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  1. I'm sorry to be blunt, but I think you need to "find your no" -- you clearly don't want all of these family members staying in your home against your better judgement. Please, just send them a nice text that you need to talk to them about re-planning the holidays. Do it soon, in case they need to cancel tickets and get refunds. Tell them that, since you are immunocompromised, your doctor has advised you against having any guests from out of town, or even out of the household. Apologize, and tell them that you are really looking forward to next year when things will be normal again. Don't
  2. With younger kids outdoors -- likely to be unaware or too impulsive to maintain 6 feet of distance during play -- I require masks for outdoor play. I let them take them off if they are going to sit for a snack or something else stationary. For teens outdoors -- who walk, talk, and sit -- I'm watchfully allowing them to try to maintain 6 feet and go without masks.
  3. I think there is a difference between "hypocritical" (saying one thing, then secretly doing the opposite, while maintaining the pretense) and other things like "reconsidering" or "finding nuance" or "feeling undecided". To me, it seems like you just "found a nuance" in that you react differently towards known-local-shop-owner than you do towards big-billionaire-corporate-CEO. And I think it's fine to ask yourself why your gut feel has just told you that you see a difference there, and whether it's legitimate difference, and how you would describe the main point of differentiation. You mig
  4. [quote]Would Amy Coney Barrett be welcome in your homeschool group? Could she teach at your co-op? Be on the board? Would you allow your kids to be friends with her kids? Allow your teenagers to date her teenagers?[/quote] I'm not in a co-op, however... In my area, a Catholic homeschooler would certainly be welcome to fully participate in most (if not quite all) homeschool groups. Many of these groups are vaguely faith based (and would be happy to have believers of any stripe) but also many of them are completely open to all homeschoolers with or without religious beliefs. Very few a
  5. Usually between 5:30 and 6:30.
  6. (Unless you have a local ordinance to the contrary....) I think you should begin self-isolating (stay home, and keep your distance from family) and arrange for a test. I would not allow a business owner's preferences to influence my medical or ethical choices. For me, it would be imperative to stay away from people until I was personally sure-and-certain I was no (known) threat to them.
  7. I don't even like 70% -- give me a nice sweet 55 or 60, and I'm a happy girl.
  8. I'd add all sorts of layers -- even if it just had us looking 'everyday' in our clothes. What does your family usually wear when it rains? Do you have any sort of water repellant outerwear at all?
  9. While a contribution like that would be totally reasonable and perfectly normal -- in our family, I just wouldn't. It's not our style. We've had a few long-term unrelated guests here without asking for any food money, so I can't imagine I'd ask it of my own children unless we had an actual need to do so.
  10. I agree you are right to be angry. I disagree with the variety of previous posters that this should be thought of as 'treating you like a child' -- no one should treat children like that. If you felt humilliated, imagine how little children experience this kind of thing. It shouldn't happen to anyone of any age.
  11. In our scenario, she wouldn't have had to quarantine because she was a secondary contact of the confirmed case -- not a primary contact. However those who are told to isolate here do need to isolate their full term, regardless of testing. If they test positive, then all of *their* primary contacts get isolated (and tested). If they test negative, their contacts remain free.
  12. "Gee, that sounds like a pickle and a half! I hope you get it sorted out soon. Want some bean dip?"
  13. When you say he wants "mechanical" grey, and is into science -- I think that lends itself more to decor than you think! (I had a friend do a science-themed nursery with all sorts of periodic table decor, photos of Einstein, rockets, etc.) With 'mechanical' I'm thinking all sorts of steampunk and Edison stuff would make wonderful accents. Gears, beakers, old fashioned blimps, filament light bulbs, exposed clockwork... it's a super fun theme if he wants to go with it -- even in a subtle way like 'just the lights and one accent' to hint at the theme. But, yes, I agree with everyone: keep the
  14. I think those kids would have an aide, or they would be at a designated school equipped for their needs.
  15. I don't want to speak for all of Canada -- but nurses have never been in schools in my area, in my memory. I think it would be redundant: if a child needs medical care (beyond first aid) they would just be sent to a clinic or a hospital. Either a parent would come and take them, or, if needed, an ambulance would be called. I think this is because of universal healthcare. There isn't a sense that children need health services through a school to ensure accessibility of care because all children have normal everyday access to all the healthcare they might ever need. (We do have pu
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