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  1. Twin 1 is having leg surgery tomorrow. He had one leg done last year and is now having the other done. He is having a Tibialis Anterior tendon transfer, and will be in a leg cast, non weight baring in a wheel chair for 8 weeks afterwards. he is very stressed out and nervous. He knows it hurts lots for a long time because he has had this procedure done before. Unfortunately because of his trauma background he will not tell people if he is in pain and refuses to acknowledge pain until it is very bad. Then he will just hide. the poor fellow has PTSD triggered by needles as well positive thoughts and prayers that everything goes smoothly would be greatly appreciated.
  2. my family is probably unique in that DH is on a disability pension because of a work related accident. therefore he is home most of the time. I do the book side of homeschooling - the academic subjects of language, mathematics, history, science etc. I agree with the above poster I treat it as a job and do it to the best of my ability. DH does the outside subjects.- teaches about nature, Welding, fixing small and large motors, car repairs, land management etc. this is how we did the 5 bio kids the twins are a bit different as they need very very close supervision at all times. We split up the supervising of them and do roughly equal time on most days
  3. I can imagine you don't really have time at the moment to read much. I have found Dan Hughes very helpful in getting insight into how the child is feeling- how trauma has impacted their brain, and how it would be helpful for me to respond. I found a video by Dan Hughes I haven't watched this video yet, though I have attended a day long training seminar when Dan Hughes was in Australia Is the placement a very temporary thing of just a few days or meant to be for a few weeks or months?? I have only experience with long term placements. I would imagine a short few days or couple of weeks placement would be a completely different situation
  4. huge hugs. it is very exhausting to be so constantly alert
  5. Here is my weekly schedule at the moment I have 3 children living at home. 8 year old twin boys and ds15. I homeschool all of them my daily scheduled at the moment get up 6 am go for 5 km, 60 minute walk 7am shower, put a load of laundry on, make my bed, put away laundry folded the evening before and a 5 minute tidy of the lounge-room - DH does the twins breakfast and unloads the dishwasher 8 am - to 10.30ish am start twins school work - as they both have many disabilities I need to be seated with them when they do their schoolwork. they do a total of 12 different workbooks that completely cover every aspect of core subjects. they also do 10 minutes of reading eggs and some exercises left by the OT. 10.45am - twins morning tea and outside to play. I hang laundry outside, run the vacuum cleaner ever second day through main living areas and some days put on next load of laundry 11 am do 30 minutes of gardening - we have a tennis court sized veggie garden 11.30 - 12.30 am prepare twins and my lunch and supervise them eating, tidy kitchen 12.30 twins go to their room with an audio book for a compulsory 1 hour rest time- they are free to play in their room during this time. I hang out last load of laundry and start ds15 schoolwork - as he has dyslexia I need to assist him in every subject. 1.30 - onward 2 days a week ds15 works . on those days twins do afternoon schoolwork of either history or science. the other 3 days a week the twins go and do outside stuff with Dh while I continue to homeschool ds15. 4 PM twins have 60 minutes of cartoon time. I do my evening chores - bring in washing, fill woodbox, collect veggies form garden for tea, lock up geese. 5 pm I start cooking tea ,and while it is cooking fold up laundry. 5.45 tea time 6.45 start helping the twins get ready for bed . DH loads the dishwasher and I hand-wash the pots. twins in bed 7 pm and have a story read to them by me. 7.30 pm - I do my relaxing computer time - read emails- watch some gardening or home school youtube stuff, hang out on WTM forum etc sometime between 9 - 10 pm My bed time 5 days a fortnight we have different therapists coming to the house to work with the twins. every Saturday I drive 100 km each way for the twins to have intensive therapeutic swimming lessons and do the weekly shopping while at the bigger town. It is a 5 hour round trip and I am completely knackered afterwards so don't accomplish much else every Sunday is outside jobs day. I start gardening at 8 am and finish at 3 pm this includes making compost, flower and vegetable gardening etc.. then do the main housework including mopping the floor and changing bed linen etc.
  6. the ones for making oil are different species I think the oil comes form Melalauca .
