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  1. For my teens, they just have to provide an envelope with their name & address. They used the envelopes from their birthday cards. In GA, the price is the same. I don't believe that you have a choice about getting the Real ID or not. I didn't have to provide my marriage license because my SS card matches my married name and I use my maiden name as my middle name so the birth certificate matches too. It's been several years but I think they also used my old license as one of the two things needed to verify my address.
  2. Our karate studio teaches a whole bunch of self defense techniques depending on how you are attacked. Little kids through adults can do these. Here's one of their videos (my son is the attacker).
  3. Hugs. If you go on ravelry and find a hat pattern you like I can knit or crochet one for you.
  4. I felt it here in GA. My bedroom door & windows were rattling. Woke me up. Thought there was a windstorm at first.
  5. I'm not sure about the ankle specifically but I had a plate & screws in my wrist. I was in a splint for 6 weeks. I was sure that I had broken something when I was first out of the splint. Everything had tightened up. Starting OT really helped. But when in doubt call your doc.
  6. DH & I loved it. Saw it at the theater with just a handful of other people. You definitely need a very quiet place to watch this movie. I don't think we could watch it at home with our current set-up. Maybe if we had a separate room it would work.
  7. She's adorable and the quilt is perfect!
  8. We always go to $5 Below for these things. At prior swaps: opened bag of candy, live chicks, paper towel holder, Valentine candy & balloon, knit hat with ears, already burned candle, etc. Some people put in useful things and other pure junk. Our swap with the girls at church is tonight. For this my 13 yo dd picked up a tv remote. I got a t-shirt of a kitten riding a shark. I can report back what other things are there when I get home. Our price limit for the girls is $5.
  9. These are some of the things I do. Especially making my DH have an active role. They're his parents not mine and he can barely stand them. Our most recent visit my MIL requested more of the coasters that I crocheted for her last Christmas. So I sat my butt on the couch and crafted away! We had some issues when we were planning our wedding. We would discuss things, come to an agreement, and then he would change his mind after talking to his mother. His best friend finally pulled him aside and basically said who will you be waking up next to every day, your mom or your wife? Things changed and MIL was VERY unhappy. At one point she told him that if we didn't do what she wanted with our wedding that she wasn't coming. He said sorry to hear that and hung up on her. She still hates me but I don't care since I don't like her very much either (26 years later). I'm pleasant but make myself scarce.
  10. We're going to the IL's this year. None of us eat turkey so she's doing a ham. I'm not sure what kind of potatoes she's making. She was asking me if the kids would eat scalded potatoes. I told her no since I had no clue what she meant. When DH talked to her yesterday I realized that she was trying to say scalloped potatoes. She wants to make them since my DH apparently loves them even though he doesn't. This is going to be a long 4 days.
  11. Gentle hugs! I broke my wrist in Sept and had surgery with plates & screws. The pain management was annoying. It got to the point where I was only taking meds at night because it wasn't taking 100% of the pain away so why risk the side effects. I think I was off meds entirely within 2 weeks of the surgery. Now I'm doing OT to regain use of my hand & wrist again. Just this week I was able to hook my bra. Good luck.
  12. We use multiple cloths each day. Minimum two, one for dishes & one for wiping the table & counters. Mine are all cotton and handmade (combination of knit and crochet). I can't even close the drawer that they're in because I have too many (at least 40). Ours are hung on the edge of the sink, over the faucet, or on the drying rack. Some of the kids will leave them wet in a ball in the sink.
  13. I hang them on the sink to dry. Then they go in the basket with dirty towels. I don't use bleach. I just wash on hot. With 7 of us, I always have a load of towels.
  14. I can barely roll from one side. I need more practice.
  15. I would want to replace both front tires and then get the vehicle looked at to determine why the one tire wore more than the others (most likely an alignment issue).
  16. I would think making the rectangle smaller would be the solution. That way there would be less to roll so they would be smaller.
  17. If anyone sees a lap sized one let me know. I need something for my 5 yo to help him sit still when it's necessary.
  18. We're about 50-50 of people who bring a book vs those who use the app on their phone. I prefer the app since it's quicker to look something up and I already have my phone so I don't have to remember to grab another bag.
  19. I have always pronounced this word one way. Recently, I've heard it pronounced a different way. Am I wrong or is there more than 1 way to pronounce this word?
  20. Thanks I just did this. I had to do it on the computer as I couldn't see where to change preferences on the app.
  21. DD & I just saw Bohemian Rhapsody. We enjoyed it. There are scenes of men kissing men & parties with lots of alcohol & drugs.
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