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  1. No, not as a precaution. I’m a pediatrician so I can’t work at home.
  2. Oh my goodness, this explains so much! I LOVED Organic Chemistry, it was one of my favorite classes. It was hard but it just made so much sense to me. I actually got asked to tutor someone a year or two later and I was a terrible tutor for her because I couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t “see” the reactions that just seemed so obvious. (Don’t worry, I realized how bad I was and got her a new tutor quickly.) I actually also took it in the summer which I kind of loved...I basically spent 8 hours a day doing Chemistry and it was fantastic. I was a Bio/Chem double major (my school didn’t h
  3. Thanks everyone! I found that as I wrote out my question I kind of reassured myself. 🤣 I don’t know if that happens to anyone else here, but it’s often the case for me. It’s like the act of processing the question or issue by writing it out then helps me figure it out. But I also appreciate all the input. I also remembered the wonderful old thread by Nan (I think) that talks about how your 9th grader is not a college freshman. I realize I did the same thing with my oldest for different issues...projecting that he wasn’t ready for college yet when he was entering 9th grade and forgetting t
  4. No fee. We listen through Apple podcasts. There are a few ads, but not a ton. I think there are apps you can listen to that are a fee and have no ads but I haven’t used them. There are other podcast apps but we just use Apple because we have iphones and it’s easy.
  5. I tried to search this but couldn’t find anything, so sorry if it’s been asked and answered before. I’m wondering about using audiobooks for a high schooler for his school reading. My rising 9th grader greatly prefers audiobooks over reading. I have a strong bias against audiobooks, I will admit. I tend to be a little bit of a snob about it where I feel like “it’s not really reading”. I think that is because I am personally way more of a visual learner. I would always choose a book over a lecture in order to learn. So audiobooks have always seemed to me to be somehow lesser, probably bec
  6. We started listening to a great podcast last year for Government and are still working our way through it. It’s called Wicked Game and it’s covering every US election, one week at a time. It’s due to wrap up in November with the 2020 election.
  7. Not this year but we’re using your GPS 1 curriculum this coming year for my 9th and 12th graders. I’ve been pre-reading the books the past few weeks and I’m really excited. I’m so glad to see there is a second year! Now I know what to do for 10th grade for my second son. 😁
  8. Ds is signed up for the SAT in October. He was supposed to test in June but it got canceled. He’s a rising senior but already has SAT and ACT scores that are good enough for everywhere he is really looking. So he’s in an ok place. The only reason to retest is that the last time he took the SAT he was in 9th grade and he should be able to raise his score enough to make a difference for a few scholarships he is looking at. There is one school we are looking at that does require SAT II tests for homeschoolers. There are some others we know of that do the same thing but only one on his curre
  9. I’m a pediatrician and I tell all the Moms of newborns to use me as they need for family issues. Pediatrician says no touching baby without a flu shot. Or a TdaP. No leaving the house for 2 months. No visitors for 6 weeks. No traveling anywhere for 6 months. No seeing baby without a mask. Etc. I’m a mean super-strict pediatrician. 🙂 In reality, I’m more laidback and don’t actually say those things in that strict of a fashion to the parents of newborns. If someone is actually asking my advice I’d have a lot more nuance with my answer. But I think Moms of newborns should do whatever makes t
  10. This made me smile. My son and I were just talking about what schools he will apply to (he’s also a rising senior). He surprised me by saying Princeton. Just because he wants to do one Ivy and for various reasons he likes it best. I don’t think he has any chance of getting in and I don’t think it would really be a great fit for him if he did. And he knows that so I’m not worried about him being disappointed. For one thing he wants to swim, and isn’t going to swim at a DI school, so that’s an issue. But I thought if he wanted to apply, sure go for it.
  11. I’m in Virginia, and I agree with everyone else. Everything I have heard is that it’s very difficult to get anything done as a homeschooler accepted for credits here for high school. I agree with going to your specific school because the way the statues are written it’s really up to each school. They can but don’t have to accept credits. Have you looked at Virtual Virginia? https://www.virtualvirginia.org/programs/courses/ The courses there are technically through the public school system.My oldest took one course through them and it was fine. It was Computer Science which was perhaps mo
  12. My oldest has done a scattering of AP classes, mostly ones he is interested in, or where the class was the best fit. For example, he did Latin at Lukeion and really liked it and their fourth year of Latin is AP. An excellent Chemistry teacher at our co-op offered an Advanced Chem class that prepped them for the AP exam, but wasn’t an official AP approved class. He liked Chem and her and so he took the class and then took the test. I also knew he was a good test taker and figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a few outside test scores in addition to what we did at home. He did two AP tests sophomor
  13. Ds got a 4 in Latin. He had to do a make-up exam because the first exam didn’t submit correctly. I’m pleased with his score but I think he might have gotten a 5 if he had been able to do it the first time. He had about three weeks between tests and although he studied, he didn’t study as much as he did for the first one. He was just tired of the whole thing by that point in the year.
