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  1. I always gave the kids' lists to the family to shop for and picked out something they hadn't thought of - ice skates or rollerblades or whatever. Santa never brought my kids the things on their lists. An alternative...
  2. There are several Advent books with a daily story. The first one is Jotham's Journey. All three by that author are set in Jesus' birth time and place. My three kids loved them.
  3. One of my boys favorite stocking stuffers!!
  4. A cold broccoli salad (with raisins, sunflower seeds...) is good. I've brought all the canned items for green bean casserole several times. There's always time to put it in the oven while the turkey's cut, gravy's made, etc. Or bring a crockpot. We do arrive a few hours ahead of dinner.
  5. My gs is 2. I've been looking in the stores for toys, and haven't liked anything I've seen there. I was in an antique shop and fell in love with an old Fisher Price camper. Went to Ebay and found a complete camper set that I HAD to have. lol. Showed dil and she said he's going to love it! Having the kids with one really makes Christmas...
  6. Hope you can plan something unique for this year, so it will stand out special in your memories.
  7. My three will sometimes buy for each other, or sometimes just one will. It varies. I don't worry about it. Youngest, dd, likes to make something for everyone most years. It's totally up to them.
  8. That's why my sister started making a couple pans of lasagna and bringing it to my mom's house. Mom could still pick/make sides, but it wasn't a strain on her that day. More time for all of us to visit and play cards. 🙂
  9. Now that my kids are all adults, I want to cut back big time on gifts. Would love to do just one or two each besides the stockings, which they really look forward to. They're really hard to buy for now anyway!And with just a 2 yr old gs, not looking to buy him stuff for their house either. We'll have to switch to more game playing, I guess, like we do at my big family's gathering. And now I'll probably have to fix a big dinner, too, tho maybe I can get away with appetizers again like last year, when the kids didn't come til 4 or so, after gs had his nap. Also, I'll be making the big
  10. Turkey breast, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, jellied cranberry sauce, homemade rolls, green bean casserole and scalloped corn/broccoli casserole. The broccoli is the new bit, so not sure who will join me on that. The preschool was selling pies, so I have a strawberry rhubarb pie and a blueberry pie to pick up Saturday. Better have my mom be the hero and have a banana cream pie ready for them to stop by and enjoy. lol I'll make leftovers for my mom and dad, as they don't want to come over or care if I bring dinner there on Tday. Not sure if ds and family will be coming or not,
  11. These melt in your mouth muffins are very cake-like. You can use any fruit. Sorry I couldn't post it from my phone the other day.
  12. I'm so sorry. Praying for Lillian and family, and for you. Lifelong friends are hard to come by. Hugs.
  13. My son asked for some specifically when he got married. That and wooden spoons. 🙂
  14. I've thought about making those fabric carriers for taking 9x13 dishes to potlucks or such. A couple matching hot pads might be cute. One year I found embroidered dish towels with a family dessert type theme at a craft show, and gave everyone one of those and matching oven mitts. Knowing that they were part of a 'set' that the family had. My mom quilts, and has made table runners or place mats for all of us.
  15. Pizza casserole. Rice and ground beef, cream of soup. Chow mein over rice. Pepper steak over rice.
  16. When we offered allowance when the boys were young, the younger one wanted the same as his older brother or not at all. lol BTDT
  17. We are ready to replace our memory foam mattress. It hasn't held up as well as out old pillowtop mattress. I want to head back to inner springs!
  18. According to several doctors we've spoken with, it's because they are forced to take on too many patients. Then they have the PA or NPs who work under them to get to many of the patients. Then your doctor can review what they're doing. Crazy world out there now.
  19. We just had in home care for my Dad, to help Mom out when he came home needing full care including the personal care. It was a two person job to help him out of bed or out of a chair. The hospital wanted him in a nursing home. It was $24/hr, and Mom had someone in at night so she could sleep, and then daily for 4 hrs. They had help for 2 1/2 months or so to the tune of $14000. Way cheaper than the nursing home would have been, and he was able to get back his right mind because he was in his own home after 4 months. If you have lots of hours, an RN comes with the company and visits once e
  20. Sounds interesting! I just make a banana dump cake, but your idea sounds intriguing. Let us know how it turns out!
  21. Kenny Loggins Songs From Pooh Corner is wonderful for quiet time! There is also More Songs From Pooh Corner. My 19 year old still loves this CD. You can find the songs on youtube.com.
  22. Well here, there's a parade and a car show along with some other activities into early afternoon. Dh wants to have another neighborhood party (it's been YEARS!); I'm thinking an ice cream sundae party late afternoon would be a good time to sit down/get to know neighbors and share some ice cream, before every heads out to the fireworks. Everyone could bring a topping while we get the bucket of ice cream. Everyone needs to bring their own chairs, too. We had these parties years back, and we and our co-hosts, one of our neighbors, walk around the neighborhood hand delivering invites.
  23. I'd probably go $40 to $50 since she was there daily for you when you needed her. One of my favorite gifts is the Kenny Loggins Stories From Pooh Corner CD. My daughter still loves listening to it, as it's not kid sing.
  24. Yah! Nothing like having the kids home. Hugs.
  25. So you dilute it with a carrier oil and use daily? weekly? This is one of my newest oils. Thanks!
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