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  1. A thousand times this! I help with a high school Chemistry class at our co-op and I find this is the hardest thing for the kids to understand. “It didn’t work” they will say. Well, no...what you expected to happen didn’t happen. Figuring out WHY is just as (or sometimes more) useful. I always tell them when I grade their labs that we don’t grade on them getting the “right” answer. As long as they did calculations correctly, we grade on how they explain the answer they got. Ha! I was reading through it and all excited at the topic and then when I read @Penguin post about being in Denma
  2. Yes, we have done a couple. My daughter loves them because she likes the chat board and the interactions. But I have just found them a bit light for what you pay for. I love Bravewriter and we use a lot of the other materials, it’s just hard to justify the classes in the budget. I might end up letting her do one a semester and then supplement with other things.
  3. That's a great idea! She did do it one year and actually wrote a whole story that we had bound as a book by Blurb. It was about her stuffed Bunny and adventures that her Bunny had. She loved doing that. It was a few years ago...so maybe she was 9 (or 8?) and the one month turned into about 4 months. But she was so into it that I just let it go and it was our LA for most of the year. But we didn’t really participate in the community, due to her age. That might make it more fun and interesting. Interesting! @PeterPanWhat kind of writing competitions?
  4. A solution we ended up with this year for my senior was to hire a tutor. He will likely major in Math and had done well working through the AOPS math books on his own, but for Calculus I felt like he needed more than I could offer. We hired a recent college graduate who had been homeschooled and was a math major. She meets with him once a week on Zoom and they have worked through the AOPS Calculus book together and are now working on the Intermediate Counting and Probability Book. The main benefit has been that he really enjoys having someone to talk to who really gets math. It’s a prici
  5. Thanks, Farrar. Those are good thoughts. I’ll check them out.
  6. I'm looking for a writing class for my rising 7th grader. She LOVES writing, which is a new thing in our house. She's a good natural writer and the one thing she wants to do more of next year is write. I can obviously give her writing assignments myself, and I'm fairly comfortable doing that. However, she also LOVES the few online classes she has taken and really thrives on feedback. (Because of that I've asked her if she would prefer to try public school next year and she wants to homeschool.) So I'd like to find an online class for her. I know what I'm not looking for more than what I
  7. I'm looking for a writing class for my rising 7th grader. She LOVES writing, which is a new thing in our house (her two older brothers are not fans). She's a good natural writer and the one thing she wants to do more of next year is write. I can obviously give her writing assignments myself, and I'm fairly comfortable doing that. However, she also LOVES the few online classes she has taken and really thrives on feedback. (Because of that I've asked her if she would prefer to try public school next year and she wants to homeschool.) So I'd like to find an online class for her. I know what
  8. There was a fair amount of writing in Latin 3 and definitely in the AP Latin 4. I can’t remember if there was any in Latin 2. He also did two English classes there (College Comp and Shakespeare). Those were also very good but I felt like it was really Latin that taught him how to write and that was because of Mrs. Barr. It’s a very specific kind of essay, but more important for my son was being forced to do it on a deadline and then that Mrs. Barr has such high standards. Learning how to master those essays have home the confidence to write other kinds of essays.
  9. My oldest (now a senior) did Lukion 1-4. He really liked it and did well on the AP Latin Exam last year. He really liked Mrs. Barr. It was overall a great experience. It is rigorous and a lot of work but we were pleased with our experience. I think in Latin 1 and 2 that I'd guess he spent something like an hour a day on average. By AP Latin 4 it was probably more like an average of 8-10 hours a week because there is more writing and just a lot of translation. He is also a STEM kid (mostly Math) and not a writer or really that into languages; I think he liked Latin because it's somewhat l
  10. Ds did AP Macro and AP Micro this year, both the one semester options. He is also doing AP Physics Mech and E&M this year. He has Burns for Econ and Kernion for Physics. Both have been fabulous and I've been very happy with them, which I guess isn't the original poster's question...but I figured it might help someone anyway. I would say neither is truly self-study. Slightly more Econ which has no live component. It does have a very detailed syllabus with specifically laid out assignments. Ds has LOVED the games and spends a lot of time on them and I think has learned a lot. He was i
  11. Pretty much sort of both of these. I have notebooks that I write down weekly assignment in. My high schoolers figure out how they want to do the work in order to get it done. There are times we sit down and check-in or learn together but I don’t have a set amount of time they have to spend on anything. I find that a lot of times they get into one thing and then want to finish it. So one day might be a lot of time on Math and no Writing. Another day might be a little Math and a lot of time on an essay. Now with my senior, he pretty much has all classes that are outside except for a humani
  12. I echo the advice to double check that they mean that taking classes won’t affect financial aid or scholarships. Ds is a senior and will take a gap year. It’s always been part of our plan so I contacted colleges last summer asking about their policies. Every single one (and they are all small private LA colleges ) said the same thing: Sure, gap year fine. If you take any college classes for credit you become a transfer student and have to change the way you apply for aid and it makes you ineligible for scholarships. All the ones he applied to will allow him to defer his scholarships, aga
