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  1. I teach Anatomy at our co-op and use the Apologia text. I’m a physician and the Anatomy portion of it is very solid. I don’t love the way they insert references to God into the text, but as a Christian it isn’t a non-starter for me. For labs, we use slides from websites that have their slides online. It’s fairly easy to find with a Google search. Many med schools have their slides online now. I think if I was doing it at home I would want my kid to known how to use a microscope, but if they already knew how the online slides are actually much better for identifying structures than what y
  2. Hi! I’m in Fairfax County. I have a son just finishing his junior year and one finishing 8th grade (and a daughter finishing up 5th grade but that’s not as pertinent to you). We have always homeschooled. My middle son definitely has ADHD. I also work part-time. You can do part-time high school in VA. You can take up to two core classes (so not Band or Art) at a high school as a homeschooler. I believe that it is somewhat subject to availability, and that they are not required to allow it. I haven’t looked into all the details. I have not done it and haven’t known many people who do. Most
  3. My so had trouble with Latin. He also submitted the make-up form. We had tested the demo on the same computer using the same browser and it had worked fine. For him it was the first question that wouldn’t submit but the second did and he did the exact same thing for each. I told him afterwards that I was proud of him for staying cool and managing to even do the second question. I was in the room with him but had no idea he had a problem until afterwards. He thought it would be cheating to ask me for help submitting (I’m not sure that’s true, but I admire his integrity) and so when it wou
  4. My son had an issue submitting his first question on the Latin one. He knows it didn’t submit before he ran out of time. He stopped with plenty of time but the file wouldn’t come up when he did was trying to upload it. He filled out the form to do a makeup but we’re not sure if they will let him. Either way, it’s such a bummer for him. He’s handling it well but I feel bad for him. I’m not sure I have a better solution for the AP exams given the current situation. I just feel bad for all these high school juniors and seniors who have worked hard and are going to have so much upheaval at a
  5. Just thinking that. We had a minor house fire today due to a tree falling a few houses away and causing a chain of events that ended with a fire at our house. It’s minor in some terms but is going to require a lot of work. (We’re all safe and have somewhere else to go (a relative’s house).)
  6. Ds will take his. He’s in Lukeion Latin so I feel like he’s as prepared as he could be, all things considering.
  7. Definitely saving gas. Not much food savings yet. We did a lot of stocking up early on but then haven’t really used it. We’ve still been going to the store and I’m keeping what we have in storage in case things get worse here and stuff isn’t available or we really can’t get out. I used to eat breakfast every day at the hospital but they shut down the doctor’s lounges so I’m now eating at home. We aren’t eating out otherwise so that should be a savings eventually. Kid’s activities are the big unknown. We have a few that haven’t yet said if they will give partial refunds. If they do.
  8. I think part of the problem is that the semantics are confusing between social distancing/stay at home/shelter in place. I’m in VA and we are under an official stay at home order until June 10th. But it’s not really all that different than what we were told to do before, it just became official. I understand that some people needed the official order to make them do what they should have been doing all along...but it’s not really that the recommendations changed. The VA governor was similar to the Iowa governor in that he didn’t want to issue an official order but was finally really pressured
  9. Everyone in my office is taking a 20% paycut to avoid lay offs or furloughs. Most medical offices are hurting right now, which I think people don’t realize. So far, dh’s office is doing well. They actually just hired someone who started yesteday. Dh is an architect though so we’re wondering what things will be like when the current projects they have are finished. Back in 2009 it was tough for them as not many people were building the kind of things they work on. We have a friend who is a dentist and who owns his own practice and he may end up losing it because of this. We do realize tha
  10. I don’t really fit the complementation view of marriage but am a Christian. But I agree, this isn’t really about that. I’m answering as someone who has a family member who suffers from a mental illness. I say this gently.....I firmly believe that in this kind of scenario that the partner and possibly even the children (if adults or teens) have the right to an opinion on meds for a family member when that person’s illness impacts their lives. I think that’s even more true now when people are isolating and staying home together. My Mom is bipolar and has from time to time stopped her
  11. @Arcadia The Scuba mask thing is super cool. I saw an article on it as well.
  12. And they may have been wrong but I will also say give all health care providers grace. We are literally getting dozens of updates daily (I get them from our state Dept of Health, our county Dept of Health, three local hospital systems and my own practice). Information is rapidly changing and we are all learning. It’s a NOVEL virus for all of us. Individual doctors are trying their best to give correct information. But it’s really hard.
  13. I feel like what I offer is what I would offer before the pandemic. If someone asks, I’m happy to offer advice/resources appropriate to what they are asking. I do a monthly article for our office for a newsletter. Usually it’s recommended books. This past month I did a list of educational resources for people that might be looking at learning at home given the pandemic. I tried to list things that are free and not a full curriculum. The way the question was worded was “should” we help. I don’t think we are obligated to somehow go out and set up training programs for people who are
  14. It’s a variety of things that make the actual test tricky...you have to use specific swabs (not cotton, not wooden shaft). It’s the same swabs we use for the flu test. So you can imagine how they would run low when you have the same person you might want to swab for both. If I was to collect a sample at my office it has to be put on special viral media. That’s not easily available and not something we typically have. It has to be frozen and stay frozen until it gets to the lab. It’s an RNA test so can only be done in certain labs, it’s not a point of care test like ones that we can do bedside
  15. Every test has false negatives and false positives. I read the same article that said it appears that the overall average for the US tests has about an 85% sensitivity (meaning about 15% false negatives). It’s hard to know better know because there are a variety of tests being used, and some may be less accurate than others. It also seems to be highly dependent on procedure of the test. The sample has to be taken fairly far back in the nasopharyngeal passage. So if a patient moves back while testing, or the tester doesn’t really swab far enough back...much more likely to be an inaccurate test.
