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  1. Here the major issue/question by older ones is over the vastly different parenting style used on older 5 and twins. We have explained over and over to ds15, dd19 and ds21 that the twins have suffered significant trauma etc and both have Id's, that we are working on brain rewiring and following advice from a specialist psychologist ... But the older ones just see it as the "twins allowed to get away with anything and get so much attention" ( their words)
  2. Travel half way home with twin 1 by public transport. Meet DH with twin 2. We were going to go out together for lunch but found out the whole food/ shopping area was closed because of power wing out for pe upgrades. Hop on train back to Melbourne with twin 2 who has medical tests tomorrow. DH continued on home with twin1. The wheelchair was very tricky to fit into the car boot. Half way through very busy few days of Medical things.
  3. Jaybee brag away, don’t apologise. there is nothing better than being proud of your children’s achievements
  4. I have no problem with people telling me what great things their kids are doing, and I have no problems telling people what my kids are doing. In fact here it is a major conversation starter. Often I have been sitting in a waiting room or on public transport and strangers have asked me how many children I have and what are they doing. Homeschooling is not very common here and people are genuinely interested in how homeschooled kids get into university and what they study and how they go getting jobs etc.
  5. Most of day sitting in the hospital with twin 1 now in hotel with twin 1 amazing how long the day is when I have forced idleness
  6. Oh I just remembered another time. About 7 years ago I had a breakdown. I lost 7 kg in 3 days and skipped my period. I wouldn't recommend having a break down though. It took many months to recover.
  7. I would say not usually, but I have once managed by I don't know what power within me to slow down the bleeding for 1 hour. Too much information When I get my period I bleed very heavily like in change tampon and pads every 15 to 20 minutes. Yes I do bleed myself anaemic every month. I had to do a access visit with twins with their bio parents earlier this year. I could not go to the toilet. There is no way on earth I was leaving the twins unsupervised and not closely watched for a minute. I managed to go for the whole hour. I don't know how I did it. About half an hour later (and 2 toilet stops) I had a big flooding event that meant I had to run across a very public road to a toilet completely drenched from waist down through all layers and get fully changed. I wonder if it was complete stress that slowed things down and when it was all over and I reaxed........ I don't know. Pretty embarrassing
  8. Surgery went very well. They woke him up very slowly. He is going great. Very drowsy
  9. He went to sleep giggling from the laughing gas. He is in theater now. It will take one and a half hours
  10. We are now in the waiting room. Just spoke to the anethisest (not sure on spelling there). He will give a pre-op med. Then laughing gass, then gass him to sleep.
  11. It depends if it is a coming for a visit and expecting food or just dropping by to pick up or drop off something. And if it is oldest d's with a carload of uni friends who are planning on staying the long weekend Let Me Know at least 30 minutes beforehand. I don't deal with that supprise very well
  12. He is 8 1/2 he is very familiar with the hospital as we are there multiple times a year.
  13. Also the life therapist from the hospital has sent him a social story with all the steps etc. This was very helpful last time.
  14. Thank you everyone. He will have numbing cream etc. He will also be gassed to sleep. Last time it took 3 of us to hold him down as he was gassed. He doesn't remember that though. He will still wake up with a straw in his arm, which he considers to be a needle. He will for a few weeks be on a 2 hourly pain management plan. He knows however that it still really hurts. He still gets pain in his right leg from the surgery from last year.
  15. When my older ones were younger and I was newish to homeschooling. I made them all do one of those standardised math tests. The oldest tried to hard to get every answer perfect and checked every answer 3 times that he ran out of time to complete the test. The next just did a rushed job as he didn’t care at all about it. The next son told me afterwards he just coloured the dots on the answer sheet in a pattern and didn’t even look at the question sheet, Guess what. The third son that just coloured random dots in patterns got a very high score, way above his brothers. it was then I realised that firstly the test was silly and secondly why schools spend so many months on test taking practice before they do a standardised test.
  16. Maybe not fantasy more adventure, but my boys absolutely loved the Midshipman Quinn series at that age. It was according to them the best series ever.