  13. If your daughter is not applying to BS/MD programs, don’t worry about shadowing or intern kind of things now. Med schools really don’t care what you did in high school. They will look more at research, volunteering, shadowing kinds of things that you do in college. (I’m a pediatrician and have been involved in med school applications. 🙂 )
  14. I am doing Psychology this year with a 9th grader. This kid would hate any kind of textbook. He’s my most unschooly kid. We are using Crash Course Psychology as a backbone. I did fine a worksheet/notes go-along for it on Teacher Pay Teachers which has helped pull out the main points. We are then adding on movies, books, podcasts, textbooks, etc. For books so far he has read The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Anthropologist on Mars. Movies we’ve watched are Awakenings and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I am planning on watching others on this list: https
  15. This is what we are doing with my second son. He sounds very similar to the OP’s son. He has ADD. He was 13 in 8th grade when he started Algebra I. It took him about a year and a half to finish. We took the summer off, which I had mixed feelings about. I don’t think it’s a great idea but we had a house fire and in the middle of the pandemic everything was too chaotic. We all needed a break and I couldn’t fight him to do math all summer. He was able to pick back up in the fall and finish fine. He just started Geometry and will likely take a year or possibly 1 1/2 years to finish. I plan to put
  16. This just came up here. Ds has used AOPS all the way through and did the Calc book first semester. He self-studies and doesn’t do the online class. He took a practice AP calc exam and realized he had to have a calculator. We had never gotten him one, so we did. I mentioned how weird it was that he was required to have a calculator and he mentioned that on all his other standardized tests he’s done, everyone has one but him. I was mind-blown. He’s done very very well on standardized testing so it hasn’t been an issue for him but I did realize this was one of those holes in education I was blind
  17. Ok...I’m really only posting so that if someone else has a weird plan for next year they will feel better after seeing all the super rigorous plans.😃 My rising 10th grader is my most out of the box kid. The big question factor for our planning is how much travel we allow him to do next year. My oldest will be doing a gap year and the current plan is to drive around the country visiting every state. Obviously, that is assuming Covid is more under control and things are more back to normal. Rising 10th grader wants to go and we will likely let him go for a significant portion. If he does th
  18. I answered that it was the most rigorous. Because we had chosen classes that are rigorous. Is it absolutely the most rigorous he could have done? No, of course not...but it was comparable to a very rigorous curriculum at our local high school. And I figured they were going to ignore my answer anyway as a homeschooler. I felt like I could honestly say it was rigorous and if I put anything other than most rigorous it would only potentially hurt him. As to this thread...I totally agree with what has been said here. We are lucky to be in an area that has easy access to AP exams for homeschoo
  19. Just to report. I had my second dose Friday (Pfizer) and have had no real side effects. I had heard that the second dose was worse. My arm was more sore and I did have some muscle aches in the middle of the night that could have been related. But it was all very minor.
  20. I agree! I finally signed up for Tap this year and it's been fantastic. I am terrible, but it's still really fun. And such a stress relief. It's on Friday nights and I feel l like I get out all the frustrations of the week. I also have realized it's the most mindful thing I do. If I think about anything other than what my feet are supposed to be doing...I can't dance. So I have to just focus on dance and whatever other things that are worrying me or stressing me out go away for an hour.
  21. My oldest took the SAT or ACT every year starting in 8th grade. I figured I'd rather use it to fulfill our end of year requirement than the Iowa (which we use and find not really that helpful other than as a box checker). I thought at least having him practice taking a test that he needed to take eventually would be good. I just made it very clear the first year that he wouldn't know all the Math (he was doing AOPS Algebra but hadn't had Geometry) and that I didn't really care how he did. I will say I knew that he was a good test taker. I planned on having my second son do the same thing,
  22. Have you tried timed free writing? Where you set a timer and then just have to write for 15 min (or whatever time)? The rule is you can write anything (even something like "this is stupid" over and over) but you have to keep writing. I find my reluctant writers are more amenable if I also do it with them. Then we share, but it's optional to share what we wrote. Other thoughts...one of my kids really likes outlining. He's more of a logical thinker so outlining really helps him where a more free-form brainstorming doesn't. Another of my kids who is a good writer really pushes against it if
  23. Even weirder is that our dog loves snow but hates all other water. Although we don’t get very much so maybe it’s just the novelty.
  24. I got my first dose right before Christmas. I had a bit of a sore arm, kind of like a tetanus shot. No fever, no generalized symptoms. All the other docs at my office, and my SIL who is a doc have gotten it with similar minimal side effects. Same with the nurses and front desk staff at our office.
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