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  1. Waiting for the kindle to charge so I can download. I look forward to reading it. 😀
  2. As I looked at all of the statuary I couldn't help but remember reading my son's Percy Jackson books years ago and Medussa turning everyone who looked her in the eye to statues. 😳
  3. I am with Garga on this one. I like the box. It is so cozy. I am predictable and boring, and rather content being in a box. Give me a good book, and a cat on my lap and my box is complete. Thow in a sunny day to nap in the hammock, and I am in heaven.
  4. I was so intrigued by the idea of a cat eating 20-30 a day, I forgot to respond to the op. Our cat loves robbing the freeze-dried raw treats I mix in with the dog food. Our local pet store carries Instinct brand "rawboost mixers". Packaging says, "top your kibble with raw." They come in beef, chicken, turkey and lamb. My cat loves lamb. I am not sure if they sell a variety for cats or not, but the dog variety does not seem to have any ill effect on our kitty and since they are small freeze-dried pieces there isn't the smell or "ick factor" you may experience when serving fresh.
  5. 20-30 a day???!!! I cannot imagine how a cat could consume that many. Of course, my mighty hunter won't eat any. He prefers to leave them on the front porch for me to admire when he is done playing with them ðŸ˜. Then he happily eats his canned kitty food.
  6. Not a gadget, but a simple cookbook might be nice. I didn't know how to use most of the items on these lists when I got married almost 20 years ago. (I am still not sure about a few of them😋)
  7. How exciting😀 The Hive will definitely need pictures when it is done!
  8. My dad has had his bed inclined for years due to acid reflux (doctor's suggestion). He also has suffered from migraine and tension headaches his entire adulthood. Inclining the bed has made no difference on his headaches.
  9. Love this thread....except now I have this song stuck in my head... When the boys you used to hate, you date I guess you must investigate The facts of life The facts of life If the world never seems To be living up up to your dreams... And I can't remember the rest of the lyrics. Off to google before it drives me crazy....
  10. I love, love, rice socks. Yes, it is just a sock filled with rice and tied in a knot but when I have a headache (and I have a lot) a hot rice sock is heavenly. I have an old brown sock I have used for years. My ds14 bought a lovely new pair of soft extra-tall socks and filled them with different weights/lengths of rice for Christmas. My new rice socks are a priceless treasure.
  11. Well that was a first lol. I went to "like" this post and realized I had already "liked" 2015. Apparently I agreed with this post then and I still agree with it today. 😀
  12. Still praying. So sorry everything must be so complicated. Hopefully, you will have answers soon.
  13. Another weird consideration with the Berkey is the size (specifically the height of the canister). Our Berkey cannot sit on our kitchen counters because there isn't a place without an upper cabinet and it is too tall to fit under the upper cabinet. We have a bench that we put it on which makes it a lovely height for pouring water into the top, but you have to bend or squat down to fill your glass, pot etc. To fill the Berkey, I carry a pitcher of water at a time from my sink. It is such a small thing, but if we ever build a home or remodel a kitchen, I will plan a more convenient height for my Berkey and ensure a pot-filler faucet or spray wand is within reach. Such a first-world problem, I know.
  14. We have the Imperial which holds 3.25 gallons. While it sounds kind of crazy, even to myself, I would buy the Crown which holds 6 gallons if I had it to do over, even though we are only a family of three. Maybe it is my imagination, but it seems the fluoride filters may slow the filtration process down and we empty our 3.25 gallons every day and I have to refill before the day is over. My ds and dh are for some weird reason incapable of refilling the Berkey when they see that they have emptied it with their water bottles and all too often I come to get a drink or prepare dinner and the Berkey is near empty and it takes time to refill. I have never actually timed how long it takes to refill. I am usually in a hurry emptying it as it refills😉
  15. I used the Konmari method. It was wonderful. My closet has never looked so wonderful. That was this past summer..... ......🙄Well... 🤔Hmmm. How shall I say this? 😔....😟...😩 I guess ultimately I was not successful and while there was temporary improvement, I am really deep down a mess. Guess, I have no real advice except be kind to yourself. Best of luck at your new endeavor 🙂
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