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  1. For classes at home, I don’t give tests or grades on individual assignments. He works to mastery and I give him an A. I will say this kid is a hard worker and deserves an A, so I don’t really feel like it’s grade padding. My son has taken a handful of outside classes each year (so far 3 out of 6 credits a year) and those grades have also been A’s and are more traditionally graded. This year he took one class through the public school system and it was shocking to me how lenient it was graded (and it was an AP class). He missed one exam by his own fault (we both read the deadline incorrectly)
  2. I just discovered that my 12 year old though the “f word” was fart for a long time when he was little. He was apparently really confused when people would talk about it being a bad word becuase he thought “hey, we say that at home all the time.”
  3. Complete infertility is rare. Subfertility (reduced sperm count) is not that rare in men, about 15% permanent. I didn’t say Mumps causes problems during pregnancy, it’s rubella that does. The risk of deafness is small but real. More recent studies suggest it’s higher than previously thought. Both my aunt and uncle are deaf in one ear from mumps.
  4. You can’t tell if it’s bacterial or viral until you do a spinal tap. In a small baby especially, they look identical. So you would tap and send off cultures and do antibiotics for 48 hours while you wait for the cultures and viral PCR to come back. Also a baby who has viral meningitis has to be presumed to be herpes meningitis until proven otherwise because herpes meningitis is devastating. So a baby with meningitis symptoms will get at a spinal tap and then often get hospitatlized and treated with antibiotics and potentially acyclovir for herpes until you are sure that it’s not those things.
  5. I wonder if it’s a local church outreach or challenge kind of thing. You know like maybe “in Lent, approach a stranger per week” or something like that. I could see that kind of thing happening in some circles I’ve been in.
  6. First option. Breakfast is mostly everyone on their own, but there are usually a couple of people at the table at one time. Just not everyone. Lunch is usually me and the kids eating together. Now that my oldest is often working independently during the day, lunch is the time we all come back together. We read aloud, play a game or watch something on TV (currently old Amazing Race seasons). Dinner is almost always almost all of us. It’s gotten harder to do that as there are more activities. Mondays I work and the kids and dh actually have a long standing tradition of having dinner w
  7. Just wanted to give a shout out for Simplify Homeschool online classes for middle schoolers. My 7th grade son is taking one on Puzzles and Codes (taught by Farrar!) and it’s been a fantastic experience. He’s a kid who doesn’t like a lot of school and typically doesn’t like anything that seems schoolish even if it’s a topic he likes. But he’s totally gotten into the class. It’s also been a nice gentle first online class. The work is interesting and challenging but not so much that it’s overwhelming. I think he likes the independence of doing it on his own. I don’t know if they will offer
  8. We’re using the Arbor Math books for my 7th grader this year. He loved Jousting Armadillos and it was a great fit for him. We continued with Crocodiles and Coconuts. It’s still been mostly good. It’s a little too wordy for him, he’s much more of an auditory learner I’ve realized. We’ve gotten around that mostly by me reading him the longer sections and then orally discussing it rather than having him read it himself. But my bigger gripe is that there are SO MANY ERRORS in the solutions guide. JA had some and that was a bit annoying but understandable. This is way more and it’s really frus
  9. Full disclaimer: My son is in 10th grade so I don’t know yet if what I’m doing “works” as far as colleges. 🙂 1) I am putting classes he took in middle school that are standard high school level classes on the transcript. That is consistent with what the public schools here do. So for us that’s Algebra, Latin I and Intro to Counting and Probability. Around here the public schools will put higher level Math and Language classes on the transcript. I just listed it as being done in 8th grade. And didn’t use the grades to calculate GPA. I used the course descriptions on the AOPS website to exp
  10. I voted No becuase I don’t think it’s common knowledge unless you have adopted from a rescue. When we adopted our dog, they made that really clear and I was somewhat surprised. Not upset, just surprised. I thought it would have been something like “if you can’t find another home for her than return her to the rescue” but not that it was return her even if you had another home in mind. It made sense to me when I thought about it, but it wasn’t what I expected.
  11. Pre-Calculus/Trig or whatever AOPS calls that level. He does it on his own. AP Latin with Lukeion ?Shakespeare semester class with Lukeion, something else for English other semester That’s about all I know. I’m impressed (and a little scared) by all the planning people. We usually do History at home, not sure what he’ll want to cover. Either Physics or Biology but not sure of provider. If Bio I might just do it myself. Electives...? Psychology ? Some other Math ? something else
  12. This almost exactl for my boys. My daughter has always really liked showers and so takes one daily.
  13. I have two that I like. One in my purse and one by my bed. But I have other dollar store ones around for an emergency.
