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What to get my young marrieds for Christmas?

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Honestly, not knowing them at all, my brain goes to gift cards...groceries, clothing, that sort of thing, b/c my brain equates young marrieds w/'broke'.


Maybe a movie basket? Since they've got a little one, date night at home is probably a great idea...a nice popcorn maker, some dvds, etc?

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My MIL always asks for a list...she wants me to put lots of items on it and then pick which ones she wants to get. Then my poor DH has to coordinate with her as to what she's getting so he knows what to get and can tell my mom. I have to do the same thing with his list and my kids. It really gets to be a hassle.


I would prefer if she said I would like to spend approximately X amount and I would like for you to have X number of gifts (she wants everyone to have multiple gifts to open...sigh....) She also NEVER puts receipts with anything so if you need to exchange (wrong size, duplicate, etc.) you have to ask her and then she gets her feelings hurt.


We are not frivolous people and really would prefer for them to spend their money on themselves for a trip or something they want.


It's hard. She started hassling me in October for gift lists for my kids and everytime she has talked to them since then she asks them what they want for Christmas. She makes the Christmas focus for us be all on gifts and not on Christ and it's really frustrating!


As for your marrieds, ask them if there is something nice they'd like to have like maybe a camera or some yard equipment, exercise equipment that they wouldn't buy for themselves or maybe they would like a $ to put towards a mini vacation. I say lay it out about how much you would like to spend. I think it's the best way to make sure your money goes towards something that will truly be enjoyed.

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Well I tend to be practical so those are the gifts I've appreciated most, freezers, mixers, nice pots or pans, Fiestaware dishes, my heavy duty Land's End Coat, useful stuff but things I wasn't necessarily willing to spend money on since it would break our budget.


I could see a weekend away as being really nice (provided mom isn't exclusively nursing which would make it pretty hard), tickets to theater, concert, major sporting event.

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Wow, you all have some nice in-laws and parents! My mom is a widow so we told her to stop getting us stuff. SHe buys a gift for the kids. Totally happy with that. We get a small check from the il's which is nice. They used to send us boxes of crap from yardsales. For me, broken crap:lol:.


How about a membership to the zoo or something? I would love that!

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If they don't already have one, a good camera (preferably with a video feature) would be a great choice.


We aren't exactly young marrieds anymore (though sometimes I still feel young!), but we always appreciate cash to put towards admission fees, movie rentals/tickets, or even gas (lots of free state parks around here, but sometimes the gas cost is too high), so that we can do things we wouldn't otherwise get to do. Or gift cards for groceries or gas, maybe restaurants.

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A night prepaid at a hotel with money for a sitter (unless you live close enough to babysit yourselves!)


Pizza freebie cards, enough for one night a month for the whole year!


A set of enamel popcorn bowls, with everyone's names written on them, and some specialty popcorns and seasonings.


Totally the good camera or video recorder.


A gift certificate good for a photo book purchased online.


Magazine subscriptions, I have always appreciated that!


Ditto on the Kitchenaid.


Gift cert for Land's End or some other higher end online retailer for clothing.



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I would ask them, but that's how our family rolls.


Our parents all give us money, which we appreciate. My dad likes us to have something to open, so we ask for less expensive things to open.


With my kids (14-20) I ask them for a list and if they want clothes, we go shopping together. I get them to show me stuff they like. Then I go back and choose what I want to give from the stuff they've identified that they like. There is still a bit of an element of surprise, but I know I'm getting them something they want.

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