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  1. Our local book cycle & library host knitting groups. Perhaps you could take your wee ones along, and someone could help them out?
  2. you didn't? Come on over & have a poke around ;) I am also hosting a 'nature pen-friends swap' that you might be interested in. Thank you very much for your feedback on the earthworm study. I love to hear comments like this :hurray:
  3. That looks really lovely, thank you for sharing.
  4. I have written about this very topic on my blog: Keeping a nature journal Getting Started With Nature Drawing For Both Parent and Child - This post also links to a tutorial I shared on creating a watercolour journal entry. Supplies For Nature Journaling I hope they are helpful!
  5. Thank you for all the lovely feedback on my book, Exploring Nature With Children! I wrote it to be unique, in that it is a complete, open & go curriculum. Here is a sample in which you can see the table of contents and a complete chapter. I also have a FAQ on my blog. Jennifer Dow from Expanding Wisdom has posted a review of Exploring Nature on her blog today, which also may help you to decide if it will be a good fit for your family. Thank you again, and please do let me know if there are any more questions.
  6. Thank you so much for your lovely comments :) I hope you are still enjoying it!
  7. Thank you for what you wrote on the homeschool/fun thread about keeping a journal for quick notes, then using that to plan the next week. Such a simple idea, but a good one! It's easy to forget the many questions they ask or what they need a bit of review on etc. I plan to start this immediately (we're finishing our year up still). Thanks!


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