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  1. HOD is open and go....until you need to tweak it. We used two guides with children at the younger end of the recommendations and it was still not challenging enough....so I had to supplement greatly. If you need some flexibility in your schedule, HOD can drive you nuts. Each day is laid out and each subject is interwined. You cannot skip history one day and pick up where you left the next day because it may not correlate to that days science...and vice versa. I was going batty!!! Eventually, I kept the science and used it in order, kept the read-alouds and the math and sold everything else.
  2. I am seriously considering BJU for my rising 1st and 2nd graders but would like to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly first. TIA :-)
  3. My current 1st graders curriculum is in my signature. My rising 1st will be using: Rod and Staff Arithmetic 1 Learing Language Arts Through Literature Blue Book Lollipop Logic Our Fathers World Science Beautiful Feet Early American History
  4. We have HOD a shot but it was too confining for us. It was hard checking all the boxes every day with our busy schedule...but if we didn't the whole week was out of whack. However, we kept the science and love it! In fact, we now incorporate quite a few CLP subjects into our day and it gives us a great Christian base without being a "boxed curriculum".
  5. My son finished Rod and Staff 1 and was a third of the way into 2 when I decided to switch to Singapore late last fall. I took him back to 1A because I wanted him to really grasps the concepts as it is a VERY different style of math than what he learned on. We finished 1A in a little over 3 months and started 1B today. I would not think of it as losing anything if you go with 2A....its more reinforcement. And I think it will be worth it.
  6. I thought maybe it was the curriculum (Adv in Phonics) so I bought some Dollar Store books. Those were a miss so I pulled out ETC. He raced through all of Book 3 in 7 days, never missing one thing, but declared it "boring" and did not want to go on to the next book. It not about the work being too hard....maybe too tedious?
  7. DS will be 7 in July. He can read really well. And right now, phonics as a subject is reducing him to tears. Its putting a damper on our school day. I decided to shelve phonics for a bit and focus on reading comprehension and end the stress. I am just wondering if I need to pick them back up or just call it good as we are starting a phonics based spelling in the fall.
  8. My DS is a wiggler....we solve a lot of that by doing lessons on the floor, the picnic table by the creek, the couch.....it really works!!! Our second grade line up is looking like this: Math: Singapore 2A/2B and CLE 2 Language Arts English and Grammar: Abeka Language 2 Penmanship: Writing with Diligence Spelling: Abeka Spelling 2 Reading: Sonlight 3rd Grade Readers History: Beautiful Feet Early American Science: Apologia Astronomy Latin: Memoria Press
  9. ...how do you schedule it? DS is heading into Singapore 1B(US) and I am thinking of adding in CLE Sunrise 100 for him. He loves Singapore and we do 3-5 exercises a week but I want him to solidify his facts, especially since he IS "mathy". DD is just starting Essentials B and its been a rough go but she is getting it now. I want to start Liberty Math K (from CLP) just in case the Essentials is not going to work out. I just have no idea how to schedule it all. Help!!!
  10. HOD - too many boxes to check for us :-( VP Phonics Museum
  11. We gave Song School Latin a real go but my kids were just not enjoying it. DS will be starting 2nd in July and I was thinking of trying SSL again.....but maybe he would like Prima Latina better? Can someone compare the 2 for me?
  12. I am torn about LA for my DS who will be in 2nd next year, although a younger 2nd starting the month after he turns 7. My thought was to do Abeka Language 2 and Spelling and Poetry 2...but I wonder if it is thorough enough. He is a good reader and enjoys reading, hates the physical act of writing, and will have probably wrapped up phonics by then. His favorite curriculum is Singapore math... he loves it and the style suits him. I am open to any suggestions!!!
  13. We have teddy bear counters and lined them up to imitate the drawings in the book. We also have cuisenaire rods but I honestly have no ides how to use them.
  14. DD did great with Singapore Essentials A. Less than a week into B and it obvious its not her math style. She can easily figure out 7-5=2 but her brain is NOT processing 5 is ______ less than 7. We have gone over the concept repeatedly and she just does not get it. So I am broke....I can spend $30 on a different math...not a cent more. Suggestions are needed!!! She actually loves math and is good with numbers but we need a more literal method.
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