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  1. I voted other. I was raised in the north so immediately think rude but have lived in the south so lean toward it depends. As long as you don't expect me to drop everything to entertain you. Like, I'm on my way out and won't change plans just because you dropped by but if we're just hanging out not really a big deal.
  2. Hugs! I understand. We haven't seen my dad in over seven years. He's never met my youngest child. I have a standing invitation for him to visit any time he wants. I don't know what goes through his head.
  3. Your summer sounds like ours. We sold our old house June 21st, supposed to close on the new house June 24th, ended up finally closing at the end of July. Now we're waiting on the renovations but we have told the contractor that we're moving in this Sat. Everything we own is in storage. We had 1 week of clothes and pretty much nothing else.
  4. My two oldest daughters wear men's basketball shorts. Both of them have started wearing men's pants as well because they like the size of the pockets.
  5. All I can say is if someone told me this story I wouldn't believe them. The house that we were supposed to close on June 24th is finally ours as of July 30. There is still 2-3 weeks of work before we can move in. We started pulling up the carpet yesterday and need to finish that today plus demo the kitchen and baths. We fenced off the pool area and will deal with that in the fall when the pool companies aren't busy so they may actually return my calls. Today we will be changing all the locks and reprogramming the garage doors (no remotes even though the openers were installed less than a year ago). It was grandma's house so everyone had keys. Most important thing to do is get my oldest enrolled at the high school. Thankfully she's already registered for a couple of classes at the college for her dual enrollment. We just need to get her transferred from her old high school since they start classes tomorrow and have her fully scheduled there.
  6. Would it help to call or text her at the old time to remind her that you'll be there later?
  7. I don't know what the cost is but my step-father used to drive cars from PA to FL for the snowbirds. They would pay him to drive the car down & then a one-way plane ticket home.
  8. I agree with the first 2 sentiments today. Still homeless since the appraiser & underwriter can't get their jobs done in a timely manner.
  9. There are companies who clean those kind of cans.
  10. You can mute the conversation so you don't get the buzzing notification on your phone. I had to do that with a couple of the groups when the girls would start talking. We used it for church to keep the kids in the loop since they aren't on facebook.
  11. Normal, store bought coasters suck. They don't absorb the liquid from the glasses "sweating" or the glass sticks to the bottom and it falls off when you drink. I crochet coasters with cotton yarn. It absorbs the liquid and are easily washed. I made different colors so each person has their own. I made a set of four for my MIL and she requested four more. Said all her friends loved them and wanted to know where she got them.
  12. I knit and crochet. I usually do small things like dishcloths and I give them to everyone! I have made a couple of baby blankets for my cousins and my DS's boss. I'm still making a baby groot for my 11 yo. I did find a charity to make stuffed zebras for but I had to put that on hold until after we're settled from our move. There are a lot of charity groups that you can donate to (usually hats & baby blankets). I want to start making socks.
  13. I get hmd from my SIL for my youngest. I usually only keep about half of what she sends. I counted just the pants we had in 3T and there were 30! The only things I buy for him are shoes, socks, shorts, and dress clothes. What's funny is they live near the beach but there are very few shorts. My 14 yo helped me sort his clothes and she was ruthless in the purging. I went from 1 tub and 2 trash bags to just 1 tub in the next size that he'll need.
  14. We closed on our old house on June 21. Everything with that went fine. I sent off a cancellation of the contract to the listing agent for the new house that morning. She immediately called me. She then called the appraiser because the lender was saying that the pool had to be fixed & in working condition to close on the FHA loan. He also said that he was changing our closing to July 15th. The appraiser said that wasn't what he said, the pool just needed to be secured. So, long story short, we're using a different lender with a different conventional loan with a new closing date of July 12. The big problem with that is the vacation rental that we're in right now we have to be out on the 13th and there is work that we need to do in order to move in. The appraisal was supposed to be in today so we're hoping that we can close early. I think that the paint & carpet can be done in about a week. The kitchen cabinets will take 3 weeks to get in once we order those so that's not too bad. The main bathroom we're keeping the tub so only need to replace the toilet and sink, which we found one we like at Home Depot that they have in the store. Please send us positive thoughts & vibes. I have never been more stressed in my life!
  15. 😢 So sorry for your loss.
  16. If it's visible then they don't need to disclose. It's an estate sale and there was no seller's disclosure. The issue is that the mortgage co won't underwrite the loan without those issues being fixed. We gave the seller two options (fix the issues in the next 2 weeks or do seller financing so we can fix it). We'll see if they want to do either one.
  17. Our current house closes on Friday. We were supposed to close on the new house Monday but the mortgage people won't do the loan without the pool being fixed and some mold issues in the basement taken care of. We don't know what else since we still haven't gotten a copy of the appraisal back! The other agent asked me what we were going to do about the pool. Seriously! I'm ready to pull the plug & forfeit the earnest $ and just start over. We do have an Air B&B rented through July 6th because we were going to have to do work on the house before moving in. And I'm trying to get my 16 yo registered for dual enrollment in the fall. It's getting difficult since now I'm not sure if we'll even be in the same school district we were going to be moving into. I might have to just register as a home school student at this point. One good thing is that we got a place for the 19 yo to live since he's not coming with us.
  18. The master bathroom tub & sink are avocado. The hall bathroom tub & sink are flesh colored. Most of the carpet in the house is pink, even those bathrooms. The basement bathroom is blood red including the carpet. 😬 The dining room has velvet yellow wallpaper which I may keep as it's kinda funky & in really great condition but the yellow carpet must go. The kitchen is boring black appliances. About half of the rooms are paneled. I'll have to do before & after photos.
  19. It's an estate sale. Mother died and the three adult kids are selling. There really is nothing else comparable. We just had the inspection yesterday and other than the house being dated (built in the 70's and never updated) there isn't anything major wrong. HVAC works, no roof leaks, and all systems are good. It needs the carpet taken out of the bathrooms 🤣 and updating like that. It's a brick ranch on a full basement with 10 acres and we have it under contract for $210,000.
  20. We went and measured the pool. It's 19 feet by 40 feet!! I'll try to add a photo here. I'm getting ready to call a couple of companies to see what cost we're looking at.
  21. I never do. When they ask for me by name I say "speaking" not yes.
  22. I answered right handed left closest but I usually just mop one-handed.
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