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  2. I think one of the benefits of a purple area is that people can easily see that others with a different opinion aren’t “evil” or whatever. At least in my bubble here, people don’t say things assuming everyone agrees with them. Neighbors, members of churches, kids sports coaches, etc all likely have very different beliefs and everyone respects each other. I just really like it. It isn’t that politics comes up or that I want to talk about it all the time, I am just worried that I won’t be able to keep my mouth shut when someone says something outrageous and everyone nods along. Dh is already living there and some nice people took him to dinner. He was very surprised at the things they said to him the first time they met him. They were obviously sure he agreed with them. I think these people are great and wouldn’t want to offend them, but I also don’t agree with the things they said so I would have a hard time smiling and nodding.
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    We have never been willing to pay for packers, so I have always packed the whole house myself. Well, DH helps as he can, and the kids were older this time and did their own rooms. But mainly me. We've sold five houses in 20 years, so we have moved every four year, on average. In 2018, we moved twice -- once our own stuff, and once my dad's stuff. I am SO over it. It seems endless!!! When it seems you must finally be coming to the end, there is still so much to do. You can do it!!! One day soon, you will turn in the keys to the old house and be done with it.
  4. So, as somebody who is not close to my parents and did not discuss my boyfriend much until telling them we were engaged--though they'd met him (and we married at 22/23)--I'd like to point out that from his POV, there may be no up side to discussing it with his parents. He doesn't plan to live in the same country with them again. He may only see them once a year or so. They're not going to change his mind, but they may try because it's not a "done deal" yet (even if actually they would like her very much--they may be hoping for a high-status DIL like a doctor). If he sees them as likely to try to interfere inappropriately, and he doesn't intend to take their opinion into consideration anyway, why say anything now?
  5. Yup, my reflexive response was “all of them”, too! I do lean toward overbuying, on purpose. Should I be left with a ton of extra buns, I’d stuff my freezers and send some to a food pantry. But athletic boys are unlikely to let that happen!
  6. In the state we recently dealt with, it is legally required at a certain point. (48hrs? 72hrs? I can’t remember precisely.). We actually had to prepare ourselves to file for an injunction because the deceased’s estranged spouse was refusing to sign paperwork, despite the known intentions for direct cremation. The law was going to require embalming if the cremation didn’t get scheduled soon. The professionals dh dealt with were absolutely incredible, even though they would not make much money off of this transaction. Given the headaches our family caused, I think they earned a lot more than they got paid! It’s still sad to me how much traditional burials can cost. My feelings about what I want have definitely changed.
  7. Good morning! Back from the city. Dd enjoyed the trip, and I am thankful (as always) to live somewhere free of crowds, traffic, and long waits for everything. I'm not going anywhere today if I can help it! put away laundry straighten up garage need to go through some financial things w/dh get an Amazon return ready to go order a refill for horse meds from compound pharmacy order horse supplements order gifts for a few people (lots of upcoming birthdays) have one of the boys pick up a few things at the grocery store work with horses - if it isn't raining dinner: veggie burgers & fries watch The Haunting of Hill House tonight
  8. Good morning! I have lots of grocery choices within 4 miles of my house - 4 Krogers (the closest), a 2 Publixes, Aldi, Sprouts, and 2 fruit/veg/flower stands. AFSA and Whole Foods are slightly further. Most of my shopping is done at Aldi. Kroger for other stuff, and Walmart when I need to stock up on toiletries, socks, and bandaids. Dd12 and I are playing for services today - I'm only playing first service so I can get home and change and then go play for a university graduation ceremony. Coffee!
