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  1. started growing my spring veggie seedlings form seed in the greenhouse to plant out next month
  2. So so awful It was reported on the news here that aid planes are arriving, so I am guessing the airport is still useable
  3. I would just makes some. Workplaces here in Vic are using homemade. edited to add. Workplaces here have to provide the masks. some workplaces provide those blue surgical masks that you can buy at $2 shops, others are providing homemade masks.
  4. but very likely for most of Melbourne as they have already been on stage 3 lock downs, so unable to leave their place really much anyway. I bet there were a LOT of people sunbathing in their back yard in the middle of the day today.
  5. Yes it is winter, but not like northern hemisphere winter. Today was about 20 oC very sunny.
  6. Breaking news state of disaster declared, we had state of emergency before this Melbourne is going into stage 4 restrictions from 6pm tonight. people are only to have 1 person go out to get food Not to travel more than 5km Curfew to start tonight from 8 pm to 5 am tomorrow will be the announcements on which businesses will be able to stay open. Mostly it will be food shops rest of Victoria is moving to stage 3
  7. Capsicum can be sliced and packed tight into a zip lock bag. Then popped straight into the freezer. I just slice offhowever much I need for a meal. Great for cooking. I do the same with celery, and corn. I stopped blanching as it made the food too soggy. Onions can be hung up to keep. They keep for quite a few months like that. I dry apples by slicing into rings and putting on drying racks that DH made me. They are hanging from the ceiling above the combustion stove.
  8. masks are to be compulsory across the whole state Large areas of the state are to be under lock down in a few hours in lockdown areas no weddings or funerals , no visiting another persons house at all
  9. 384 new cases for Vic 6 more deaths
  10. one is an infant under 3 weeks old a baby, 2 parents - I am guessing parents of the baby - and one nurse
  11. 459 new cases 10 deaths, ranging from 40s to 80s Because there are quite a few medical workers either with coronavirus or in quarantine the defence force are going to pair up with paramadics Also student paramadics are going to be deployed Also 14000 retired or non active medical workers mostly nurses have put up their hand to take some shifts particularly in nursing homes as it turns out that many casual workers worked in multiple nursing homes, and that is how it spread between the nursing homes so quickly.
  12. they are doing that here as well. but they still cannot go to work before getting results. they can have a 24 hour turnaround or faster in some situations.
  13. I really feel for all those tiny border towns that are now struggling. right along the Vic /NSW border and now the Vic /SA border
  14. Never heard it used jokingly. Many immigrants came to Australia from European countries that were devistated by nazi Germany just after the war both my In laws were German and went to Hitler youth camps.
  15. Premier stated that people should not think that because the number is 300 today that we have turned a corner, we have not
  16. So sorry I have heard of people holding a wake before death. I have even heard of people who have terminal cancer and expecting to die in a week or so throwing their own farewell wake. One local person did this, and didn't end up dying. Still going 15 years later.
  17. Australia has limited arrivals due to ability to hotel quarantine as well
  18. if I had had another girl I would have called he Joyce
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