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  1. PeppermintPattie

    I need prayers

    Praying for all of you.
  2. PeppermintPattie

    Would You Expect Your DH to Say Something?

    Can I give you my dh' phone number so you can explain this to him?
  3. PeppermintPattie

    I need something to watch

    You might like Srugim on Amazon.
  4. PeppermintPattie

    I need some Christmas magic UPDATE: first post!!!

    I got my first and only dog when I was 10. My parents went out of town for the weekend, my sister found the ad in the paper, and my grandma sat in the passenger seat while my newly permitted sister drove us to the house where the dog was. She was a beagle, and we fell in love with her instantly. I think every pre-teen/ young teenager should have their own dog! She was so loving, especially when I was down, and she got me out of the house to play catch regularly. I'm excited for your dd and hope you find the perfect dog!
  5. PeppermintPattie

    Your opinion on teacher’s policy re: bathroom

    And it sounds like discipline is a real problem at this school right now, so there are probably plenty of kids "needing" to use the bathroom during class, which forced the teacher to be overly strict. As a teacher, by the end of the first month of school I knew who was using the bathroom legitimately and who was goofing off. I would have that phone conversation with the teacher. Try to be compassionate and show him that you are seeing things from his side (poorly behaved students, needing to set boundaries, etc), make certain that your student isn't one of the otherwise disruptive ones, and then tell him that your ds will continue to use the bathroom during class, but only when 100% necessary, and ask him for the easiest way for that to work. Maybe your ds can sit nearest the door.
  6. PeppermintPattie

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bargain Thread

    Three Lunch Crocks for $33, with free shipping if you spend $49. I bought 6 of them for gifts!
  7. PeppermintPattie

    Where do you put trash in your minivan?

    I roll down the top of a large brown paper bag and keep it between the front seats, in front of the cup holders. The roll-down part makes it stiff enough to stay in place, and if we get in a wreck, it won't hurt anyone. I throw it when it looks bad.
  8. I freeze the dough between sheets of parchment or waxed paper after rolling it out. It's hard to find a round container large enough to hold the crusts, but once you do, it's a great time saver at the holidays!
  9. PeppermintPattie

    CC (but all welcome of course)Dd's dilemma

    We adopted a cat that was declawed - not something we would have ever done to him ourselves - and he was king of the neighborhood. He had no trouble fighting off all the other cats, catching birds, and climbing fences. When he was around 16, he started losing more cat fights than he won, to the tune of a $500 vet bill per fight. We started keeping him inside then, and he lived 4 more years. I hope your dd finds a great place to live next year for both her and the cat!
  10. PeppermintPattie

    Very lost young woman - How would you advise her mom?

    Have you heard of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) support groups? I don't if this would be the right place to get some ideas for your friend, but it could be.
  11. PeppermintPattie

    Soup! Because it’s October! Post your faves :)

    I make minestrone soup and add cheese tortellini and a little cooked ground Italian sausage. I love it so much!
  12. PeppermintPattie

    Well, that was fun while it lasted. UPDATE - 1st post

    Praying and praying for you, that these tests will show exactly what's wrong and for peace for you.
  13. I haven't done this, but I'll bet it's good. It's through Wycliffe Bible Translators
  14. PeppermintPattie

    Is it possible to recover a delete FB thread?

    Yes, contact fb right away and then the police. What kind of group was this posted in? I'm horrified that someone would be that cruel, and I hope that others called her on it!
  15. PeppermintPattie

    When you feel like giving up on chores...

    My kids have thanked me for making them use good table manners, but never for teaching them how to clean. There's still time, but I'm not sure that will do the trick. :)
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