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  1. We flew from San Francisco, but I don't remember what we paid. My experience is that the earlier you can book, the better price you'll get. Also, check flights in October, if you can go then as they'll be even less. Good luck!
  2. Awhile back we found better prices by flying into Munich than Frankfurt on Lufthansa, so that is something to consider. I use a Rick Steves guide book for trips to Germany, and I'm always happy with his hotel suggestions.
  3. I love this one:
  4. I have a policy of not eating at gas stations 🙂, but the ones in London that we went to actually had grocery stores inside with good food for picnicking. So don't rule out gas stations!
  5. Our Costco Visa card charges no international transaction fees.
  6. Your plans sound good to me! I would study (if you haven't already) the Rick Steves' website and buy his books for everywhere you're going. They are an invaluable resource that will help you capitalize on sightseeing opportunities. In London, I've used a cross body purse where I keep the cash I'll need for that day. I put everything else in an around-the-neck-under-the-shirt pouch. But I wouldn't use a purse at all in Rome, so maybe a money belt would be better? See what people recommend on the RS website, and read all the stories about safety while travelling. When I have traveled with just a carry-on sized bag, I pack a super lightweight bag that I can check so that I can still shop. 🙂 Also, I save up old underwear for trips like this so that I can throw as I go. It only helps a little, but it helps.
  7. Don't allow them to come inside your home again. Call HSLDA and follow their advice.
  8. Can I give you my dh' phone number so you can explain this to him?
  9. I got my first and only dog when I was 10. My parents went out of town for the weekend, my sister found the ad in the paper, and my grandma sat in the passenger seat while my newly permitted sister drove us to the house where the dog was. She was a beagle, and we fell in love with her instantly. I think every pre-teen/ young teenager should have their own dog! She was so loving, especially when I was down, and she got me out of the house to play catch regularly. I'm excited for your dd and hope you find the perfect dog!
  10. And it sounds like discipline is a real problem at this school right now, so there are probably plenty of kids "needing" to use the bathroom during class, which forced the teacher to be overly strict. As a teacher, by the end of the first month of school I knew who was using the bathroom legitimately and who was goofing off. I would have that phone conversation with the teacher. Try to be compassionate and show him that you are seeing things from his side (poorly behaved students, needing to set boundaries, etc), make certain that your student isn't one of the otherwise disruptive ones, and then tell him that your ds will continue to use the bathroom during class, but only when 100% necessary, and ask him for the easiest way for that to work. Maybe your ds can sit nearest the door.
  11. Three Lunch Crocks for $33, with free shipping if you spend $49. I bought 6 of them for gifts!
  12. I roll down the top of a large brown paper bag and keep it between the front seats, in front of the cup holders. The roll-down part makes it stiff enough to stay in place, and if we get in a wreck, it won't hurt anyone. I throw it when it looks bad.
  13. I freeze the dough between sheets of parchment or waxed paper after rolling it out. It's hard to find a round container large enough to hold the crusts, but once you do, it's a great time saver at the holidays!
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