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  1. What masks are the best to get for something like this?
  2. So tiny! Congratulations!!
  3. We had to add a gas line to the kitchen of this house because there was no way I was going back to electric! If I had to, I would go with induction. Are you sure you can't add a gas line? 😀
  4. That's cool! Wonder if I can find a pattern and figure it out?
  5. I usually ignore those kinds of conversations. I don't engage but just mumble or say "oh, that's interesting". Only my DH will I tell that he's fixating and that it doesn't matter.
  6. I would either use an essential oil diffuser, pretty much anything would be fine to just get something else into the air. I also use febreeze. I find that it works the best for clearing up the air (lysol makes me gag). I'd spray, open windows, & run a fan. So sad about your friend though.
  7. They do not! The chocolate (different than the chocolate brownie batter) tastes like chocolate pudding but the texture is different.
  8. We tried the Aldi brand. The chocolate in individual containers was good. The brownie & cookie in the shared container weren't. The texture is a bit weird.
  9. I have progressives but I don't have to wear glasses full-time. I think if you wore them all the time the adjustment would be quick. I only put them on to read and sometimes I have to use them for watching TV or movies. You do have to move your head and not just your eyes, which is the major issue. I think when I go back for my next apt, I'll get two separate glasses. My one eye is perfect but the other one needs correction. I probably should get it corrected again (had Lasix 19 years ago).
  10. In addition to the suggestions above, a really nice hat & glove set.
  11. Glad things are working out for you. My IL's are the same with the TV and it's super loud and they try to have a conversation with you. 🙄 The worst is that they'll try to put on something for the kids to watch & it's either inappropriate (we don't watch certain cartoons as they're not really for kids) or something so old that my kids aren't interested (Leave it to Beaver).
  12. 😂 Captain Picard's "make it so"
  13. I have the nylon ones that fold up. Can't remember the exact brand but there are several on Amazon. They work well for us. I prefer them to the boxy ones that the grocery store has because they take up less room and I can toss them in the washer. They do have to line dry but it takes no time for that.
  14. This isn't the first story like this that I've heard about. My ILs moved into a 55+ community. The community caters to that age group with activities geared to their interests. I know of some communities where you can only have guests for a certain total amount of time each year and others where you can only have guests during the same time frame as the rest of the community. I don't know how they skirt around the anti-age and anti-family discrimination in the housing laws. My grandfather always said that being around young people kept him young. The area that we just moved from had a bun
  15. Personally, I don't think the bronze looks good with that wood grain and I just remodeled our kitchen using almost those same bronze handles. I voted foe the 2nd option but you're the one who has to live with it not us. 😀
  16. I agree with this. I don't want to be a burden to my kids. My ILs were just here visiting. They are the same age as my parents who were visiting a couple of weeks ago. The difference in how they are aging is incredible! My parents have always been healthy eaters and fairly active. They see their doctors for yearly physicals and my step-father has a bit more care because of his colon cancer (19 years ago & clear). I know that my mom has all their funeral arrangements prepped and prepaid. My ILs don't eat as healthy and aren't as active. They are on tons of medications and always going to on
  17. I first sprained my ankle when I was 10. Then I sprained the other one. My ankles have been problematic ever since. Now they like to give out at random moments which makes me fall. I have a neoprene sleeve that I wear when an ankle is acting up. It does take forever for the swelling to go away.
  18. My mom sent a gift to me and then mentioned about it being returned. It wasn't as I hadn't even opened the gift yet! Somehow, they gave her a refund even though I never returned the gift. So it is possible for the giver to know about a return.
  19. My child who moved out will eat all heels. I only the eat heal of certain brands of bread.
  20. We moved this summer and my eldest, at 19, didn't want to move with us. He has a job that he loves and wanted to stay in the area. I think the only thing we still pay for is his medical insurance. He opted not to go to college. He works full time and has a youtube channel. His roommate also works two jobs.
  21. I'm impressed that y'all caught that thing in a drinking glass!
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