  14. We only use Intensive Practice and Textbook. I’ve done it that way for three kids all the way through and it’s been fine. I have three kids. One is likely to be a math major in college and loves math. One used to hate math, but mostly because he doesn’t like school and math is school. One likes math ok and is good at it but it’s more that she likes school and math is school. 🙂 For all three the approach of using just the IP book has been good. My oldest needed and thrived on more challenge. He and I would go through a section of the TB and then he’d do the IP problems without doing
  15. That’s funny. In our discussion several people mentioned friends that they had who had read it as teenagers and loved it. Our theory was that people who read it as teens maybe saw it as more romantic and overlooked the more troubling parts. Ha!
  16. I finished Lonesome Dove. It was not my cup of tea, although it’s not a bad book. Just so ultra masculine. It’s probably a fair depiction of the time and place but I really didn’t need to be immersed in that much violence for 850 pages. Almost everyone in my book group felt the same way, except for the 70+ year old woman who picked it. We decided it was partially generational, at least in that she had grown up watching cowboy shows on TV and the movies and just found that life fascinating. The rest of us weren’t entranced enough by the cowboys to want to put up with all the icky stuff.
  17. No specific reading goals here, other than to read more. I’m currently reading Lonesome Dove for my book group. And starting The Iliad to read with oldest. I’m also reading The Fellowship of the Ring and The Girl Who Drank the Moon out-loud to my kids. And we’re listening to The Incorrigible Children and the Unmapped Sea in the car. I have many other things on my nightstand but I’m not letting myself look at them until I finish Lonesome Dove or the book club meets (whichever comes first).
  18. I am not at all a dog expert, we have a minimally trained 5 year old dog (and it’s our first dog). She likes to jump on people too. One thing we taught her was to go to a specific place on command. For us it’s her mat/bed which happens to be near our front door. We taught her to do that when it was just us and family by using treats. Then we worked on having her learn to stay there until we say to get off. Once we got her to learn to stay, we worked on going to the mat when she was excited but it was just family (she gets barky and jumpy when the kids play loud music or dance around). I a
  19. I can see that but the problem I have with it is that everyone can have a bad day. Posting it online I feel like is a way of labeling the person as being one way, it gives no grace. Maybe this mother had a particular horrible day. Maybe she was fired from her job. Maybe her kid was having one of those super annoying kid days and she was just at her wit’s end. Or maybe she’s just and entitled horrible person who makes a habit of going around yelling at people. But as soon as it gets posted online and has potential to get shared and go viral...she becomes only that horrible entitled person that
  20. I said not enough info. From the video, I’d say the mother is more to blame but the more of these kind of things that get posted online, the more I feel like we (as a society) are all too quick to rush to judgment. We’re seeing a tiny clip from an interaction and it’s hard to know exactly what happened. And even though I think the mother is likely more to blame, the fact that the service dog owner posted the video online makes me biased against her, it’s such a horrible trend. I can understand taking the video, if she felt threatened and wanted to intimidate the mother and make her go awa
  21. We’re doing a lot of the things mentioned here...bluetooth speaker for 15 year old, bluetooth earbuds for 12 year old. Funny Tshirts for both. Books. Some card games. I’m getting them both a year subscription to Amazon Music to share. They like getting food that I don’t usually buy. I got 15 year old Pop-Tarts for his birthday and he loved that. And we got 12 year old Cinnamon Toast Crunch for his birthday and I think it was his best present. Someone got my oldest a Yeti mug for his birthday and he really loves that.
  22. There are some great graphic novels out there... Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson El Deafo by Cece Bell the ones by Raina Telgemeier (Smile, Sisters, Drama) maybe not so though provoking but if your goal is to get her to read more, The Baby-Sitters Club books were recently remade into graphic novels. My daughter devoured those. Maybe less intimidating because it’s less words on a page would be some of the excellent novels in verse... Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai Crossover or others by Kwame Alexander The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary by Laura S
  23. I got my daughter this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071W2S48Z/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1 She loves it. It was cheap, but seems to be pretty durable and works well. She doesn’t wear it at night, so I’m not sure how it is at sleep tracking but I think it is supposed to do that. It doesn’t have a battery, which I like, so she she takes it off and plugs it in every night. I don’t think you have to do that, it’s just her routine. It’s not waterproof but is water resistant, she’s worn it accidentally in the shower and it was fine. It has an app you can use, w
  24. This is why we didn’t do Girl Scouts. My boys do Boy Scouts and when dd was in 1st or 2nd grade she was interested in being a Girl Scout. So I contacted a couple of different local Girl Scout Troops and was basically told I had to start my own becuase they were all full. I’m happy to volunteer and have been very involved in Boy Scouts and all our kids activities. But starting my own troop was way more daunting than just being an adult leader or volunteer. I couldn’t take it on at that point. So I told dd we’d wait a year or so and see if we could find another troop and maybe I’d look into what
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