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  1. I couldn't cook without my Cuisinart food processor. This year I'm asking for a subscription to the NY Times Food website. It costs $40, and they send emails around 2x a week with really interesting recipes.
  2. I just finished Lisa Jewell's Then She was Gone. It was sooo good, and it's on the list of buy 2/get 3.
  3. Where did you see this deal? I can't see it, probably because I'm too excited. 🙂
  4. You could make it in red and green, like a poinsettia, for Christmas!
  5. A trick I have successfully used is to lay down a thick layer of towels on the wet spots, then stack a pile of heavy books, and leave it for a day or so. The stains always wick up, and that's why they reappear when they get wet. The towels will soak up the stain, though you may have to go through the process a few times.
  6. I don't understand how this can be legal, unless the actress is 18. Was the movie filmed in the US?
  7. "Tens of thousands" received seeds? Who paid for all the postage?!?
  8. i highly recommend Bible Study Fellowship. I think the online class is doing Genesis this year, and that would be a great foundation for your friend.
  9. I had super heavy periods and when I finally went to the doctor about it, I was diagnosed with a fibroid. I had a hysteroscopy where they cleaned everything out of my uterus. It was done in a surgery center under general anesthesia. I was sore and tired for a week afterwards, but I only needed ibuprofen when i over-did things. The biopsy of everything they removed came back as "the good kind" of pre-cancer. The doctor offered me an iud with a hormone in it (if I remember right) or a hysterectomy. If I went the iud route, I would have needed a uterine biopsy after a certain length of time to ch
  10. I won lottery tickets to see it live multiple times, and it wasn't until my third performance that I realized that the musical was as much or even more about Burr as it was Hamilton. Burr had such a rich religious heritage, especially when you realize who his grandparents were, yet he seemed to flounder his entire life. In the live performances we saw, Burr was definitely the stronger performer, so maybe that's why it seemed like Hamilton snagged Burr's musical, along with everything else.
  11. This is very insightful - I've seen it 6 times now, but I never caught on the re-use of the motifs. Can't wait to watch it again and listen for those! This proves that you're closer to original genius than I am!
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