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  1. I couldn't even get the login page to load yesterday or this morning. I didn't even have to login just now.
  2. I didn't used to but now that I'm reading more variety I've done it a couple of times. I need to do an abandoned shelf on goodreads.
  3. What a scary encounter. Sounds like the guy wasn't trying to help but trying to abduct her. I would never touch someone's wheelchair. I would hold a door open but I do that for everyone. I have a child who at 10 still asks very loudly about people with differences. I shush her and then talk about it later. Last time she very loudly said something about the cashier's ears looking gross (lady had gauges and facial rings). I AGAIN told her that it isn't nice to comment about people's differences. She's the only one of my kids who has ever done this and I've been working on her for years.
  4. That photo almost makes me want to run.
  5. We scrape off any food and I do soak bowls that have oatmeal or stuff like that. We try to run the dishwasher immediately so food doesn't have time to get stuck on.
  6. I meant to donate to different places. Great on getting your stuff done.
  7. When my fellow homeschool friend purges her homeschool supplies she'll let all of us know and we can come over and take what we want. I don't know what she does with what's left. I also live with a bunch of people who won't get rid of anything. I asked one child to collect at the Littlest Pet Shop creatures so I could take them to GoodWIll since they never play with them. She told me I was destroying her childhood. I'd call and see if there's a shelter that would want the toys if the GoodWIll won't take them. Or see if another location will. We have one location about 5 minutes away but there are at least two others in my county.
  8. My friend is the queen of decluttering. She says to just fill the box and donate. Don't sort things to take to different places or you'll never do it.
  9. I just serve out of the pot from the stove.
  10. Hugs! Mean people suck.
  11. ashfern


    It only shortens it by about 12 hours. Last time I got the flu in 2017. I spent a week in my bedroom with only my DH allowed to come in. I was the only one who got sick. I spent the first 3 days in bed and the rest of the time on the couch. I could have come out sooner but my DH wanted to make sure I wasn't contagious. I didn't bother going to the doctor since I knew it was the flu. The side effects of tamiflu are pretty bad.
  12. I wouldn't but I don't share food. If my kids want something I have they get the rest of it. I don't share straws or drink out of the same cup/bottle either. I just can't do it. 😶
  13. Tip for windows. Remove the screens. Makes the house look nicer outside and brighter inside.
  14. We usually just do the ship excursions. Last cruise we toured Mayan ruins. It was fun but a long bus ride and took all the time we had onshore. I would not have wanted to do that on my own since the time was cutting it very close. If we were late then the ship would have waited since it was through the cruise but if we were on our own excursion they won't wait.
  15. Sometimes people want to list their house at a certain $ amount that may not be actual market value. Their agent may have gotten the seller to agree to a lowered the price after talking with your agent so that a low offer isn't a shock to the seller.
  16. I've been slowly going through my stuff starting last year. We're planning to move & downsize this spring. I really need to get through all of the stuff. I mentioned to my 13 yo this morning that I wanted her to find all the little pet shop toys so I can get them out of here since they haven't played with them in forever. She said that I was getting rid of her childhood. 🙄 Last night going through the movies I said we should get rid of one in particular since it's a really awful movie and DH said we need to keep it because it's a classic. 😬 I think that I'm going to just have to be the mean guy and toss everyone's crap since they aren't willing to part with it.
  17. I read a book a day. The key is to get Young Adult books and romance. The more meaty books take me longer to read. I'm still trying to get through The Indifferent Stars Above and the book about Shackleton's voyage took me awhile as well. Also, the more you read the faster you get. If I've done this right, here is my profile on Goodreads.
  18. 😆 I'm going to up my number from last year. I've been spending the past few days downloading free ebooks in preparation for next year. I have about 50 ready to go.
  19. Two really good books written by our own MamaSheep: Dragon Ascending and Dancing with the Viper (which is currently free in ebook form on Amazon).
  20. I usually look at the length of the trail & what is at the end. We like waterfalls. Also, I am horribly allergic to poison ivy so trailblazing is not ideal for me.
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