing Jiggle, Jostle, Jolt with my son who will be in 7th grade this year. Can't wait! We've purchased lots of things from WinterPromise and always been superbly satisfied. I think I am more excited for JJJ science than my son is, and that's saying a lot.
  12. WinterPromise Lit Based History, Science, Language Arts (now much is available via e-Book, yeah!) Thinkwell Math (online with lecture and interactive problems, etc). Adaptive Curriculum Science (also online) scholaric.com online planning software.
  13. In case anybody else has a seventh grader on a more average level- we will NOT be doing Algebra before 9th grade. Thinkwell Math 7 Words Aptly Spoken/Creative Writing at a local cottage school Growing with Grammar 7 Truthquest AHYS3/MOH1 with TQ Ancients titles (mostly SL and WP resources) Atelier Art WinterPromise Jiggle, Jostle, Jolt science Community Bible Study (Deuteronomy, Job, 1 Peter) Some kind of foreign language- not sure about this.
  14. I would look at WinterPromise American Story 1 and pick a WinterPromise science- maybe their new Dinosaur Days or Hoot and Chirp. Maybe you could even eliminate the art/crafts and read-aloud titles in Animals and Their Worlds and use that for science. I did that for my third grader in the school year just ending.
  15. In the Lesson Title area. You can have more than one lesson per course each day.
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