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  1. An observation that I have is that charging rent to young adults seems to be a good thing. Otherwise the young adult is not being treated like an adult. There are, of course, exceptions. Illness, disability, job loss, etc. The same circumstances in which I, as a middle aged adult, would still turn to my parents for help. And they would give it wholeheartedly. But under normal circumstances. charging rent to an adult in an adult-like manner, has worked for most of the families I have observed. Some parents save the rent that is paid and give it back to the young adult when they move out, t
  2. If no one has mentioned it yet, there is a wonderful blog with TONS of money saving help. It's written by a mom who fed her family entirely from her food storage and garden for more than a year. She has a section with recipes and how to eat for 40 cents a day. If anyone is looking to save money, her blog is awesome. theprudenthomemaker.com/blog/
  3. Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you are enjoying the napkins
  4. The chicken fabric has been a great favorite. I did a poll in my newsletter when I got the fabric, and the consensus was that it should be an apron. I wear an apron every day. I've saved SO many clothes from ruin because of my apron. So I tell myself that an apron is actually a frugal item!
  5. Thank you! It has been so good for me. I'm a bit more confident and I've learned so much. The sea turtle bag was made as a collaboration with a young woman who is a zoo keeper. She chose the fabric and I made a bag for her. She takes her utensils in it, for lunch at work. It seems fitting that it goes with her to a zoo!
  6. I have an Etsy shop. I opened it a bit into Covid lockdown. I'm always telling my kids to "have a go, keep learning, do what you love, don't worry about making mistakes, just try" and they all knew I'd wanted to have a shop but was too nervous too. And then I decided I'd better gather my courage and do it. It makes me happy and I've met lovely people. I sew from mostly repurposed fabric and denim so is eco friendly. I also sell cloth napkins, to reduce waste, and I sell Happy Birthday banners which have been popular and really are a family treasure. So many memories when the same banner i
  7. If I remember rightly from my specialist GYN, LH are the numbers to look for. The other numbers can fluctuate even in menopause. So LH levels are the numbers that determine menopause status.
  8. Facebook and FB marketplace are two separate things (connected, I know, but the pages appear separate and distinctly-they do not overlap). I sell my handmade items through my personal FB page. I sell used things, for example a used stroller or an outgrown bike, through FB marketplace. I have seen people selling handmade things on FB marketplace, but not so much in my area. It may vary by location. Think of FB marketplace as an online garage sale. Having a personal FB page is a good thing for a handmade business, since connecting with customers is an important aspect. On a personal or busi
  9. Hi! It's me again. I sell on FB marketplace. His items will not appear on your personal page. Having a personal FB page is just the way into the marketplace, but the marketplace is it's own thing. Buyers contact the seller through FB messenger. Messenger is an app you can get on your phone. Or it appears on the top of your FB page. Just do some clicking around at things others are selling on FB marketplace and you will see how his items would appear.
  10. My daughter has had good things from Asos. She's a fashionista.
  11. I'm so sorry for all of you who are experiencing sticker shock over the FAFSA changing. Just a few random thoughts, you all probably know them, but I'll put them out in case it helps someone. 1. Because students earning are counted so heavily against any aid, we encouraged our children to work less and take more units. Since full time tuition is the same whether they took 12 units or 22 units, they each took the 20-22 units every semester. This ensured they finished college in 4 years, which is a huge savings over a 5th year. Taking a lot of units means they pay less tuition overall, and
  12. Just bumping this up. I'm at my wits end with my HP laptop that has now started to spontaneously turn off. Any tech people out there who could give me a recommendation?
  13. I would also sew any high split. I think the 3rd or 4th link in your original post are lovely. I prefer solid colors, for me they are more timeless. Mother of the Bride gets to choose first and set the tone. Mother of the groom fits in with you. Wear what makes you feel happy and good. If you love blue, wear blue. Our son got married almost 4 years ago. It was at anice outdoor venue, both MOB and I wore long dresses. Pictures turned out very well. I wore navy (groom and groomsmen in blue uniform) dad's wore gray suits. MOB wore a silvery color, so we didn't 'match', but the colors we
  14. I am selling on etsy. I've done it for almost a year. I could try to answer some questions
  15. Thank you all. I appreciate it. If anyone else has any other thoughts to add, please chime in!
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