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  1. Spanish Rice- I double it to fill my crockpot 1 lb ground beef, browned and drained 1 med onion, chopped 1 green pepper, chopped 1 14 ½ oz can tomatoes 1 16 oz can tomato sauce ¾ c water 2 tsp chili powder 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce 1 ½ tsp salt ¾ c rice, converted; raw (Uncle Ben’s) Stir all ingredients together. Cover and cook on low 7-9 hrs (High for 3 hrs, then switch to low for the remaining time.) I actually made it with orzo instead of rice once when I was sick. Lol And I heard the meat made a big difference over the meatle
  2. I'd probably get a Lego set with a Skittles bag for a bow. :)
  3. I get the kids the items I don't buy during the rest of the year: Jif peanut butter for one, PopTarts for another. A family bag of Fruit Loops.
  4. A crockpot Spanish rice with hamburger in it. I've been asked for the recipe several times.
  5. Other options here: Pocketful of Miracles Tenth Avenue Angel Of course, I'm partial to old movies. We really love It Happened on Fifth Avenue. My dh who doesn't really care for Christmas movies has watched this with us several times. And I'm not sure I saw It's a Wonderful Life in the lists above. Off to look for Three Godfathers. :)
  6. The Zach Williams CD and the P is for Pterodactyl the worst alphabet book. Oh, and I'd like a new CD player for the kitchen as the door won't open. Before Christmas so I could listen to my Christmas CDs would be really good.
  7. A book by Sarah Young.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Brookstone-Weighted-Blanket-Size-Grey/dp/B07BHKSJTS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAJ7T5BOVUVRD2EFYQ&linkCode=sl1&tag=sweetdealsbyjillee-20&linkId=510db08705786cb6776bba57af7ae136&language=en_US This one is currently $50 off
  9. My office is a sky blue, a color I am very happy living with. If I can't see out the window, it's the next best thing.
  10. I have NO idea why kids think it's funny or want to own anything resembling poop. Poor taste, like lots of the humor in newer movies. Yes, this prudy old lady prefers old humor like was found in movies many years ago. I may be old, but even my son--who's almost 25-- agreed with me that the old humor was still funny when rewatched, unlike the newer coarse humor.
  11. We put some in the community bowl and the kids keep all their favorites. I usually find most of it in their room months later and toss it. I bought gift certificates for Wendy's frosties the last few years. Lots of the parents that bring their littles through our church parking lot going trunk to trunk thought it was a great idea instead of the candy. This year I picked up fruit leather or whatever you call it at Walmart. One per child, as we get 250 or more kids through the church parking lot in that hour and a half. Dh thought I was being cheap giving just one to each, and boug
  12. A book of historic/folk songs for his guitar Woodworking magazine Fold up table for woodworking? I know dh got a Black and Decker one a while back. Oops. We were talking stockings. Dremel bits
  13. Homemade soaps would be easy. Melt the clear soap bar from Michael's, add a drop or two of scent and color. Then pour it into plastic shapes to harden. My kids enjoyed that. One year I had my kids each make something to sell and attend several craft shows to sell their item. The marshmallow shooter guns were much easier and cost effective than the Jacob's ladder toys, and they sold better. I think he sold them for $10 back then?? You're just cutting some PVC pipes and putting them together with joints. They have instructions online.
  14. Make sure you have a photo of the bed to remember. And even if your kids don't want the photos now, they probably will want some as adults.
  15. So happy for you! Will pray for a healthy baby for you.
  16. I picked up a Tator Tot cookbook for our secretary who loves tator tots. And I also found some elephant salt and pepper shakers I got for dd who's crazy about elephants. And Night Elf, grab the crockpot on Black Friday for $10. ;)
  17. Yes, it can include things like mission trips or donating a large amount to an organization or similar things. We are working our way through visiting all the presidential libraries. Trips- I would love to rent a big house for a vacation somewhere with all my grown kids and their families-- several times since only one's married. lol Quilting. I've started on the fabric collection. Learning about herbal remedies, and other health options. Recently started learning about homeopathy. My mom has a hundred things she's wanting to learn about, and she's 80. That's the
  18. Me, too. Had a couple very hormonal episodes transitioning through menopause that were fabulous, but after that the drive's not really there. I am glad that dh keeps reaching for me tho. Even tho it's changed, it does bond us, so I'm glad he still initiates.
  19. I always take a crockpot spanish rice. Easy peasy. And one year- for the church salad luncheon no less, I was sick and used orzo instead of rice without knowing it. I have had requests for the recipe. I've also bought a frozen lasagna. Precook at home or let it cook while the church service is going on.
  20. Walgreen's had a little Christmas 'lego' set with super tiny pieces I gave the boys last year. lol
  21. For many years, I gave my kids and my sister's kids candy coated sunflower seeds from Trader Joes, but they haven't had them the last couple years. The kids miss them. I'll brainstorm in this post, since I know I can't be alone. I did makeup brushes for the girls last year Makeup remover wipes winter or dress scarf flat multi- tool Looking forward to arts and craft shows: lotion bars, small makeup bags, necklaces jerky t-shirts little puzzles or games magazine deck of cards things for cleaning/polishing a car car wash gift car
  22. I still get their favorites--the pop tarts and Jif peanut butter I wouldn't buy when they were younger. lol
  23. May as well get this started as we're talking about shopping. :) Sisters weekend is coming up soon and that's when I really get out shopping for the whole weekend. This is my kids favorite part of their gifts, I think,--seeing what I come up with. So any ideas ladies? Thanks!
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