  16. Ds is in Lukieon AP Latin..he’s somewhat happy because their workload for the year as just dramatically cut. They’ve pretty much covered everything that will be on the test. At the same time, I think they will be at a disadvantage because I think Lukeion probably prepares them particularly well for the essay and Mrs. Barr thinks there will be no essay, or if there is one it will be a much smaller part of the test. Regardless, it’s a weird year.
  17. I don’t know your state laws but even when we were not allowed to do refills or 90 day prescriptions (now we can do 90 day scrips but no refills) we could give a patient three separate prescriptions at one time. They all had to be dated the actual date of writing them and then I would write DO NOT FILL UNTIL _____. I’d give the person one for the current month, one for the next month and one for two months out, if that makes sense. You could ask your doctor if they could do the same thing. We can also do electronic prescriptions, you could ask your doc about that. I believe soon, that will be
  18. I’m a pediatrician. So far for us things have been weirdly quieter than usual. Patients don’t want to come in...which is totally understandable. Ironically though it’s probably much less likely that they will get anything now than they it was back in January at the height of flu season because then we are packed and now we are empty. I worked yesterday and literally so zero sick patients. It was all well checks. Even with being weirdly quiet we have all kinds of protocols in place to screen and keep people out of our office if there is any chance of Covid-19 (we can’t really easily test
  19. Yep. We have to a meet this summer for the first time in like 10 years. We’re going to a family wedding. My oldest is buying his own plane ticket and flying up the day of the wedding so that he can still go to the meet. The younger two are angry that we’re not letting them do that as well. My daughter’s reactions was “wait, is summer school like a punishment?” I also was laughing because the swim people are all obviously a little bit in the same cult. We’re all like, “it’s a ton of time and work and you’re at the pool all day and you’ll smell like chlorine all the time a
  20. Thanks Evanthe and MysteryJen! I have an eighth grader who I think is vying to take down your kids for the laziest teenager/homeschooler award. I’ve been really struggling with the idea of whether or not I can homeschool him for high school. His brother is a junior and is a super motivated self-directed kid. He’s not perfect but has been fairly easy to homeschool. Added to that is the fact that he and have very similar personalities and learning styles. I hasn’t been a breeze but it’s been relatively smooth. Enter the eighth grader who has a totally different personality and learning sty
  21. I’d make sure your younger kids can use the pool, if they won’t all be on on the team. If you can ask other parents I’d look for a coach who has the goal of making it fun and having the kids love the sport. The coach pretty much sets the environment. I personally think adult coaches who are more experienced are better than college students, but a lot of times it’s college students. We have the benefit of having a coach who has been around forever and has a good perspective on life and swimming. That’s not to say college students and high school students can’t coach...my two teens coach
  22. We are a swimming family and I read your thread title to my two boys and they died laughing at how obvious a choice it was and then were appalled when I told them everyone so far had said summer school. There aren’t a lot of things I can say anymore that leave two teenage boys speechless, so that was fun. 😂 In all seriousness, we have loved swimming. We’ve done swim team every summer since my oldest was 6 or 7 and he is now 16. All three kids swim. My two oldest coach. My oldest is a lifeguard. My daughter also dives and loves that. Summer swim has also grown into a year round sport for u
  23. I looked at the title and thought...nope, mine will be a senior. And then I remembered my second son will be a 9th grader next year!!! Ack! The first step will be making sure he wants to homeschool. We’ve been talking about it all along. We let the kids decide when they get to high school. I think he will probably choose to stay home and I think it is be the best option for him, but I’m open to him going to public school if he wants to. He’s the most out of the box kid I have so I’m really not sure what we will do if he does stay home. I’m thinking about using Farrar’s Global Persp
  24. I have a junior. It’s a tough year, even homeschooling. Pretty much all the juniors I see as patients are crazy stressed. It’s partially workload. It’s also starting to think about college. For my son it’s also a bunch of other added things...he is taking driver’s ed, he is trying to get a certificate to enable him to have a certain job for the summer, he said yes to a staffing/leadership position within Scouts (that is taking up multiple weekends), he is thinking about swimming in college so having to negotiate writing to coaches, he has other fun thing he wants to do, there are social p
  25. I went to University of Richmond. I also grew up in Richmond. I loved UR and thought it was a great experience. I’ll share my thoughts, with the caveat that it is all from a long time ago so things may have changed quite a bit. I was on a full scholarship (not from UR, a separate private scholarship). I also had a lot of friends on scholarship as I was in a honors/scholars program. I never really felt like most of my friends or people I knew were wealthy. I am definitely not from a wealthy upbringing. I knew going into college that I had to get a scholarship or likely wouldn’t go to schoo
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