  17. Traveled to Melbourne by public transport for twin 1 surgery. he will have surgery tomorrow, get out of hospital on Saturday. We will travel halfway home by public transport and meet DH and do a kid swap. He will take twin 1 home and I will go back to Melbourne for twin 2 to have an EEG scan on the Monday. it is times like this that Melbourne seems a very very long way away. My head is spinning with all the planning to try and get all of this organised as we only found out about the surgery 5days ago - he was on a cancelation waiting list. As we have waited close to 6 months for twin 2 testing we are not changing it
  18. Twin 1 is having leg surgery tomorrow. He had one leg done last year and is now having the other done. He is having a Tibialis Anterior tendon transfer, and will be in a leg cast, non weight baring in a wheel chair for 8 weeks afterwards. he is very stressed out and nervous. He knows it hurts lots for a long time because he has had this procedure done before. Unfortunately because of his trauma background he will not tell people if he is in pain and refuses to acknowledge pain until it is very bad. Then he will just hide. the poor fellow has PTSD triggered by needles as well positive thoughts and prayers that everything goes smoothly would be greatly appreciated.
  19. my family is probably unique in that DH is on a disability pension because of a work related accident. therefore he is home most of the time. I do the book side of homeschooling - the academic subjects of language, mathematics, history, science etc. I agree with the above poster I treat it as a job and do it to the best of my ability. DH does the outside subjects.- teaches about nature, Welding, fixing small and large motors, car repairs, land management etc. this is how we did the 5 bio kids the twins are a bit different as they need very very close supervision at all times. We split up the supervising of them and do roughly equal time on most days
  20. I can imagine you don't really have time at the moment to read much. I have found Dan Hughes very helpful in getting insight into how the child is feeling- how trauma has impacted their brain, and how it would be helpful for me to respond. I found a video by Dan Hughes I haven't watched this video yet, though I have attended a day long training seminar when Dan Hughes was in Australia Is the placement a very temporary thing of just a few days or meant to be for a few weeks or months?? I have only experience with long term placements. I would imagine a short few days or couple of weeks placement would be a completely different situation
  21. huge hugs. it is very exhausting to be so constantly alert
  22. Here is my weekly schedule at the moment I have 3 children living at home. 8 year old twin boys and ds15. I homeschool all of them my daily scheduled at the moment get up 6 am go for 5 km, 60 minute walk 7am shower, put a load of laundry on, make my bed, put away laundry folded the evening before and a 5 minute tidy of the lounge-room - DH does the twins breakfast and unloads the dishwasher 8 am - to 10.30ish am start twins school work - as they both have many disabilities I need to be seated with them when they do their schoolwork. they do a total of 12 different workbooks that completely cover every aspect of core subjects. they also do 10 minutes of reading eggs and some exercises left by the OT. 10.45am - twins morning tea and outside to play. I hang laundry outside, run the vacuum cleaner ever second day through main living areas and some days put on next load of laundry 11 am do 30 minutes of gardening - we have a tennis court sized veggie garden 11.30 - 12.30 am prepare twins and my lunch and supervise them eating, tidy kitchen 12.30 twins go to their room with an audio book for a compulsory 1 hour rest time- they are free to play in their room during this time. I hang out last load of laundry and start ds15 schoolwork - as he has dyslexia I need to assist him in every subject. 1.30 - onward 2 days a week ds15 works . on those days twins do afternoon schoolwork of either history or science. the other 3 days a week the twins go and do outside stuff with Dh while I continue to homeschool ds15. 4 PM twins have 60 minutes of cartoon time. I do my evening chores - bring in washing, fill woodbox, collect veggies form garden for tea, lock up geese. 5 pm I start cooking tea ,and while it is cooking fold up laundry. 5.45 tea time 6.45 start helping the twins get ready for bed . DH loads the dishwasher and I hand-wash the pots. twins in bed 7 pm and have a story read to them by me. 7.30 pm - I do my relaxing computer time - read emails- watch some gardening or home school youtube stuff, hang out on WTM forum etc sometime between 9 - 10 pm My bed time 5 days a fortnight we have different therapists coming to the house to work with the twins. every Saturday I drive 100 km each way for the twins to have intensive therapeutic swimming lessons and do the weekly shopping while at the bigger town. It is a 5 hour round trip and I am completely knackered afterwards so don't accomplish much else every Sunday is outside jobs day. I start gardening at 8 am and finish at 3 pm this includes making compost, flower and vegetable gardening etc.. then do the main housework including mopping the floor and changing bed linen etc.
  23. the ones for making oil are different species I think the oil comes form Melalauca .
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