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  1. I'm in Canada. It's free and easy. You book an appointment online after completing a symptom questionnaire. (You need to have symptoms, or to believe you had a contact.) It's usually for your nearest drive-thru, and generally appointments are available within a day or two of the day you are booking. (No walk-up, only appointments.) When you get there (any time within your half-hour block) there's a short line up of cars, you talk to the nurse, confirm your details, and get swabbed. They text you within 1 to 5 days with results.
  2. Remember that raw potatoes don't freeze well, if that's an ingredient you are considering adding. For us, I freeze breakfast casseroles once they are already cooked -- which works fine. But I don't see a flaw in your plan either. It will probably work.
  3. Mine go through the regular (unsorted) laundry just fine.
  4. I bought Lu Lu leggings when I went travelling in Europe. I used them as long underwear in the alps, plenty of times and PJ's, and as tights under dresses and skirts... and, yes, I wore them multiple times between washing. I paid for them because I really needed them to be perfect, and we were not carrying anything extra on that trip. Perfectly wicking in their role as long johns for the alps, perfectly nude-feeling in their role as PJ's for itchy sheets, and perfectly on trend for times when I needed to be dressy. (They were, and still are.) I got a pair for me, plus one for each da
  5. Option 1, for us, would be to have the teens (except the one who has been actually isolated for 14+ days) skip the funeral. It's harsh to miss a funeral, but the truth is they *are* a serious disease vector for the event and everyone there. In addition, you, also (because you are in a household with them) are also not inconsequential as a disease vector. But it's your mother. You should attend, but either alone or with one support person if you feel you need that. not with the family. (So sorry.) If you can't do what is ideal (to go without the teens) I totally get that. There are a lot o
  6. I think Person B, while justifiably irritated, can simply let the conversation go, even though it feels incomplete. It's not *very* badly incomplete: each person had their 'first say' and Person B expressed an emotion about it. That's okay. It doesn't mean that Person B is in charge of whether Person A is "allowed" to have opinions. It's more just that the conversation ran aground in Person B's emotional territory, and came to an end at that point. It can be a dignified conclusion, if Person A has the good manners to let it be one. The early ending doesn't have anything to do with Person
  7. What if was okay with everyone that nobody needs to participate in "discussions" unless they legitimately feel like that's something they want to do? What is it that obligates two people to keep "discussing" when only one person wants to do that and the other person would rather not? Why is it normal to evaluate whether someone has a good enough reason to want to be done with a discussion? Why isn't it up to them to stop using their time in that way for any reason at all? What obligation do they have to keep talking when they don't want to? Is it really so offensive that some people
  8. Is it possible that there aren't many (any?) people who are completely void of all emotional reactions during a disagreement? Is it possible that it might just be the social convention of hiding such reactions that has changed?
  9. I find the false opposition between sensitivity and resilience an interesting cultural narrative. What I mean is that it's natural to see someone: "getting upset" / "having a cry" / "breaking down" / "needing a therapist" -- as a signifier-in-advance that they can't/won't capably handle a problem. While I recognize the narrative and it seems sensible, I'm forced to notice that (a) in real life, it's not usually true, and (b) it's not actually sound logic. When thinking logically: what someone does between an unfortunate event and the point in time when they decide what do do abo
  10. In this vernacular you should read, "Not safe here." To mean, "Not comfortable being fully vulnerable and transparent here." -- and, honestly, it sounds like you would very much prefer her not to be fully transparent or vulnerable around you. Maybe you'd rather see the less intensely personal side of her? Is it possible you'd like her to express the also-true side of things: that she is fully capable of handling hard things. Because she probably is. She just wanted her mommy to know that she is having some inner struggles, some pain, and is working through some issues involving the connec
  11. Oh, this is really hard! I feel for you!
  12. Water. Cooked meat leftovers, or raw meat. Any kind, finely chopped. Better than bullion proportional to the water. Any flavour, preferably coordinated with the meat. Your choice of rice (cooked or uncooked) -and/or- cooked barley -and/or- noodles. Frozen veggies. Any kind. 2 bay leaves. 1 packet of unflavoured gelatin. (Boil it for a while, until everything is soft) 1 tsp cornstarch dissolved in 1-2 Tbsp of cold water. Simmer for 1-2 min.
  13. I'm sorry to be blunt, but I think you need to "find your no" -- you clearly don't want all of these family members staying in your home against your better judgement. Please, just send them a nice text that you need to talk to them about re-planning the holidays. Do it soon, in case they need to cancel tickets and get refunds. Tell them that, since you are immunocompromised, your doctor has advised you against having any guests from out of town, or even out of the household. Apologize, and tell them that you are really looking forward to next year when things will be normal again. Don't
  14. With younger kids outdoors -- likely to be unaware or too impulsive to maintain 6 feet of distance during play -- I require masks for outdoor play. I let them take them off if they are going to sit for a snack or something else stationary. For teens outdoors -- who walk, talk, and sit -- I'm watchfully allowing them to try to maintain 6 feet and go without masks.
  15. I think there is a difference between "hypocritical" (saying one thing, then secretly doing the opposite, while maintaining the pretense) and other things like "reconsidering" or "finding nuance" or "feeling undecided". To me, it seems like you just "found a nuance" in that you react differently towards known-local-shop-owner than you do towards big-billionaire-corporate-CEO. And I think it's fine to ask yourself why your gut feel has just told you that you see a difference there, and whether it's legitimate difference, and how you would describe the main point of differentiation. You mig
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