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  1. I don't think they're doing them this year. Maybe a covid thing? So many people handling the gifts?
  2. I bought these Duralex Manhatten clear tumbers/glasses, six of each, before we were married 30 years ago. We only lost one which was dropped on cement. Along the way we also got odds and ends of glassware cleaning out mil's and sil's homes, which the kids used the most. And in their 20s, a couple of the kids insist on using the little Tupperware glasses yet. haha. I also have Princess House mugs that get used whenever someone's in the mood or brings wine. https://www.duralexusa.com/collections/tumblers
  3. Better Homes and Gardens has lots of handmade ideas this month.
  4. Forgot to add!! 9 of trump counts for 1 meld point.
  5. My favorite game ever. When I was a kid Dad told me to watch to learn. All I learned was double king and queen of any suit was a a good thing. lol (they are worth 30 points meld) Played it recently with my folks (93 and 82 yrs young) and sister. Dh never wanted to learn it, and I don't know anyone other than my family that plays. 😞 We deal 4 cards at a time. Then the bidding begins at 25 and goes to possibly 40- or more if you have a great hand before trading cards with your partner if you win the bid. We also sometimes give a skip bid (bid an extra one) to let our partner know w
  6. Green Acres, Family Affair for younger kids. Also A-Team, Leverage, Quantum Leap for olders.
  7. I love that song. Now the Christmas Shoes... I have to change the station every time it comes on!
  8. I'm so sorry. Prayers for the family.
  9. https://www.fish-kiss.com/ State dish towels, mugs, and more
  10. Great list! I've done lots of these. They guys get jerky every year. Play silks. When dd was little, I went to the fabric store and bought a yard and a half of two bright colored shiny satin type fabrics like the evening gowns from the 30s that draped nicely and had a good weight to them. She tied them around herself in different dress styles for years playing dress up. One of her favorite things!
  11. Everyone has a food item I never buy except for the stockings: Jif peanut butter, Pop Tarts, Fruit Loops. Used to buy razors, shave cream, deodorant, and other toiletries. When I was a kid we got those little boxes of raisins. Phone stands https://smile.amazon.com/Lamicall-Cell-Phone-Stand-Dock/dp/B01HPI5AM2/ref=sr_1_5?crid=GR11L97AHIHD&dchild=1&keywords=phone+stands+and+holders+for+desk&qid=1606314647&sprefix=phone+stands%2Caps%2C195&sr=8-5 M&M item-candy or mug or whatever was out each year. The boys loved rolls of duct tape. Candy coated sunflower s
  12. This is beautiful for someone into art! https://www.etsy.com/listing/153192918/wood-pencil-holder-desk-accessory-5th?ref=finds_l&external=0&frs=1
  13. A tactile blanket sounds good, too! Might have to be homemade to get the different textures tho.
  14. My dad would drive my mom nuts using it all the time! lol
  15. Yesterday I had the thought that it's a good year for us to remember those who don't get out or don't get company especially, so they know they're not forgotten. To brighten their day and in turn, ours. I vote yes on giving goodies.
  16. We eat out several times a week and haven't had sickness near us yet. Trying to help these small businesses stay alive.
  17. World Market looks like a great place to 'wander' online for stocking stuffers. I'm used to picking items that I see wandering through various stores, but now I really online hit Wmart and the grocery stores. Anyone want to share other fun stores where I could shop for unique items for stockings??
  18. Ran across this searching for particular types of lit titles. Thought someone might like it. https://www.literacious.com/2020/06/23/20-titles-for-young-gamers-summer-reading-2020/ Also has read aloud list to go with various games. For what it's worth...
  19. I'll list as I think of things. I know I had a few things last year. Dad's the hard one at 93. Sardines, sugar free candy, word puzzle books
  20. I know three! Thanks for this thread. Music is so good for the soul. My favorite pick me up CD is Lifer by Mercy Me. . Christian. So upbeat and uplifting when I'm down.
  21. This. And does he have regular chores? Especially if you can find some heavier ones- chopping wood, trash and recycing, or some kind of 'manly' work. Not that he shouldn't have regular;y scheduled household chores, too. Am and pm. I think the taking charge of a meal a week is a great one. He'll have to feed himself someday. Now's a great time to learn. Several times, I took the television away years ago. You had to earn time reading (not school)books and get your chores done. You could do something similar if necessary. Saying I'm bored just gets extra chores, so he'll find some
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