  14. Thanks everyone. I posted this, went on vacation and totally forgot I’d asked the question. 😄 The half credit for each makes sense. I’m totally stressing about the transcript, this being my oldest. My husband finally looked at me and said...”seriously, if they don’t accept him because one of the fonts you used was slightly misaligned, is that even a college we want him to go to?” Which helped put everything in perspective a little bit until I started stressing about some other miniscule issues.
  15. This has probably been asked and answered somewhere here already but I can’t find it. My son is planning on taking AP Physics this year doing the AP Mechanics C class first semester and the Elec/Mag class the second semester. Is that two science credits on the transcript or is each one half a credit? I know a semester class is usually a half credit but I didn’t know if you’d give a full credit for Mechanics especially as it’s also offered in a full year version so the semester one is just more intensive. Same question for Macro/Micro Economics. Is that two half credits? Macro is of
  16. The big school systems here gave people a choice of all virtual or two day a week in person, two day virtual and one day off. That’s for all grade levels.
  17. I’m a doctor and I wouldn’t have tested either but not for the reasons given. It’s true that you can be asymptomatic and have Covid, but it’s also true that it’s less likely that you’ll have a viral load high enough for a negative test to be truly meaningful. A negative test in this situation shouldn’t change your behavior, so it’s somewhat pointless to do the test. If you have high risk family members and have been traveling and not social distancing, I would advise people to stay away from the high risk people for 14 days, regardless of test. If their exposure was simply going through an are
  18. We are counting Driver’s Ed as a .5 credit because it took so many hours (not just in the car but online classes, etc). Just a ridiculous amount of time. And the schools around here count it fairly standardly. On the other hand, we aren’t counting PE/Health/Music in credit hours on the transcript even though he did them all as part of life or extracurriculars. I think in general my thought is that if the transcript looks fairly standard, colleges aren’t going to care that much beyond the core classes. At least that’s what I hope. For honors, I only designate things as honors that are out
  19. This might not help you at all but I figure it won’t hurt. My rising senior is a likely math major. We’ve used AOPS all along, he self-studies and doesn’t do the classes. What we are doing this year is having him self-study and hiring a tutor to meet with him on a regular basis (maybe weekly or biweekly) to go over questions. Also, to have her go over proofs as I can’t do that anymore at the Calculus level. We haven’t used the classes in the past due to the timing of them. He’s also going to take Statistics and Intro Number Theory from WTMA. He’s also taking Physics and Econ which seems
  20. I’m a pediatrician so I’ve been to work all along. Dh has kept going in to his office also. They are a small firm so they were always below the 10 people limit and they sit about 6 feet away from each other. For awhile, I think a lot of people in his firm were working at home so it was often just him and maybe 1 or 2 other people. Now I think they are more back to normal. But having meetings with clients outside if needed (which works ok as it’s an architecture firm so they can meet onsite) or virtually. Our oldest is lifeguarding at our summer pool. Middle son goes lap swimming and has
  21. If it’s SIL hinting at it, I wouldn’t necessarily blame MIL. We have a relative who will often try and get us to do things for another relative that I don’t think are necesssary. It’s taken me awhile to realize that the issue is with the person who wants us to do stuff, not the person for who we would do the stuff. If that makes any sense. It sounds like this is SIL’s issue. If she wants to help MIL, she can do that, if MIL wants the help. But it isn’t up to you to make SIL feel better by being part of it
  22. I was going to the say the same thing has happysmileylady but then you answered. Have you all talked about the decision to expand your family outside of things like getting a new car or moving? That could be part of the problem. Does he fundamentally not want to have another child? Maybe putting the other decisions off is his way of saying that he’s happy with your family as is and doesn’t want to have another child. Or it could be that he doesn’t believe in making changes until you need to make them. I think regardless, you need to try and get at the root of the problem rather than focusing o
  23. I am flexible but he is not. 🙂 H'es a pretty laid-back kid so the fact that he really wants to stick with AoPS makes me want to honor that wish. Thanks everyone else for weighing in as well. Typing up the question helped me think about it. I talked to ds and he wants to use AoPS mostly like he has been and then we are going to look for a tutor who can work with him a bit. I think in reality the tutor is more of a crutch for me than a necessity. It just gives me peace of mind but I think he would actually be fine self-studying. I have someone in mind who was a homeschooler who majored in
  24. This has probably been asked and answered here a bunch of times but everytime I do a search I end up with threads about people whose kids are in Multivariate Calculus in 4th grade and I end up feeling depressed becuase I’ve clearly failed my son. My son is a rising senior. He loves Math and will likely be a Math major. Almost certainly something STEM related. He has used AOPS since Pre-Algebra and loved it. He has always self-studied instead of doing the online classes. For one, the online classes seem too fast and also we haven’t wanted to do a class at night (he is a swimmer and gets
  25. I have a rising senior swimmer as well who is super sad. He is hoping to swim D3 so not the same level, but it’s still a huge loss. He’s being doing dryland and some running to stay in shape, but oh boy, does he hate to run. 🙂 I”m on a committee for our summer pool and we are trying to decide if and how to open. Our state will probably allow it in some capacity this summer so we’re trying to be prepared. The pool as we know it for the summer is not an option..no spending all day there with all the kids and having it be the center of our summer life. But I’m hopeful that at least it can op
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