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  2. For what it's worth, I never would have guessed this about you. You've always come across as very calm, collected, and reasonable! I am also a venter that is trying to put a lid on it. My parents were people that would spew angry words and assault your character when angry. I can still hear my stepmother screaming at me that I was a "Selfish, selfish, self-absorbed thing!" because I forgot to pick up a gallon of milk on my way home from work. And I worked in a grocery store! And I too was 22! Ugh.
  3. Both. Just in case the early sprouters get caught by frost.
  4. This is the absolutely shakiest example one could possibly select. And if it were the only passage that related to this, I might actually agree with you. But there are many more, and by and large they are clearer, and as a full body of work they are clear. I, personally, would in some ways rather they didn't say what they say, but I can't in honesty say that they don't say it.
  5. Would it be too redundant to do Singapore 6 and then Dimensions 6?
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    This was a duplicate. Keep looking!
  7. And Krissi is craving something. For sure there is a pregnancy underfoot. Or under book, as the case is... We're spanning three states here with the pregnancy symptoms, so there has to be a second person...(it isn't me. I think it's Slash).
  8. Stop telling him what to do. Maybe he doesn't want that kind of relationship with you anymore. Even if you think he needs that kind of guidance, even if you think he's making a giant mess of his life, even if you think it's foolish to spend $20 on hamburgers, just stop. He's 22. It's rude and snotty the way that he handled this trip and everything around it; there's no disagreement from me that he handled it poorly. It seems like you have a lot of expectations for how your son should fit into your lives and his siblings lives. Did you ask him if it was ok to add on the other sibling? Did your son want to handle all the arrangements for the trip, but instead you took over as "Mom and Dad" and managed/parented the whole thing? Did you maybe step on his toes and he got mad and said "Forget it. I'll take the trip by myself". I feel like I've been the son in this situation. I offer to do ABC, parents agree and then hijack the plan, adding on more responsibility for me plus *all* their expectations for how I should be living my life, and then give me an ultimatum that they'll pull the plug on the whole thing if I don't behave. If this was a friend and not your son, would you have used the same words and tone? Would you have handled it the same way, or would you have extended more grace and courtesy?
  9. I would say that the majority of the do-not-copy-cut-or-paste-because-will-delete-later threads follow the same path. If the post has to be deleted later, should it be posted in first place? Original posters understandably want sympathy. When members' speculations or questions get uncomfortable for original posters, original posters mete out details in effort to support their position on matter while basically remaining mum on the whole story. Advice cannot be given in a vacuum.
  10. Okay, I just want to say that I think you all belong here. (Yes, I'm talking to you, @moonflower, and you, Scarlett, and everybody else!) There is SO MUCH collective wisdom and interesting discussion not only in this thread but on the Hive in general, and I'd hate for any of it to go missing. I've learned a lot and even changed some long-held perspectives just from being here and reading and interacting. I figure that people will give whatever detail they are comfortable giving or not giving, and we can do our best to help. Love you guys. ❤️
  11. I know what you mean. My daughter decided to be Cleopatra for Halloween. Last weekend, I listened to her talking about Cleopatra with her friend. She was telling her friend all about Cleopatra's 3 husbands and the asp. She was shocked that her friend did not know about Julius Caesar and tried to prompt her with, "Et tu Brutus?" It's funny what sinks in and what doesn't.
  12. Thank you all very much! I think we have a couple good ones to work with now. Hopefully they'll suit the bill. 😄
  13. You can only have one lap child (under two without their own seat) per row because there are only 4 oxygen masks in a row. But If you buy them seats you can fly with multiple kids under two. I have a friend who just flew home (cross country) with 3 under two (one is almost two, twin babies)- she had one lap baby and then bought three seats and the 4 of them sat in one row together. Another friend of mine does a 12 hour flight alone with her 6 (under 10) every summer. I once booked a last minute cross country flight for my 3 kids and I, and when I went to select seats there weren’t any together. I called and they best they could do was 2 groups of 2. So I sat with the baby (who always flys in his own seat, we don’t do laps) and my other two (who were 4 and 9 year at the time) sat together elsewhere. I’ve flow to Europe with the kids, and due to a stupid mix up, I ended up with the little ones and my daughter (7 or 8 at the time) ended up sitting alone- the airline didn’t care- as in we tried to get them to move her near us and they err like too bad, it’s a full flight, she will be fine. It’s good for people to know there are no restrictions because I’ve known/seen so many parents book basic economy tickets (the ones where you don’t get to pick your seat) to save money assuming that since they were flying with kids the airlines would have to put them together and they won’t usually do it. I have sat there and watched the gate agents tell parents that their only option is to deal with being apart or to not get on the plane.
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    Oh, boo. Too late as usual. 🙃
  15. Ladies, I ordered PAJAMAJEANS from Amazon--oh yes, I did--and I actually like them. They have a DRAWSTRING waist, which I absolutely love, because usually if jeans are big enough for my ample derrière they are too large in the waist. They are made of a more substantial fabric than leggings, actually look quite denim-y, and are super comfy. Some caveats: they don't lend themselves to wearing any shapewear (i.e. Spanx) underneath, but I suppose that would kind of defeat the purpose of comfort anyway. Also, they don't have enough body to hold in anything--they are not going to make your tummy or booty look better, at all. I only wear jeans with tops and sweaters that cover both my tummy and my tush, so it's not so much of a problem for me. I definitely wouldn't wear them with anything that doesn't cover the waist. Just FYI. 🙂 p.s. Somehow I used three (!!!) different euphemisms for backside in this post. (Make that four. 😉)
  16. Oh, I overthink everything and try to abide by all the rules. I'm overly fastidious about some things, I suppose. I've just had a really stressful week. My husband was gone from Wednesday- Sunday and I had a workshop to do with 2 older kids on saturday, a violin lesson was moved to Monday so that day was less of a school day. I haven't done any school with my littlest this week . I just feel like I'm another week behind and this math thing is making me more nervous. My son did 3 math lessons today very easily, so I will press ahead, and hopefully ground him well and then push right into book 3. My goal is year round school anyway. And I do need something more independent than BA. At least Abeka is something with straightforward instructions that he can do on his own.
  17. Meatloaf with Brussels sprouts roasted in bacon and butter.
  18. Oh if he can run 13, he'll get there. He should work up to to at least 20 or 21 in training. It is nice to follow a schedule because it kind of lays out your longer and shorter and recovery days. You don't want to get longer each day. Also, you will want to taper the week prior. I don't know what is exactly meant by "support"? I ran 3 marathons before I was a fat old mom and never had any more support than what was put out on the race course by the organizers and I carried some gu packets. He will want to use those stops - drink every time whether you feel you need it or not. Walk through them if it helps.
  19. Hal Higdon has half and full marathon training plans. I’m using one of the half marathon plans now.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Chicken pot pie. I am in the mood for chicken pot pie. That’s what’s for dinner.
  22. I've found that my lower elementary kids learn quite a lot from just reading, listening, and talking. Even months later they'll say or do something to show they understand something even when I didn't think they had been paying attention. I do consider myself a fairly rigorous homeschooler, primarily because I strive to cover a lot of subject areas very consistently, but only a few of those subject areas do I look for a certain type of output on a regular basis. A lot of stuff is covered by read alouds, audiobooks, strewing stuff around, games, and fun projects they don't even realize that I'm mentally cataloguing as school or some skill I'm trying to develop. I do think quantifiable output is important, but not necessarily in every core subject every day and not based on hours worked.
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