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  1. my oldest daughter just bought a caique. He is not weaned yet and can't leave the aviary so she comes to stay at our house snd visit him every weekend. She can take him home the first weekend in August and the after that they will both spend one weekend a month with us.
  2. Thank you all for your thoughts. Unfortunately, my daughter is aware that I hate the idea of her calling her future MIL, mom. She did ask me directly but she knew before she asked, beginning her conversation with "I am so stressed, everyone expects me to call Mrs. H "mom" when we get married but I don't want to and I know that you will hate it" I assured her that while I did hate the idea, that I am an adult and will adapt, I know that her use of the name doesn't detract from our relationship or history. She brought the conversation up with my mom and that lead to the concept of
  3. Well, I married at 20 and called my inlaws by their first names. We didn't live particularly close to either my parents or my inlaws.
  4. My daughter is engaged to be married next June. She is marrying a young man from our homeschool group that she has known since she was nine. We are very happy about the marriage. I invited my future SIL to call me by my first name when he and my daughter started dating in January. He's an adult and I expect to have an adult relationship with him. My daughter recently revealed that his mom expects to be called Mrs. LastName until they are married and then expects my daughter to call her mom. My gut reaction was "hell, no! That's my name. She doesn't deserve that name!" The top
  5. I am a high school classroom teacher with a student with an IEP for OCD and a mom of a kid with several OCD. My student has 50% extended time and the freedom to go to her counselor's office whenever needed. As a mother of a child with severe OCD, there have been a few times when I could tell that my student was struggling with on OCD obsession but she has never requested to leave and never used her extended time. As a mother I would say that as you lean what your daughters obsession/compulsions are you will be able to decide what accommodations she might need. My daughte
  6. My daughter is a working mechanical engineer who graduated from our homeschool with no AP classes. She had DE calculus her senior year in HS. He doesn't need Java or Statistcs to become an engineer. I teach engineering and physics in a Catholic High School. We, as a nation, are killing our kids with stress over college. All of our "do what you love" and "perfect fit" college have them convinced that there is one right (successful) path through life and they are terrified that they are going to mess up and their life will be ruined. Insist that he drop one AP. He needs some time eac
  7. I started using Banktivity (I think it is Mac only) and I really like it. Their sync seems to work really well. The software is not a subscription but the bank connect is.
  8. I would be very concerned that your daughter has anorexia. My daughter has anorexia and is in the middle of recovery from her 3rd relapse. She started off with a very restrictive diet and, yep refused to eat healthy fruits and vegetables because she was afraid she would "binge" on them. She was eating 300 calories max on week days and 500 on weekends. Anorexia causes all these problems. When you stop eating (and 1000 calories a day does not count as eating) your body stops producing the enzymes needed to digest food. When you start again it takes months for these symptoms to disappe
  9. Judgemental much? Yep, its all fat peoples' fault for being so stupid. And sugar is not addictive. The study that said it was, yeah they hadn't fed the rats for 12 hours and then gave them a choice of cocaine or sugar. One is non-nutritive. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/aug/25/is-sugar-really-as-addictive-as-cocaine-scientists-row-over-effect-on-body-and-brain https://www.psychiatry.cam.ac.uk/blog/2016/07/21/sugar-addictive-probably-not-say-cambridge-neuroscientists/
  10. There was a consensus on fat in the 80's and 90's and consensus on cholesterol too. I remember hearing on the news, that no one should eat more than one egg a week. We are now beginning to realize that fat isn't so bad and that most people filled the place fats had held with sugar. Eggs are no longer vilified either. I do not believe the "consensus" No food is bad or evil, especially if it is not made in a lab. Food is not moral or immoral.
  11. This is the only thing that needs to be said on this topic, ever. I live with a loved one who struggles with anorexia and I am so tired of hearing everyone and their brother have an opinion about what anyone eats. I am tired of hearing that 1200-1500 calories a day is reasonable for women. Go read about the Minnesota Starvation Experiments. Food choices are NOT moral choices. Food has no morality. The diet industry is evil and is preying on our insecurities. Follow the money. Free yourself, buy this book.
  12. You once mentioned a religion book (catholic) that you used with your early elementary kids. I remember it being pretty old and when I looked at the link you provided, I really liked it. I thought that I had saved the link, but I cant find it. Can you remind me of the textbook/curriculum? Thank You Tania
  13. My son is a fourth (freshman) at Virginia Military Institute. He loves the school and we have been very impressed by everything about it, but its marketing phrase "No ordinary college, no ordinary life." could not be more true. It is an extremely spartan, regimented life, full of close friendships, tight-knit community and school spirit. Definitely go visit. The first 6-7 months of school are dominated by the rat line. Extremely strict, military life style, no cell phone etc. Sports are a huge deal at VMI. Club sports have dedicated practice time each week and the school
  14. Virginia Military Institute has an Arabic language program
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