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  1. 132 new cases here in Vic today. Over the last 11 days one p - 12 school has had 103 cases
  2. Also have to tipto, comfort, work around while pretending to work with the crazy idiot she married a few years ago. I cannot stand him, nobody can stand him. He is insane. He went last minute shopping yesterday wearing a imitation monks robe I don't think he had anything on under it. I will be glad when I never have to see him again
  3. It will be live streamed Not the same at all
  4. Firstly It sucks that my grandmother died, but she was in pain, and old. We were very very close It sucks having to ring others and tell them It really sucks when you need to re-ring people and tell them that because of restrictions only 50 can come It sucks when borders get closed even for compassionate reasons and relatives cannot come It sucks After 2 days of funeral arranging, having the government late last night announce that by Friday only 10 can attend a funeral Ringing up people and telling them they don't make the list of 10 is really really hard. They alway
  5. The article said 882 were opened
  6. Greater Melbourne is going back into lockdown
  7. I believe that in NSW there was no interaction between other quarintine peoples. They were kept in their rooms. This was one of the faults identified in the security failing in Vic. The guards were allowing adjoining rooms to go play cards.
  8. Think it is well documented worldwide that there are a few cases that had a longer than 14 day incubation time
  9. Not the first time. The rest of the country has had closed borders for a few weeks. Plus the Vic NSW border was closed 100 years ago because of the Spanish flue
  10. There was a case in NSW today of a person who did their 14 days hotel quarantine, tested negative, went home, then 3 days got symptoms. And tested positive.
  11. I believe Tasmania is hoping to do this. They have stopped all travel under just about any curcimstances. My uncle lives in Tassie and could not get a special compassionate exemption to come to my grandmother's funeral this week
  12. I do not know anyone who calls their Mil mum. I call my Mil dh's mother when talking about her to other people and avoid using any title including her name when talking to her
  13. It is gone. Chocolate, if it was there would call to you. It would sing to you 😞
  14. All borders closed to Victorians police, army and drones will patrol the Vic NSW border. More suburbs of Melbourne locked down
  15. Thank you so so much everyone I have sent all your advice to my dd Sorry for the late thanks, my grandmother just died and I am helping my mum do the funeral plans. A covid restriction funeral just sucks. Awful having to tell relatives they cannot bring spouses, or that they cannot even come due to number restrictions or being out of the state and borders are closed. and so so hoping that the suburb of Melbourne she is in doesn't go into full lockdown between today and the end if the week, otherwise it will reduce the numbers to 10
  16. I have no personal experience, but know someone with beach holiday cabins. A downfall is property distruction . People come for the weekend, have a party and smash all the China and glasses. Others steal all the bedlinen. Also people book for one family staying but actually bring a very extended family and friends and cram them in,... It is different than renting out a house to long term tenants
  17. steak here is regularly $25 + kg. even minced beef is $15kg. I add into a steak meal some beef sausages. everyone gets a portion of steak the size of a palm of their hand and a sausage.
  18. I love my Asko. My first Asko lasted 20 years, we have just replaced it about 7 months ago
  19. The chief medical officer for Australia yesterday said it is now recignised to be between 50 to 100 times more deadly than the flue. He didn't say his source for info on the very short interview I heard.
  20. People who do a lot if sewing could you please recommend a sewing machine for Dd20. She is heavily into craft and just started patchwork. She also makes clothes etc. She wants to buy a very good quality machine that will last her for many many years. She is willing to spend up to $1000AU She currently has a Bernina that is an ex highschool machine, and is about 40 years old
  21. Also the people living in the towers will be paid an allowance because they cannot go to work and I believe food will be brought in. They are public housing towers, very low income people. As the premier said. The most vunerable
  22. Also the people living in the towers will be paid an allowance because they cannot go to work and I believe food will be brought in. They are public housing towers, very low income people. As the premier said. The most vunerable
  23. In those public housing towers there are 23 that were positive today. They share lifts. I just listened to the speech by the premier. There are other people in the tower that they are absolutely certain that have it who were tested today.if people in those towers refuse to be tested then the whole towers will have to stay locked down for longer.
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