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  1. Current one is Ryobi. Again, my issue is that it doesn't last long enough to do the job in 1 go. It's way better than the Black & Decker that we used to have.
  2. I hate ours. We have the heavier duty batteries and it still dies before I get done with the edging. We have a ton of edging though since we have a sidewalk. For light to moderate work it would be fine. My kids use the blower for the sidewalks and it seems ok. Nowhere near as powerful as the gas blower the neighbor's lawn company uses.
  3. I read somewhere 30 minutes of cardio or 90 minutes of walking per day. I think that the people in trades who ruin their joints are because of repetitive, non-functional activities. Thinking specifically of carpet installers. They are on their knees a lot and the carpet stretcher with the force they hit it with their knee. That's going to be hard on their knees, hips, & backs.
  4. Since both of those characters were 100% made up for the movie, there was nothing there to flesh out. We enjoyed it even with all of the inaccuracies. It was one of the "based on" movies and not a documentary.
  5. Good luck! Try to remember that it's for her and she'll have great memories. I have to camp with my 2 older girls the first week of June. We do tents though. I absolutely hate camping but I know that my girls will have a great time. I'll be positive for them.
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. I may do this after we move & get settled.
  7. My 16 yo picked up something similar from school. She started feeling bad Tues night, was really bad yesterday with a headache & super tired, today she has headache & runny nose. She thinks she picked up something from school because she drank from the water fountain. The couple of times she's gotten sick it has been after she's used the water fountains at school.
  8. I voted other. My current 16 yo used to cut our lawn for money but she needed the extra time and energy for karate. She just passed her test so she will have time but it's the end of the school year and she's busy with that. Then we're moving this summer. When we get settled she wants me to help her look for a job. My oldest did work at that age. He's still working the same job with more responsibilities.
  9. Always: ANTS, silverfish, daddy long legs Occasional: palmetto bugs (aka flying roaches), earwigs, wasps
  10. I saw it twice (Fri afternoon with the 11 & 14 yo and Sun afternoon with the 16 yo). My 14 yo was sobbing when Tony died. The 2nd time I watched I got teary when Peter came back & Tony gave him a big hug. I agree with the above about time travel. The only thing to add is that with Thanos traveling into the future he changed the timeline so Nebula killing her past self was an alternate timeline and Cap living out his life was also in an alternate timeline. I hated the combined Bruce & Hulk which we are calling Bulk in our house. I love Hawkeye so having more of him was great. Thor letting himself go was realistic. If he had cut off Thanos' head then all those people wouldn't have been snapped. The way that Antman was brought back was lame but in line with the way his story unfolds. Looking forward to the Asgardians of the Galaxy movie. 😆 We all enjoyed it and will buy it when it is available.
  11. Warm moist heat (I use a hot water bottle), Ibuprofen & chiropractor.
  12. Mine is more the humidity. I don't usually keep it very cold. For the summer I have it set to 78. Right now we're doing 75 but our house is on the market so that's to keep buyers happy.
  13. I have an app on my phone that can access lots of different ebook formats. It's EBookDroid and it's free.
  14. Most places will have a trial class where you can see how the instructor interacts with the kids and what they teach. If he wants to get to black belt then you will need to stay at the same dojo. Our first experience was awful. The people there couldn't teach. He just expected the kids to know what to do by following him and his wife/co-owner seemed like she hated kids. We switched to a new place and loved it. We've been there for 12 years! My son earned his 3rd degree black belt last year and my oldest daughter is testing for her 2nd degree this weekend. They do American style karate.
  15. I used to subscribe to the Free Library of Philadelphia because the ebook selection is far superior to my local library. I think it was $50 per year. I live in GA and it was super easy to sign up online.
  16. Glad you got it. My suggestion was going to be to spray saline into your eye to lubricate it.
  17. Found this site had interesting info on the dates as well. Understanding dates on egg cartons
  18. Here's what I found searching about the date on the carton: "Dates on egg cartons and all other food packaging reflect food quality, not food safety. A “Sell By” or “Expiration Date” ensures eggs aren’t kept on shelves past a certain date. However, eggs can be safely eaten 2-3 weeks beyond the expiration date or sell by date." I'd probably call the store so they can check the rest of the inventory.
  19. Are you sure you didn't step on something? When in doubt go to the doctor.
  20. I cannot use the epilator on my legs. I have tried so many times and it is just too painful. But I do use it on my armpits. 😆
  21. Baked beans, fruit salad, pasta salad.
  22. Enjoyed the first session. Love the choir most of the time but they made I Am a Child of God sound like a funeral dirge.
  23. My sister has very pale skin and dark hair. She gets her arms waxed when she gets her legs done. For your daughter, I would just suggest she shave.
  24. Two older girls have church camp the first week of June. We're hoping to be moving so will be busy with that. May try a trip up to the mountains.
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