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    Rod & Staff English "Preparing to Build" 2 set for sale. Set includes Teacher Manual and Student Text. Throwing in 2 incomplete test booklets as well. $20 ppd.


  2. Our piano instructor introduced us to KITS, Keynote Independent Theory Services, and we have been really pleased. It's rigorous, and you move at your own pace. www.keynotetheory.com The website is underwhelming, but the program is thorough preparation for college level music theory.
  3. Pumpkin pancakes and also sweet potato pancakes. We love them!
  4. My mom does custom work. She made my kids' baptismal gowns as well as my daughter's 1st Communion gown. You can email her: jostellard@yahoo.com or find her on Facebook: Rockin' Roly Boutique. Much of what she has posted online is informal whimsical stuff, but she can send you pictures with examples of event creations.
  5. An electric blanket was the best present we ever got and since they run $50+ nowadays, it isn't something we would have bought ourselves. Rather simple, but we have always thought it a great gift. :001_smile:
  6. I buy a lot of pouches every year and always end up laminationdepot.com. If you don't hit $250, ask around and do a group order to get $10 shipping.
  7. Yes, everything one the east side of the Rocky Mountains, but not further than about 20 miles east of the foothills is considered the Front Range. There's a huge variety along it...Ft Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs and everything in between. I don't live there, but really like the Castle Rock/Franktown/Elizabeth/Monument area. More rural, but very easy to get everywhere. Castle Rock would put them closer to multiple educational options.
  8. She will be missed here, she made an impression on lots who are asking after her...not realizing the whole situation she is facing and hoping she gets to come back soon (to what I hope will be a different environment altogether).
  9. I don't always trust Google, so would you share how to check for registered SO's? We bought our house this summer and it never occurred to me to look at that.
  10. Colorado ACTS is a very active one, they have sites all over the metro area. I know a ton of homeschoolers out here that participate.
  11. I've used both CC and CCM for a few years each now, so I think I can answer those questions. The CCM songs are memorable, but not unique and as professional as CC's. We still sing and use them, even if some of them are awkward and tricky to sing. The point is that they are memorable! The timeline song is new to CC, with the publication of the CC timeline this year. CCM does not have a timeline song on their audio cds, but if you look on YouTube you should be able to find where at least one co-op is setting it to music by week. On the CCM audio cds, the history, Latin and math (skip co
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