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  1. My oldest did the WTMA Statistics course this year. It's one semester. He is likely to be a Math major and found it really easy. But enjoyable. He liked the teacher and had a lot of fun doing the required project. He's taking Intro to Number Theory this semester from the same teacher and really enjoying it as well. They are both light options for high school math (Ds was also doing Calc this year and these were electives) but if she has already taken through Calc and just wants something for the transcript they might be options.
  2. I would agree that you should ask admissions. We ran across a couple of schools that had things listed as being needed for homeschoolers on their website but when I wrote to ask they were happy to waive the requirement or interpreted it very loosely.
  3. Yay! I can finally post. DS decided on Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. It came down to that and another college and he spent all day going back and forth before finally making the decision. Then today, he got an email from the other college saying they had “found” an extra $3000 a year scholarship for him! It didn’t change anything but was interesting to see them do that, especially after he had sent in the form declining. The decision wasn’t financially based in the end and Centre is still cheaper than the other one as they gave him a nice merit package as well.
  4. Jousting Armadillos was not a good fit for us, but I know others have liked it. IMO, it’s probably better for strong writers/verbal kids than kids who love math. It has a lot of writing and reflection. It also is geared towards being used in a classroom so you have to adapt that. And I was ttoally frustrated by the number of mistakes in the solutions guide. I used it fairly early on so those might have been corrected but it was completely frustrating. So much so, that I threw the book across the room on more than one occasion.
  5. 17 year old graduating senior is working as a pool manager and swim coach. And swimming a lot himself. And planning his gap year. He also has the goal to work through a Beast Academy book 😄. He's a Math guy and likely Math major and he just thinks it will be fun. He never got to do BA because it came out at a level below where he was at the time. But he's used AOPS and loves it. He also wants to get an AOPS competition math book and work through the problems. 14 year old rising sophomore will spend a lot of time at the pool. Hopefully he can work at the pool. He'll swim on the summer tea
  6. I know you said you looked at Land's End and wasn't impressed but I'm going to put another plug in for them. I have two pair of the Swim leggings and they are awesome. Super comfortable, even for lap swimming. I have worn them in the ocean and in the pool. I am plus-sized but also I have super fair skin and so it's just easier for me to have more covered when I'm in the sun all day. I usually wear a suit, the leggings and a swim shirt. The swim shirts are long-sleeved and comfy and provide good UV protection. They also dry quickly once you are out of the water. Also, you can pick bra siz
  7. Hugs. This sounds really hard. My SIL has cancer and has been needing round the clock 24 hour care for the past 4 months which has been mostly done by my dh and his two siblings, with her four adult kids coming in to help when they can (they are not local). It is really hard being the spouse supporting the caregiver spouse, I get it. It sounds to me like mostly she is lonely and that the nightly visits are not enough for her as far as loneliness and possibly the anxiety of being alone. It sounds to me from your earlier post like the planned visits (eye drops, groceries, trash) aren't as
  8. I don't know if this will be helpful or not and I don't really know if it is good advice yet because my non-traditional kid is my 14 year old who is finishing up 9th grade. Right now I'm letting him follow his interests within a subject. For example, we did psychology this year but he did not want to use a textbook or follow a curriculum. He's listened to lots of podcasts, watched lots of videos, read books (some assigned, some on his own). We used Crash Course to kind of make sure to discuss certain topics and as a very bare bones scaffolding. Through some of those readings as well as another
  9. Obviously, as others have mentioned, there are lots of variable depending on the particular schools and things like in state status. That said. I know people who have done both. Ds is doing a gap year and did the apply and then defer method. Mainly because we felt like it wouldn’t really be a gap year if he had to worry about college applications. We wanted it to be a true break. I know a few others who have done a gap year or “super senior year” (which I don’t totally understand how they put it on transcripts) and applied after graduation. It worked fine for the people I know. I think they a
  10. I cannot wait to post on the thread. My ds is still deciding between 4(!) places and driving me nuts. He hates to make decisions and they are all good options and somewhat similar so I really have no idea which one he will pick. 😜
  11. For awhile my son kept getting mailings from several Fashion Institutes which at least provided his younger sister with a good laugh. (Not that fashion is inherently bad or not for guys but he checked off Math or Physics as potential majors and is the least fashionable person you could imagine. Plus he hates art and design.)
  12. I also forgot to mention earlier that the most impressive swag ds got was from Centre. He got a packet of cards that were super personalized. It's hard to explain but each card had some aspect about Centre on it but had things like his name, his hometown, his interests, etc on them. He also got a poster that was super personalized with his name on it and other specifics like his hometown.
  13. Ds got letters from a lot of places, I think everywhere but I can't keep track. But he got the email first. Some places then sent a packet that included financial aid offer. Some places sent a packet of material and financial aid separately. And many of them sent some kind of swag. We have been torn between...this is cool and your reaction of "maybe you could just lower the tuition a little?".
