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  1. I won lottery tickets to see it live multiple times, and it wasn't until my third performance that I realized that the musical was as much or even more about Burr as it was Hamilton. Burr had such a rich religious heritage, especially when you realize who his grandparents were, yet he seemed to flounder his entire life. In the live performances we saw, Burr was definitely the stronger performer, so maybe that's why it seemed like Hamilton snagged Burr's musical, along with everything else.
  2. This is very insightful - I've seen it 6 times now, but I never caught on the re-use of the motifs. Can't wait to watch it again and listen for those! This proves that you're closer to original genius than I am!
  3. Is it still your plan to help take care of her, since that's why she moved near you? That will make it so much harder to say no. I'd talk it over with my dh to make a plan that protects you from being taken advantage of - how often will you go to her house, what will you do to help, what will you say no to... those kinds of things.
  4. Have you asked this question of the pastor? Maybe if he has to explain himself to your children, he'll see his foolishness. I'm also reminded of the verse in James that says to not let many become teachers because they are held to a stricter standard. If he can't be abide obeying the law or having his behavior questioned, you probably need a different pastor.
  5. Praying for peace and wisdom.
  6. One of our kids used acutane as a teen, and our only regret with it is that we waited so long. It really does work. Before we tried that, we used a facial wash that was prescribed by the doctor. I don't remember the cost, but I'm sure it was less expensive.
  7. You need to call CPS and a lawyer. Don't stand by and do nothing when your children are being abused.
  8. Whew. I'm safe, then. Thanks!
  9. Wait! Why did they do surgery on someone without anesthesia? (I need to know if this is something I need to worry about happening to me. 🙂 ) maybe I need watch the show...
  10. It may not be the mother-to-be who chose or approved this wording. I'd be mortified if the hostess of my party put this on the invitation, but they probably thought they were helping the new mom.
  11. They must just cut the 5" squares from various white-with-flowers squares, rather than all from just three squares. Do you have more than three squares? It's a really cute pattern!
  12. I like eating at least once at fast foods while traveling just to be able to compare them to the ones at home. French fry forks? I'd hate going through life not ever having used one!
  13. I ordered these today for my son, at his request.
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