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  1. How could I forget, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K! It's Japanese anime. My 12 yo got me hooked on it. Season 1 is dubbed but season 2 is not.
  2. I loved Ripper Street. DH and I recently watched Dark it's German with subtitles. For some reason, even though we don't understand German, we always turned the volume up to watch it. 😆 He's watching The Rain, which I sometimes sit in with him. He's also watching Cobra Kai, which I relentlessly tease him over. We finished Umbrella Academy when it was first out. I'm just not that into it, too much filler which makes the story drag on. Also, I really only like 2 of the siblings. 😲
  3. Shades of Ravelry from a couple of months ago. 😬 When I try to do the WTM default it makes the font even smaller and the margins way too big. I only use a desktop here. I needed a reason to limit my time online. 🙃
  4. Our power went out Saturday morning on a sunny, windless day for 1.5 hours. Luckily it was the weekend because DH works from home & needs the internet and his computer for work. In the 1 year we have lived in this area the power has gone out more than the 20 years we lived in our old county. We want to get one that we can hook up to our propane tank.
  5. I don't know since we're in the market for one as well. My parents sent me this article though. https://www.post-gazette.com/business/money/2020/09/03/Don-Lindich-Sound-Advice-Generac-Home-Backup-Generator-power-transfer/stories/202009030074
  6. Thanks a lot. I had to go to the store that is near the Michael's so I bought 3 of the bags. I wish they came in more colors but at least now I finally have a place to put all the random pins that I've collected. I'm planning to use mine to carry my home school stuff around the house since we do some stuff upstairs & some downstairs. It will also make a great craft project bag for in the vehicle.
  7. Don't they have more dedicated bike lanes in Europe. I live in a rural area and we have bicyclists on our roads. I personally wouldn't want to ride a bike on a 2 lane road with no shoulders where the speed limit is 55.
  8. I have a 6 yo. He will occasionally touch my chest and I immediately tell him to stop. It's mostly when he wants to cuddle and is patting me like I do on his back. Other times he has accidentally touched a sister when they are rough-housing. Again, he's told to be more careful about not touching girls chests. The other issues you describe are not normal. What is her response and the dad's response to this behavior? If the 12 yo brother is correcting him then he probably does this at his mom's house too.
  9. I used frankincense on my surgery scar on my wrist.
  10. I get them and they are annoying. I think mine are triggered by hormones & also lights. For me, I have to take ibuprofen and lay down for about 20-30 min. If I don't take the medication then I will get a horrible headache that lasts 1-2 days. Mine are what I can only describe as tunnel vision. The edges are super blurry and my eyes feel weird.
  11. You are correct that your prescription has to be stable for a certain length of time. Also, my doctor was fine doing mine since my prescription was stable during pregnancy. I was told that as you age, that most people will need readers because of those changes.
  12. You can go to Find A Grave and look up the cemetery to see what styles are there already.
  13. Ours is similar to the other posters. Birthday person gets to pick where or what we eat. I will make their favorite meal or we go out to eat. They pick the type of cake they want and either my eldest dd or I will make it. We do the number candles on the cake. Gifts are opened after we eat the cake. Occasionally we'll watch a movie that the birthday person picks out but that's not very often. I see some of my friends go all out with decorating. Putting balloons on the outside of the bedroom door so when they open the door all the balloons fall onto the birthday person. Decorating the mailb
  14. I broke my wrist and it was the most painful thing I've ever dealt with in my entire life. I was in the ER on Thurs and by Fri morning I couldn't deal with the pain. The ER doc said to wait 2 weeks to be seen. I called the orthopedist Fri morning and was in so much pain even with oxy, that they fit me in that day. I got a better splint and that really helped with the pain because it stabilized the break. I did end up needing surgery. My advice is to get pain meds & keep on top of the pain, elevate as much as possible, keep it as still/stable as you can, and ice it.
  15. It depends on your school. I enrolled mine her sophomore year. The lady in admissions was so mean. Basically telling me that nothing she took would transfer since it wasn't from an accredited source. The secretary was pointing out all the things that her classes should transfer to. Her academic advisor put her into the 10th grade classes with the caveat that she would have to take the end of course tests for the core freshman classes as that's what the state requires. I did insist she retake her math because she didn't get the concepts. They had her take summer classes for that. Without taking
  16. Masterclass has 13 different writers, including Shonda Rhimes, James Patterson, Judy Blume, Malcolm Gladwell, Margaret Atwood, teaching how to write. Looks like it's $15 per month but don't know how long it takes to get through their courses.
  17. I ended up posting to twitter on Friday and got a phone call today. This is what I learned. Somehow I was entered as self-pay even though they had my insurance information. We did receive a refund from them in Jan 2019, which was because of my self-pay status. That was later reversed in June 2019 due to an "error". That is the $639 that I owed. The woman I spoke to today said that she doesn't know why nobody ever explained this to me (probably because it's super confusing). Going forward she is going to put me in as self-pay, cancel the claim with my insurance company (ER visit from Sept 2018)
  18. We lived on a corner lot in a subdivision. A big con is double the amount of sidewalk to edge. Also, we had a side basement door on that side of the house. I hated that. We didn't have pets but I imagine there would have been a lot of barking as people walked by on the sidewalk.
  19. Probably because the pressure cooker has a constant temperature for the entire time. Ovens cycle on & off. I don't know about using the pressure cooker dry though. 😬
  20. The school district that serves the karate studio where my son works is doing only online school. So, the studio is doing a program where the kids come and do their online school at the facility. It's an expansion of their normal after school program. Over the summer, when everything was closed, they did live online classes where one instructor demonstrated and the other was watching the kids to correct their technique.
  21. This is my son's channel with him, my oldest daughter, & myself playing. This game, Gang Beasts, is so goofy and then there was a major glitch in the game. https://youtu.be/DQT0dJW9-e0
  22. 😲That looks and sounds awful. Hope it heals up well.
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