  14. My oldest got a hammock also...from Hendrix. But no candy. 🙂
  15. Dh wnet to Yale. I went to a small private school in my state. He will often remark that he thinks I had a better experience as an undergraduate. I did biochem research for three years and two summers and was able to present at a national convention. I think the research helped a lot getting into med school. I also got into one MD/PhD program, but ultimately chose not to go that route. I don't think I would have gotten into that without the research experience. I was able to do research because I went to the biochem professor as a sophomore student (who had not had anything but basic chem) and
  16. Married in 2000. So many of ours. Dishes- we got really plain white dishes from Crate and Barrel. All the flatware. We only have one glass remaining. Serving utensils, pizza cutters, ice cream scoops (we got four). Right now, I have my feet on a coffee table my bil made for us. I think we still have some towels although they are threadbare. Definitely some dishtowels. Pots and pans. Knives, steak-knives. A silver tray. A chip and dip plate. Wooden bowls. Mixing bowls. A tea kettle. We would have still had a lot of the appliances but we had a house fire last year that was electrical in nature a
  17. Our co-op is great but it works primarily, I think, because it is run by the church it meets at. One of the pastors started it many years ago for his own kids and it's evolved over time. We know have something like 120 families (on a non-Covid year) and classes for kids from nursery to 12th grade. There are no paid teachers so the fees are very low. It is not a drop-off co-op. Everyone has to teach two classes and the third period of the day there is a parent support group. It's a lot of work to run and the pastor who started it does most of that work. There are downsides to that as well (like
  18. I think I posted here a long time ago. Ds applied to 11 schools and is down to 6 to choose from, although really it's 5 I think. Still in the running: Wooster, Allegheny, Messiah, Centre, Hendrix, Clark (I think Clark is the one that he isn't really considering but hasn't declined yet). He declined: Macalaster, Calvin, Skidmore He got waitlisted at Hamilton but went ahead and declined the waitlist. He knew it was probably going to be out of our financial reach anyway and I think he wants his decision to be over and done. He got rejected from Swarthmore, which was a reac
  19. I have gone to mostly audiobooks with my now 9th grader. This was hard for me because I am very much a visual learner and I had a huge bias that listening is not reading. However, I knew that he is a slow reader and I felt like it was going to be hard to have him cover what we wanted to cover by reading. So I reluctantly told him he could do mostly audio. It has been FANTASTIC. I have really realized he is an auditory learner. He also has ADD and just can focus better on the audio. He often draws while he listens. He actually often listens on double speed, which neither his brother ( a
  20. We have used the Global Perspective Studies course by Simplify4you for my 9th grader and 12th grader. https://simplify4you.com/gps/ (Farrar from here at WTM is one of the authors...or maybe the only author, I'm not sure). It's been excellent. The first year covers Africa/Middle East/India/China and Japan from ancients to modern day times. It's a broad brush but has been a great introduction (including for me) to areas we hadn't previously covered in depth. It covers both History and English so can be a two credit class, or you can modify to cut out the Literature/Writing portions. They also ha
  21. This is true. Although it's not a monolithic "medical board" which is actually a thing, just not in this instance. Med schools will vastly prefer that pre-requisite classes are taken at a college. This doesn't mean you can't use DE and AP classes to place out of classes in college but would be an issue if you were going to major in a non-science but use the DE pre-reqs. So for example, if you took regular chemistry DE and your college allowed you to then take Organic Chemistry and you did well, I can't imagine a med school caring where you took the Intro level Chem. Or if you are a Bio major a
  22. I'm a pediatrician. I knew I wanted to be a doctor from the time I was a preschooler and I had a lot of people doubt that I could really know that, so have no problem believing that your daughter knows what she wants and is committed and it's not just a phase. (Surgery as a specialty might change...I went through all kinds of specific doctor phases including a great desire to be a reconstructive plastic surgeon or a neurologist/neurosurgeon. In fact, the one thing I was NOT going to do was pediatrics. 🙂 Or maybe she will continue to love surgery.) That said, whenever these questions come
  23. I kept a list of books read and then also listed assigned books read under course descriptions. It was a habit for us to keep track of books read, just for fun (I do it for myself) so that wasn't a big change. I made overly detailed course descriptions as we went along that listed every single book read or thing we used. I would just do this every now and then, like every few months and then at the end of each year I went in and made sure we had a course description for each class. Then when it was time to send them in, I edited. I figured it was way easier to edit down the course
  24. No worries! I appreciate the suggestions, I’ll check out the one in your last post. 😃
  25. She was someone that we knew the family from our homeschool co-op and I knew she had majored in Math and had an interest in teaching. I think other people have found similar situations through local homeschool groups or with local colleges where a current student might be interested. With so many people able to do Zoom or other online options, you don’t have to find someone local.
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