  7. please note that catching tadpoles is not a good idea. there is a frog/tadpole disease that is spread by just this activity that is wiping out lots of amphibians. I agree with the other posters that say catching and doing experiments of wild creatures is unnecessarily cruel and will probably result in some deaths. Much better to do scientific observations of wild creatures by looking and taking photos. much more environmentally friendly to try and create habitats in the back yard to encourage wild things to naturally move in. things like bug hotels etc
  8. we use WWE as well - though I find they are more introducing narration than copywork. Copywork is definitely included though
  9. we use these
  10. My DD is a teetotaler as am I, My DH only drinks rarely - like maybe a beer every few weeks. My oldest son has many Muslim friends that he made at Uni, most of them are teetotaler. Maybe your dd could make some international students and Muslim friends.
  11. at 12 I wouldn't be so worried. I grew to my height by 11 and my DD finished growing at 12. some girls have their growth spurt around age 10 - 12 and stop. My oldest ds grew to 6 foot 3 inches by 12. He only grew one more inch just before turning 20
  12. that is correct. I have said no and DH has backed me up 100 %. we discuss things in depth. We have been parenting for a very long time. We know each other and each other's views on things. sometimes a child may ask us something and either one of us would respond with I need to think about it - which means DH and I will discus it to come up with a decision.
  13. soup mix - do you mean the beans , peas and lentils dry mix? if so I have accidentally soaked it too long before and it gets a fermenting grain smell and sort of starts bubbling - it is then not fit to be eaten and chucked to the chooks. I have however had it OK after 24 hours of soaking. usually I soak overnight on the kitchen bench, then sometime the next day boil it then make the soup. I always discard the soaking water and boil in fresh water. It was how my grandmother taught me. She said there is some sort of toxin in the water after soaking beans that needs to be discarded. no idea if this is correct or not but I do it anyway.
  14. well I guess I was looking at it from a different angle. If one parent said no then the child went and asked the other parent and got whatever then that is an awful family dynamic where a child is manipulating each parent to get whatever. sounds like a recipe for disaster in this household Dh and I discuss lots of things about child rasing and decision making . We have to be a very united front. if a child can undermine one of us than than we could not be a united front
  15. In my household if DH said no than that is it.
  16. it is Thursday here. We had a huge windstorm all yesterday it was gale force - which is pretty normal in winter here but last night we had storm force winds- I am right by the coast so when it is windy it is WINDY. only 2 trees down at our place. someone a ways up the road lost their roof. the trampoline ( a big round one with the side netting ) blew over the fence and is wrecked. strangely the snow-peas are still clinging to their wire The Occupational Therapist is going to be here in 1 hour. I was just heading out the house with the bowsaw to trim the branches from the fallen tree so she can drive up the driveway when DS 24 turned up. He had the whole thing chainsawed in a flash.
  17. Launched to me is when they leave home to either go to university or work. my oldest and my daughter both had to shift away from home to Melbourne, over 400 km away to go to university. They got student loans and student study allowance. They had to manage their own finances etc. they only came home for short holidays. They no longer lived at home. They were launched. Oldest was 17, DD was 18 middle 2 left home at 18 for work. They no longer were living at home. They were launched Just on 16 ds is just going through the process to enrol in TAFE for next year. This will mean he will no longer be homeschooled next year. To me this is launching. Not quite launched, but the process is begenning.
  18. It grows local to me along with other species of tea tree and melaleuca. I live in coastal scrub. They are all very hard to spin out of the honey frame
  19. the Manuka or as we call it Tea Tree is native to both Australia and New Zealand . botanical name is Leptospermum scoparium
  20. I have had a few ( maybe 5 or 6 UTI in my life) the antibiotics work very quickly like I felt a lot better within 24 hours. The doctors always recommend I get some Ural to add to the water. I think it changes the PH of your wee so it doesn't sting so much- I never use it though I hope you feel better soon
  21. I try hard to use only natural fibres. It gets very hot here but not so humid. Silk is great but shows damp spots where I sweat. Linen is what I find the coolest. I never iron. Just line dry then straight on the hanger. Cotton is nice. You can get some beautifully thin cotton shirts which are great in summer.
  22. I have another bookshelf with non-fiction in Dewey decimal system on the bottom shelves and the middles shelves with classics , top shelve is Britannica Great Books . it is a very very large bookshelf that covers a whole wall in my lounge-room a separate bookshelf that has reference books for science and history, with a shelf or 2 for text books that we are currently not using
  23. I have a large bookshelf ( Actually a single bed with the slats turned sideways) that has a shelf for the reading lists in the 4 year cycle. top shelf ancients, next shelf middle ages next shelf age of discovery and inventions then the next 2 shelves early modern and modern times
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