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  1. I would definitely neuter. We waited until later with our large dog for health reasons as well but noticed a definite difference in behaviors once we did it.
  2. Where in VT are you going? Definitely plan for a day at the Shelburne museum if you can.
  3. I had a similar situation last summer and wound up speaking with the directors of a couple of our activities about the situation and having my child switched to another activity offered by the same organization. They were very understanding about it.
  4. I have met quite a few men who wanted to immediately replace the wife they lost. Often they don't realize what it means to be single until they are. (This from the perspective of a divorced and currently casually dating woman...I have met a lot of men who found their world upside down when their wives ended the marriage)
  5. Kittens can be switched to solid food around 3 1/2 to 4 weeks. I would start putting out canned and dry kitten food when you think they are around three weeks and then trap them around 4 weeks. That should give you enough time to tame them while they are still little but allow you to avoid the headaches of bottle feeding them.
  6. I like shoveling snow. I dislike pushing a lawn mower through the swarms of bugs in my yard in oppressively hot and humid conditions.
  7. Given the price of the car he is driving it sounds like spoiled brat syndrome which means the parents are very unlikely to bother doing anything about it. Get a video camera and set up a rotation of neighbors to man it. Add a phone tree and aim for a minimum of 5 calls to the police each time he tears through the neighborhood.
  8. Respond politely but firmly. "I'm sorry. We would have loved to have you at the event but the RSVP deadline has long passed and we simply can't change the headcount at this time."
  9. A good tailor can add a soft cup bra to any suit to give it the support you want. I had this done every year while nursing babies because I could never find anything that would give me the support I needed without looking frumpy (I needed a LOT of support).
  10. The law in my state is 12. I have been known to fudge things sometimes (like letting my 9 year old in the dog park when the minimum age is 10) but not when it comes to actual laws. I feel especially strongly about laws around driving because I don't want my kids to think they are negotiable once they are driving themselves.
  11. Definitely. We haven't eaten at the dining room table in a week because it is buried under stacks of clothes destined for various places and surrounded by boxes of toys and household stuff headed for goodwill.
  12. The only iron I could handle was flintstones plus iron. Everything else made me feel very ill.
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