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  1. I found this that I really like. You can purchase just one unit at a time and there is plenty of white space on the pages to work the problems. I think we might give this a go, even if we need to work on for 2 years!
  2. Yes, weaving different programs together would probably prove to be difficult due to time constraints with a large family. Thank you for your responses - they have been very helpful!
  3. He is not struggling in math, just needs me to sit with him to review the directions/instructions and prevent him from making errors of not being able to read his own writing. He is actually quite good at math and grasps the concepts quickly. Not genius or anything but strong in math.
  4. We did flounder for a few months after Right Start just trying to find a good program that worked for him, but I am most certainly teaching the math. He completed the full 5th grade Khan program last year and is completing Mathematical Reasoning grade 6 this year. We do it all partner style as you are describing. I sit with him to explain the lesson and check his work as he goes to prevent mistakes.
  5. Has anyone used CTC math for high school levels? I'm wondering if it's thorough enough to be considered a full curriculum.
  6. I'm looking for math for him to start in the fall as a 7th grader. We did Rightstart through E in 4th grade. Then we floundered a bit bc we were needing to put lots of time into getting him reading. He is now reading close to grade level though we are still working a lot on the dysgraphia. even in his math work he makes mistakes bc he often can't read his own writing. We ended up using Khan for 5th and Mathematical Reasoning for 6th. I asked him for 7th if he preferred a workbook approach or a video approach. He prefers the workbook approach and I'm assuming it's because he likes for me to sit with him to review the concept and help him while he works bc of the writing difficulties. I will have 3 younger children so I was leaning video hoping to move him towards independent work. I'm comfortable teaching math up through pre-calc so that isn't an issue. I have looked at horizons for pre-algebra 7th but not sure where we would go after that for highschool. I was strongly considering MUS but I have no experience with it. I am not interested in Saxon! My current 9th grader is using ALEKS, which I like a lot, but I wish it had video instruction. If I'm going to be doing the instructing I don't want to be doing it over his shoulder looking at a computer screen. I'm also not interested in TT bc in our experience it doesn't offer enough practice problems if a student doesn't grasp the concept quickly. So - given ALL that - do you have any recs for me for math for this student. I would really like a program we can stick with through highschool.
  7. My rising 9th grader is finishing up 8th grade math on Khan. He's about 90% finished with the 8th grade mission which equates to 50% of the Pre-Algebra mission. He doens't enjoy khan and wants more instruction so I was looking at EdX courses. I'm not sure if College Algebra would be right place to put him and if that would really be like Algebra 1 and 2 in high school? ANy experience or help appreciated!
  8. Thank you, Dianne, for sharing this! Are the teaching videos good? with step by step explanations?
  9. My 11th grader and 8th grader have been using Khan this year for math. They don't love it. I like that it forces them to keep at it until they have mastered the topic. The Khan video explanations are sometimes lacking and I do a lot of teaching, which is fine bc I love math and have no problem with the concepts. However, I have 3 younger children, including a needy toddler and sometimes the older kids have to wait for me to explain or teach a concept and it annoys them. I'd really like to use a program that teaches the lesson then I can be available to explain or go over again if needed. Shormann looks interesting and it's at a price point that could work for me. So please share your experience and feedback if you have used it.
  10. I see this is on the Build Your Bundle sale for half off. I'd love to hear any reviews of any of the classes available.
  11. I like the way you described this and the way you have adjusted to make it work for you. I bought one quarter of TOG and tried to use it with my then aged 7th and 4th graders primarily and with a 1st grader, too. I watched all the videos for plannig and preparing but just couldn't make it work well for us. Maybe I need to revisit with fresh eyes. Sent from my SM-G360P using Tapatalk
  12. cjgrubbs

    Visual Latin 1


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    3 DVDs in original case. Lessons 1-30. Used once - great program! Medial mail shipping included. Paypal only.



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    Full set of 6 books PLUS the Student Workbook. I purchased this set used and we only used the Part 1, Part 2 and We the People. We did not use the workbooks but the previous owner has used 4 pages of the Student Workbook and 5 pages of the map workbook. Paypal only. Media Mail shipping. Please PM me if interested!


  14. cjgrubbs

    Visual Latin 1


    • For Sale
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    3 CDs in original case. Used once. Great program! Media Mail shipping including. Paypal only.


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