  9. It's kinda difficult to sell houses nowadays. have your tried consulting to a realtor?
  10. When I did a year abroad in 1997/1998, the school counselors just sort of morphed things together into 7 classes and approximated the grades. It was pretty hand-wavy. For example, "You took Bio 4 hours per week and Chem 2 hours per week? Let's call that bio-chem!" "Development of Socialism in Europe? Let's call that European History." Then they rounded up my grades because of the harsh grading system of where I was. I think I would have felt guilty submitting the transcript had I written it, but it felt OK because the school admin did it, not me. But my school director from abroad wrote a college recommendation for me, which I think made clear to people that I had excelled at the school. While I see value in traveling through a foreign country, you won't get the language exposure needed to become proficient (if that is a goal) without lots of hours immersed in it. Of course, if you're going to Japan and your kid has no interest in Japanese, that isn't an issue. But if your child has taken four years of Spanish and you're going to Spain, it would be so sad to go to the country and not get the chance to be immersed. (We're in a foreign country right now and the homeschoolers aren't learning the language because they can't get the exposure they need. Families who are here long term enroll their kids in school because it is too hard to learn the language otherwise.) Emily
  11. I do think I would share most of everyone’s concerns here. The one thing I’d be a little lighter on is the whole “he’s too old to not be telling his parents” thing. To American’s, of course he’s too darn old to be hiding from Mommy and Daddy! But there are many other cultures in which dating and marriage carry heavy parental influence no matter the ages involved. Shucking that in practice while on the other side of the world may be one thing, but exposing it in person to deep cultural roots might be an entirely different thing. I would give SOME grace for what he might be going though, internally. That said, I still wouldn’t like it. Something is (obviously) going to have to give at some point. His girlfriend has every right to know when that point is. FWIW, I talked future and marriage with two people before my dh. It did not happen with those two people. Perhaps he’s waiting (right or wrong) to be absolutely positive that it will be happening before he takes on that conversation. (As an American mom with American kids, I vote wrong, but I do reserve some empathy for the man’s situation.)
  12. I like the suggestions of Kareni and others in this thread. If he enrolls in a school abroad, I don't believe the foreign school transcript (if they are willing to provide one) should be included on the Final Transcript for this student. I do believe, strongly, that mention of the time abroad should be included in the information sent on or with applications to universities. I believe they will see that time abroad as "a plus" for that student. Possibly one credit for the time spent abroad in the Language/Foreign Living learning experience.
  13. They sent us a list of 7 questions last night. Kind of interesting, DH has had his office in the basement for years. For staging, we were told to bring it back up to the designated office space, so we did. Well, this new guy wants to put his office in the basement and wants to be sure the basement would work! 😂 There were questions about moisture in the basement (we have never had any) and why there were not more A/C vents down there, only baseboard heaters (it is mostly underground and stays between 60-68 year round.) . They also wanted to know the age of our pool, size of HVAC system, and if they could have a goat on our property. 🤔 Oh, and the mom asked if we would leave some of our crappy, yeah! Take all of it! Then I don't have to move it! Hoping we get an offer today .
  14. Today
  15. There is a youtuber out there who put out a series of videos called “How to Adhd” and one of them was about how to break through the wall of awful when trying to do what seemed like a simple task. (In the video it was a child getting their binder out of the backpack). The method that kids with adhd commonly use to overcome the wall is “hulk-smashing”. - generating either enough anger at others or at themselves to be able to get the task done. My dd definitely used the first method ALL the time (ask me how I know!) and now my son, while I don’t necessarily think he has adhd, uses the second one. My other kid just happily does tasks and chores normally - it’s SO strange to see. So now I work a lot more with scaffolding with my son. Otherwise he gets stuck in the self- flagellation mode. We never reward behavior (or really much of anything) with the younger kids. It just created too many problems with the oldest. Well, we pay for chores but that’s about it. One other thing that helps me now is visualization - I read recently about procrastination prioritizing one’s present self over one’s future self, and by imagining myself in the future I am less willing to shift the burden of whatever I put off to my future self. I don’t know if that works with adhd, but it helps me get over my issues of not wanting to make doctor appts, make phone calls, etc.
  16. I’ve said it here before, I live in a rural area full of Trump supporters who fly Confederate flags. My neighbor believes in every conspiracy on infowars. Those types I refuse to engage with, as I see that extreme to be dangerous. The rest are just people I speak to without any thought of politics. At this point in my life, I know who not to waste my words on. Except here, occasionally.
