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  1. have you looked at the language books form Criticalthinkingco. I am using them with my 8 year old very delayed twins. they cannot write at all, though they can copy.
  2. was it by chance my ds15??? I thought he was at work yesterday but maybe he was having a visit to your house?? so far the only word he has spoken to me in the last 4 days is yes. the last 2 years have been really hard for him (since we had that awful 6 months with twins bio brother ) and he hasn't really spoken above 7 words a day since. most days he doesn't say a single word at all, not one.
  3. hugs I get the range of emotions - I now have 4 that have left home. My oldest had to leave home at 17 to go to university 400 km away. the next 2 left home at 18 because they were sent to remote areas for their work. DD left home at 18 for university 400 km away. I never had all 7 living here at the same time.
  4. I haven't found Story of the World religious as such. it looks at bible stories just as it looks at stories from Greece, India, Africa etc. not in a religious way but rather looking at traditional stories from other cultures.
  5. Yes this exactly. teen boys particularly around age 12 are having a major brain reorganization. I have found you cannot expect too much form them until around 15 or so and even then they are not fully with it until 18
  6. quite frankly I have always thought that they are very ugly circumcised or not
  7. my Dh - who has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities does not have a histamine reaction. pre diagnosis that was very tricky as he went to a normal allergest who gave him the typical histamine skin prick test - told him there was nothing wrong with him that he problems were because I was pregnant with our 3rd child and as DH was a third child he was having mental problems ?????? we then managed to get a referral to an specialist allergist who not only did skin prick tests for histamine reactions but ran other tests including blind drops under the tongue. These tests were able to identify that DH has a very strong reaction to Petrochemicals . these reactions include yawning, feeling chilled, nose and eyes running, extremely irritable, extreme fatigue and occasionally passing out. Basically he turns into a zombie. for DH these are not histamine reactions - so will not cause anaphylactic shock and can not be treated with antihistamines - rather they are sensitivities that can only be treated by avoidance. We have done huge lifestyle changes to make avoidance mostly possible. And now he can handle small amounts of exposure , not get as ill and only takes a day or so to recover
  8. yes, I am not seeing evidence of males in countries that don't routinely circumcise the males having a huge increase of broken hips in males, or higher than female rates of UTIs
  9. In countries where genitalia mutalation is not routinely practiced We don’t see huge rates of penile cancer and the spread of STI is directly linked with unsafe sexual behaviour .
  10. huge hugs the stubborn ones are the ones that survive so long - the people with no will power don't last as long. I don't have any helpful advice about broken hips. My grandmother is nearly 90- she has had 5 hip replacements or surgeries for the hip coming out of socket in the last 8 years.mostly because of falls. She always has a couple of weeks of rehab afterwards. she still walks but with a walking frame. She has had extensive training on falling carefully so she doesn't land on her hip.she has some muscle condition where her muscles waste away and go slushy or tear very very easily - I don't know what the condition is called. but that is why she had to have some of the hip replacements multiple times .
  11. just looked it up .In Australia over 80% of male 35 and younger are NOT circumcised . in 2016/2017 less than 4% of male babies were circumcised in Australia
  12. I think she must have meant in USA that 20% are not circumcised. it is extremely uncommon in Australia and has been for many many years it is a form of genital mutilation.
  13. that is fantastic. 🙂 🙂 🙂 we have had wind only so far
  14. Oh! from the title I thought you were going to be asking does having lots of stones in your garden attract snakes. and it depends on the type of snakes red belly blacks much prefer compost piles in winter - much warmer. though a few nice large stones are great for sunning themselves on. as for people snakes - I don't have any experience in them to say
  15. Well here diapers might mean incontinence pads - as the ones that go on a baby are called nappies in Australia. so I would probably say "Hay you forgot your shopping". as mentioning the word diaper would be potentially very embarrassing I always have to mentally translate when I see the diaper on this board that you guys really mean nappies
  16. apparently ICE means something different to you than it does to me. here an ICE raid would mean a big drug bust. ICE= crystal methamphetamine, a HUGE HUGE problem in Australia at the moment and devastating many rural communities
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