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  1. I liked using gelatin and no-sugar fruit juice to make my own Jello.
  2. When my kids were little and we were on a long road trip, I packed all their clothes in ziplock bags, an entire outfit in each one. That way, when we stopped for the night, I just had to grab one bag for each, toiletries, and their pj's. I don't know if there's some way you could pack that way for adults, but it really simplified getting in and out of hotels, and the car stayed neater. Don't forget to pack a sharp knife or two in the car for cutting fruit!
  3. Thank you!! I'm going to try it.
  4. Those are amazing! How did you make the stamp?
  5. Shouldn't the question be, "Would you take the money to repair your house if you were AOC's grandmother?" GoFundMe would only give it to Grandma, right, or did I miss something? It seems to me that both MW and AOC are using Gramma's house in their attempt to shame the other side. I feel sorry for Gramma.
  6. I want this so badly!! What would dh say, though? I guess I know. 😜
  7. This was my thought, too. I am totally against the death penalty, but this seems the quickest and most humane way to kill someone. If killing someone were humane.
  8. I've noticed in some conservative homeschooling families that the boys tend to marry young, but the girls either don't marry, or they marry late. I read once that this phenomenon is due to young men being driven somewhat by their hormones to marry, but the girls have led rather boring lives - homeschooling and caring for younger siblings without jobs or further education, so they're rather boring to be around, and young men don't find them interesting or challenging enough. I can point out families that this seems to be true for, but I don't know if the reasons are accurate.
  9. I have to disagree. The child has a step-mom that she seems happy with. You're not reminding her about the loss of her mom since she's never forgotten it, but making a card for the special woman/women in their lives is a good way to help your students strengthen their relationships. If she had just lost her mom, that would be different, but you're offering her a different way to frame Mother's Day by suggesting it's not just for moms, and I think that's a blessing. That might be a good way for women who aren't mothers to frame it, too.
  10. Praying for you tonight, that you will be safe and wise.
  11. What about a rechargeable, dimmable booklight? No installation needed, and they're less than $12 on Amazon. The charge in mine lasts for days and days.
  12. I get tired of having to use small bills all the time. When I was a kid, $20 was a lot of money - our whole family could eat out on that! Now, it pays for 1.25 people at an inexpensive sit down restaurant, at the very most. I wish $50 and $100 bills were more the norm like the euro bills are in Europe, and I don't know why they aren't.
  13. Praying for peace and the right resolution.
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