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  1. We are using it for my 5th grader this year. He has finished Fable and is currently on Narrative 1. It's definitely a little below what he is capable of but I wanted to start at the beginning since it's a mastery program and he needed some confidence building. He loves it and never ever fights me on it. Occasionally he needs my help with more abstract thinking. But it's a subject that gets. done. He is doing this alongside FLL 4 and Logic of English for spelling and vocab. Next year he will be thrown to the wolves so to speak in IEW and Shurley or EEL Grammar. We will see how well this combo has prepared him...
  2. Trying to decide for next year. We are not planning to continue on with CC Challenge at this point so that is not a deciding factor. Can someone help me compare the 2 programs?
  3. Appreciate the feedback! I searched some old threads and got a lot of great info. I think my concerns about CC at the Challenge level are valid unfortunately. I have another question that I'm going to ask about Essentials on a new thread. Thanks all!!
  4. I have a rising 6th grader and I'm starting to think long term about his homeschool path. We live in a rural area with limited options. My choices are 1. Classical Conversations- we've done Foundations in the past but have not participated in the past couple years. We would be rejoining for one year of Essentials and then move into Challenge. My concerns about CC is that a mom with little to no high school experience (myself included) will be the tutor when it comes time for Challenge. The Essentials program is pretty solid but we also have an extremely small Challenge program. 2. Classical Co-op- this is an established (30+ years) classical co-op where seasoned parents teach the classes. This program seems to be more thorough and more rigorous but with less flexibility to adjust according to my individual child. Can someone compare the two options? Open to any thoughts on either. If you like or dislike CC Challenge in general, please share why. TIA!
  5. My mildly dyslexic daughter has been doing great with AAR, we are halfway through level 3. We are also in level 2 of AAS, she is moving a little slower through it. Next year we will be part of a co-op that is using LOE Essentials, so I would like to spend the summer prepping her for this transition. Any advice or suggestions? Anybody made this switch and what was your experience?
  6. Is there a scripted or very simple way to teach sentence diagramming? My 4th grade 'kinda' gets it and I know how to do it but obviously not how to teach it. We are currently using ELTL and I Iike it but the grammar portion is not sticking. We also recently purchased Super Grammar which he loves and that has helped some with parts of speech. But I feel like I need a methodical approach.
  7. I get so tired of nagging my kids- get back to work, have you finished, back in your seat, check your list, etc. They are almost 8 and almost 11, and I have a 9 month old that keeps me from being able to sit with them and hand-hold (he's also pretty cute and distracting). We do plenty of work together but they have seatwork and chores they are responsible for. I am getting to the point where, other than a gentle reminder, I'm done nagging and if there work is not done then... what is a reasonable consequence? Are they old enough to efficiently manage their own time? Should I require they sit in their seats for a block of time? Their chores and school work for the day are always listed out in their composition books. I put an asterisk by anything they might need my help on or that we are to do together. I allow for breaks and time to draw, think, etc. Maybe I allow too much freedom but that's part of why we homeschool, yes? Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can teach them to be self-motivated to get their work done?
  8. I'm pretty sure LDTR has a Christian basis but I may be wrong...
  9. I am thinking about starting with fractions bc I already own it and that's what we've been working on the last few weeks. Do you think that would work?
  10. I have a few questions re LOF... 1. My 10 yr old is halfway thru CLE 400. He's getting a little burned out so I'd like to some fun math for the summer. Looking at LOF and wondering which book I should start with? 2. Would it be possible for maths little sister to join in? 3. Could this prepare him for 500 math or would we ultimately need to finish 400? Any other thoughts in LOF much appreciated!
  11. We are considering a co-op next year that will combine 4th and 5th graders for all subjects except math. Curriculum materials have not been decided yet but I am wondering what the major differences are in 4th and 5th grade skills? My child is currently 4th and will be 5th next year. I want to make sure he is adequately challenged and prepared for 6th grade. Socially this co-op will be a good option for him.
  12. Horrible Histories by Scholastic or the BBC program?
  13. Is Horrible Histories appropriate for 7 and 10?
  14. Ha, never mind, the sale ended yesterday!
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