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  1. The apple brandy skillet cake in the second link looks scrumptious and easy!
  2. When we were kids that's what the stockings from the Moose or VFW were filled with.
  3. Little Pet Shop sounds like a winner to me. Is there a computer game about a vet center or an aquarium? A trip to an aquarium? I once bought a beautiful book, written and illustrated by a homeschooler, with beautiful ocean fish- one for every letter of the alphabet. National Geographic has some hand sized books about animals of the woodlands, birds, hawks, etc. or just a book about various fish? Perhaps there's a few of those that would give her ideas in stocking her aquarium? A real aquarium or perhaps there's a board game about fish?
  4. Gift cards for fast food, movies, gasoline. Jerky, food items he loves that you don't normally buy. (In my house it's Jif peanut butter, pop tarts and Fruit Loops). Sci-fi paperback, geeky t-shirt, shave cream, razors, etc. Thumb drives, portable charger, etc.
  5. Well a few gift cards for nice restaurants could be used later together. Mani/pedi gift card? Some sort of spa treatment? Someone to deep clean the house once or once a month, or do whatever tasks you don't like? Boy, if you could find someone to come in and fix healthy meals for a week, that would be nice! But who?
  6. I was on an art theme for dd and dil this year. Can't think of a craft for my sons tho. Last year I bought make up brushes and make up for the theme.
  7. I can't believe I forgot to have my sister bring me up some containers of candy coated chocolate covered sunflower seeds! They've been a Christmas tradition for us for years!! And those Jo-Jo's are pretty darn good!
  8. Oh, no! The tradition is the white tissue paper! lol When the kids were young, the stocking was filled with inexpensive trinkets. But now that they are grown, the stocking is the main thing. So-- some things may cost more than they used to, but most of the toiletries and food items are the same. And half the time I have plastic bag of stuff that wouldn't fit in the stocking sitting with the stocking! Jerky, jars of peanut butter, cereal and pop tarts are big! :)
  9. How about some outdoor activities? Skiing, sliding, or snowshoeing. If marshmallows aren't a problem, how about making a set of marshmallow shooters together and having a friendly battle outside? Nerf war inside? We head to church for the candlelight service every Christmas Eve. Visit some older folks you know, even briefly and drop off a card or something? We used to use Halloween as an excuse to visit 4 or 5 older couples that we never found time to visit otherwise.
  10. Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate? I enjoy date bars as they satisfy better than other sweets, and one doesn't leave me craving more.
  11. Bought two Suspend games but won't get to play it. One went home with my sister as a white elephant, and the other went out of state with my son. Almost want to get a third one! Settled for the Hive- Crawling with Possibilities instead. lol
  12. this reminds me of one of the best gifts I received. I grew up using my mom's sewing machine. After I married she picked up another brand one for me used, but of course with two little ones I had no time to sit down and learn a new machine. A few years later she found one just like hers at a garage sale and cleaned it up to gift to me. Best gift ever!!
  13. Christmas Eve will be swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and salad. We usually make it for the work crew on Christmas Eve. Maybe it will be the Friday send off meal. Dh is going to want the prime rib we have in the freezer for Christmas. Haven't thought beyond that. It will just be our immediate family on Christmas Day this year, so just a handful of us.
  14. We don't buy for each other, but I did pick up a couple things for myself: New bedspread that was on sale for $20 :) Watercolor paints and paper I LOVE GC to the local coffee shop, and I did tell the kids I wanted an electric kettle since I drink tea all the time. How about a GC for a pedicure or manicure?
  15. Last year I got some gourmet flavored caramel sauces along with the fuzzy socks and one or two other small items for the staff. This year I will have someone who's been here a year and a brand new person. Thinking of a mani/pedi GC and some small items for the young woman who's been here a while. How's that sound? I should run grab an amaryllis for her! She loves flowers. The new person will probably get a gift card. We got a woman technician recently. Just give her gift cards like the guys get??
  16. Can you think of any hobby he might like to try? Maybe something to start a small business? For example, I know there's some way to convert VHS tapes to discs. I think there's still a market for that! I don't know. Just something you think he's suited for that he hasn't tried yet. I'm trying to think of something artsy/craftsy for my oldest to expand his experiences beyond work (for his dad, lol).
  17. A good flannel shirt and some pajama pants. We don't really do gifts for us. Just ordered a card game- Famiglia for he and I, too.
  18. The guys always get jerky. Growing up we always had boxes of raisins and underwear.
  19. Not current, but when I am planning here's a list I keep to refer to. Excuse the notes that remind me where the recipe is. ;) Beef meals hamburger/rice hot dish (with tomatoes) hamburger cookbook round steak rollups, mashed potatoes Gerri’s hamburger rice dish mazetti pot roast beef/pork ribs with BBQ sauce meatloaf, baked potatoes, scalloped corn Hungarian goulash CP Polish cabbage rolls CP Cabbage burger bake-in notebook Hungarian cabbage stew Beef stew Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes Hamburgers, beans, coleslaw, fried potatoes Meatballs and ‘gravy’ over noodles JB Pizza
  20. I went to the dr less with the one I had at 42 than the ones I had in my 30s. If you have other kids--built in helpers! I needed my boys to help find 'the girl' everytime she vanished--which was often. lol You know yourself better and aren't so worried about things in general. More relaxed.
  21. These go along with White Christmas and Meet Me in St Louis. I watch a bunch of oldies: It Happened on Fifth Avenue (dh will actually watch this one every year with us) The Bishop's Wife (Cary Grant version here) Christmas in Connecticut (Barbara Stanwyck) Remember the Night (Barbara Stanwyck) Christmas in July A Christmas Wish The Family Man (Nicholas Cage) Tenth Avenue Angel (Margaret OBrien) Others I watch although they aren't really Christmas: Pocketful of Miracles (Bette Davis) Boys Town (Spencer Tracy)
  22. Looks like they were popular! No failure when folks gobble them up! :drool5:
  23. Vegetable soup meat loaf casseroles- use more veggies and fewer noodles-- or rice, if you like tacos swedish meatballs shepherd's pie Spanish rice salisbury 'steak'
  24. You might like the German tradition of hiding a pickle ornament on the tree. There's a special gift for whomever finds the pickle. :)
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