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  1. I've been hanging onto a hand me down copy of Moosewood thinking I'll find something I love, but maybe I just need to check out the Broccoli Forest. haha
  2. The phones and mail box are jammed here in MN, too. I was thinking the census was where they got some information, and about the timing of the census years.
  3. My sister or I have Mom email or text us her grocery list every week. My sister then does any ordering with delivery from Walmart or Cub Foods. Mom's lists are often short tho, so I do the shopping myself on my turns both because they don't always substitute if they don't have something (they didn't have the particular kind of bread she wanted, so didn't send any bread), and because I always get items she didn't ask for. I pick up things I think they'll like that will be easy to fix or to provide variety in their diet. For example, some pre-cooked item or something I know they like bu
  4. We read Jotham's Journey and the two following books by the author on various years. Takes the kids right there, and end night ends with suspense. Think they were reprinted recently.
  5. Yes, this has been a big thing for me for work.
  6. I was giving Kenny Loggin's Return to Pooh Corner CD, but don't know how many use CDs anymore. My kids have gotten their own copies as they loved it so much. Wonderfully soothing and easy to listen to as a parent, too. 😉 Books? Hands down my favorite to give is Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathman. Hardly any words and the kids love it. I was excited to see she has another book, 10 Minutes Til Bedtime, that I ordered for Christmas for my grandson.
  7. My phone has been in the shop for several weeks, so FB has been my only connection with most folks-- don't have memorized phone numbers anymore. Timing was bad, but a way to connect with others at church right now was paramount. For the most part, happy not to be so addicted to the phone! We've discussed this with our kids and agree that communication IRL is much harder for younger people due to social media.
  8. There's an old Abbott and Costello, but I don't remember the name offhand.
  9. Since married ds wanted to borrow a Dutch oven for camping, think I might go that way. They are also using the blanket he had in high school, so I think a new blanket might be nice. Middle ds- no ideas. He's not settled anywhere, so can't really get him things or I'll be storing them. 😣 DD- Not sure, but she'll almost ready to move out. Think I should be able to find something she'll need for that. Grandson #1 has so much stuff, so I have no idea for little brother. Clothes I guess. I have a wooden puzzle with hinged doors and some stickers I got out West for him so far
  10. I would check with a custom cabinet business. We got them to fit the full area we had available- and they were installed-- for less than cabinets from Menards would have been. In fact, we used them for cabinets for the entryway, too.
  11. Check out Keepers of the Faith. They have a boys and girls version. Like Scouts except you can do whatever badgework you want, and then buy the badges you choose to earn. Lots of topics, just like the Scouts or Trail Life. Work on single sports, learning tennis or other non-team sports, learn wood carving, wood burning, or wood working like building some bookshelves or other items. Could your husband do car care or put together a small engine course- like fixing mowers and such? Does your husband have any skills to share with them? Astronomy or aerospace they could learn together?
  12. Wanted was good! Thought another season was maybe coming?? 800 Words
  13. The birthday person gets to pick what's for dinner for the family that night- or whatever night you can get together is what ours has evolved into. Or we eat out together as a family. Now that they're all adults the only gifts are at Christmas. Unless dd and I are shopping together. haha. Actually that's when I pick up some of her Christmas gifts! We did always have the kids' favorite cupcakes--the funfetti ones. I never got to learn to make cakes from scratch like I wanted to for this reason. 😞 But it's a family joke/tradition, especially with ds #2. I apparently went too fa
  14. Second Chance and Lethal Weapon, with dh Vera, Agatha Raisin, Midsommer Murders, Foyle's War. Looking online, looks like I need to check out Acceptable Rick, Jack Irish, Jericho of Scotland Yard and Above Suspicion. All Acorn. And more... Enjoyed Netflix's new movie The Lost Husband. a 'hallmark'.
  15. There was one about things you could make with one yard of fabric that had lots of projects...
  16. We played bingo via Zoom with my parents. My sister emailed everyone their bingo cards. We're thinking if everyone has dice, we could do yahtzee next time.
  17. We were eating out all the time, and I'm really enjoying cooking again. I've been able to make and take cooked meals to my parents, too. I'm enjoying the break from working at the office, too, and am able to keep up with housework and laundry. Feels more like the homeschool days again. Feeling more relaxed. And finding more time for Bible reading and prayer here, too. I also discovered Youtube instead of Pandora for music, and for some online sermons!
  18. Is there anything they could build out of wood? Tree house, yard chairs made where one piece of wood slides into the other (my boys did those in Scouts), big Jenga pieces, other. If there's plenty of space, a potato launcher. Make marshmallow shooters from pvc pipe. PVC pieces for a DYI building set. Start a new hobby like wood carving. Read/nap in hammocks. Build an obstacle course.
  19. Kidney beans- chili, or we make a cold kidney bean salad, like potato salad but sub the beans for the potatoes. Black beans- soup (Iowagirleats.com) or cooked with some chili powder and cumin and served over rice, topped with raw onions, tomatoes, crushed taco chips and sour cream. Or in cowboy caviar salad. Navy or other white beans- soup or in calico beans or white chili or baked beans
  20. This. I like to let the mattress air a bit. Often I'll spray it with a lavender oil/tea tree oil/water mix to freshen the bed sometime before putting the sheets back on. Last night the sheets went back on just before bed.
  21. Yeah. We are offered this, but I, too, think of it as nosey. Will live without it.
  22. I'm so sorry! That's the pits! We've had the basement flood twice over the years. So much work, and loss.
  23. https://paolabrown.com/teach-kids-homeopathy-free-lessons/?utm_campaign=Teach-Kids-Health-&-Homeopathy&utm_source=House-List&utm_content=Free-Lesson-Page From the Teach Kids Health & Homeopathy curriculum that's being released soon. Three free lessons.
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