  17. Good Morning. Coffee is brewing! The AFSA is usually our most convenient grocery store. Sometimes I go to Krogers when dd is at swim. For dh, sometimes Meijers is convenient after basketball.
  18. I tend to keep my mouth shut unless (1) I'm with other people who I know either share my outlook or who I know are willing and able to discuss differing positions calmly and rationally (those people are rare, but they do still exist) or (2) someone spouts their opinions and indicates that they believe I share them. Speaking up in situation (2) can sometimes get rather heated despite my best effort, but honestly -- how very rude and myopic is it to assume someone agrees with you? ETA: Sometimes I think it would be wonderfully freeing to live in an area where the majority agreed with me politically, but I'm of an age to still adhere to the notion that politics and religion are best not discussed in polite company.
  19. Are you using TT for Precalculus? Chapters 4 and 5 stand out to me as topics we're doing in Algebra 2 this year. Chapters 1-3 are often in both Algebra 2 and Precalc.
  20. More and more I don't share my political views with people, at least not unless it seems really appropriate or it's within a trusting, respectful relationship. Politics are just so darn divisive these days, and the thing is, you might actually find you have much more in common with someone than not, and then suddenly if you realize you hold different political views it can shoot down anything you thought you had in common. Which is crazy, because often those political differences aren't even as big as you think they are when it comes down to it. Of course sometimes they are, but if both people are decent people, you learn to compartmentalize those differences instead of painting each other with a broad brush. Once my dh and I were involved in a community project and we needed to get our district's representative on board. He was of the opposite party as us, but my dh and I, believing this was a project both parties supported and would gain from, chose not to divulge our political affiliation with him. We became pretty good friends with him over time. He was really shocked when it came out that we were affiliated with the other party. Well, at first he was shocked, then completely baffled, and then he thought it was just really funny. We don't agree on everything for sure, but we do agree on a lot of things and enjoy and respect it each other. I have a feeling that if we had started out by announcing our political party with him we would never have made it to that point. This is all to say that when you leave politics out at first and just work at being a good neighbor and focus on the things that you do have in common, it sets a level of trust and respect that hopefully will be stronger than any political differences. Of course sometimes it doesn't, but it's always worth hoping for. We live in a purple area too, but the majority of our friends in a particular circle are of the opposite party as us. They've learned over time that we generally support the other party. They think we're wrong of course -haha. But it hasn't really affected our friendships within that circle too much and we've always felt accepted and respected. They've rallied together to help us in family emergencies and we, them. We're there for each other despite a difference in political leanings.
  21. Any feedback on whether WTM bio plus Thinkwell would be sufficient for AP Bio? If not, any recommendations please. Thanks!
  22. You are citing above the table and full time.
  23. Yep. And so does my school district. There is no transportation for the students who have DE at the CC as the only option besides study sixteen year old new drivers, they get to learn to handle ice by driving in to the CC daily in winter. Keep in mind high schoolers in NYC travel more than an hour to school; commutes are normal. Why do you think driving to the CC is the only way to earn a certificate or degree? Does your state not have online options?
  24. We don't bother. The majority isn't going to let the reins go and they pass control down to their dc plus are well funded from people who don't live here. We can like it or lump it, but until we have the votes we are stuck with 'my way or the highway'. The schooling options were changed on the state level so those who want an education can get it from other providers; the rest is "I got mine" local decisions. Its been entertaining, but really who wants to live in 1950? You learn to fundraise and donate for things govt should be doing.
  25. Hey - I'm working through Kreeft's Socratic Logic book, and it looks like you received the answer key to the odd problems once upon a time. I e-mailed and called the press (which appears to be just one person, Bruce) four different times over the last two weeks. He's out sick and completely unreachable for the foreseeable future. Would you mind sharing? I purchased the book in part because I thought the full materials were available, and apparently it was a bait-and-switch by the publishing company. Still, I want to learn this stuff.

    I would be so, so grateful!!!

  26. It is so sad though that we can't have a healthy vote and agree to disagree.
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