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  1. just a note regarding the dog We got our children pets when they were teens... then found out that as they leave home the pets stayed behind. we now have ( are stuck with) a cockatiel and budgies
  2. calisivirus has really helped here. I am pretty sure they are developing the next virus to help eliminate them for when they build up resistance to the calisivirus. rabbits are one of the most destructive species to be brought to Australia - right there with foxes, cats and cane toads
  3. I noted that part as well. even the EX who we all know is a big jerk is on Scarlett's side in this.
  4. hang on - I don't think she said if she did or didn't attend. wasn't that people guessing?
  5. you don't know what the situation was. you are speculating then trying to stir up arguments for your speculation
  6. Sometimes there is no compromise possible. I am really not following your line of thought. sometimes things are either right or wrong, there is not always a grey.
  7. in part. some of it was religious issues and how things were not handled, some of it was misunderstandings because of the fall out of the not handling religious issues correctly. some of it was other non related issues . it was very painful for me and something I really struggled with at the time.
  8. Scarlett , when I was in my very early 20's I had a major falling out with my mother - I didn't speak to her for approx 2 1/2 years. We now do talk to each other at least weekly etc. it will get better - it just takes time , space and more life experience for your son.
  9. I agree.. but that is the older me agreeing - the one with more life experiences with dealing with other humans
  10. I think it is being a zealous youth and really really believing it completely and wholeheartedly. then find out that it isn't what you thought. it can really shake you.. when you get older and have more life experience then you can look at it differently but at the time it is earth shattering ( or maybe faith shattering). and not something that you get over really
  11. I think I may be able to relate to your son on this. I once was a very very zealous youth in the very same religion. I was stumbled by people in positions who were saying one thing and doing another..... and it isn't really something that you "get over" completely.
  12. Thanks. We have had a royal commission into child sexual abuse. Every single religion was implicated. Every one
  13. Could you please pm me what the abuse scandal is. As a non practicing JW I would be very interested to know. Thanks
  14. HUGS space and time are the key. it will get better in time - maybe several years. but it will get better
  15. Here the major issue/question by older ones is over the vastly different parenting style used on older 5 and twins. We have explained over and over to ds15, dd19 and ds21 that the twins have suffered significant trauma etc and both have Id's, that we are working on brain rewiring and following advice from a specialist psychologist ... But the older ones just see it as the "twins allowed to get away with anything and get so much attention" ( their words)
  16. Travel half way home with twin 1 by public transport. Meet DH with twin 2. We were going to go out together for lunch but found out the whole food/ shopping area was closed because of power wing out for pe upgrades. Hop on train back to Melbourne with twin 2 who has medical tests tomorrow. DH continued on home with twin1. The wheelchair was very tricky to fit into the car boot. Half way through very busy few days of Medical things.
  17. Jaybee brag away, don’t apologise. there is nothing better than being proud of your children’s achievements
  18. I have no problem with people telling me what great things their kids are doing, and I have no problems telling people what my kids are doing. In fact here it is a major conversation starter. Often I have been sitting in a waiting room or on public transport and strangers have asked me how many children I have and what are they doing. Homeschooling is not very common here and people are genuinely interested in how homeschooled kids get into university and what they study and how they go getting jobs etc.
  19. Most of day sitting in the hospital with twin 1 now in hotel with twin 1 amazing how long the day is when I have forced idleness
  20. Oh I just remembered another time. About 7 years ago I had a breakdown. I lost 7 kg in 3 days and skipped my period. I wouldn't recommend having a break down though. It took many months to recover.
  21. I would say not usually, but I have once managed by I don't know what power within me to slow down the bleeding for 1 hour. Too much information When I get my period I bleed very heavily like in change tampon and pads every 15 to 20 minutes. Yes I do bleed myself anaemic every month. I had to do a access visit with twins with their bio parents earlier this year. I could not go to the toilet. There is no way on earth I was leaving the twins unsupervised and not closely watched for a minute. I managed to go for the whole hour. I don't know how I did it. About half an hour later (and 2 toilet stops) I had a big flooding event that meant I had to run across a very public road to a toilet completely drenched from waist down through all layers and get fully changed. I wonder if it was complete stress that slowed things down and when it was all over and I reaxed........ I don't know. Pretty embarrassing
  22. Surgery went very well. They woke him up very slowly. He is going great. Very drowsy
  23. He went to sleep giggling from the laughing gas. He is in theater now. It will take one and a half hours
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