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Wart treatment?

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I can't help with the oral medication, but my daughter had small warts on her toes that we couldn't get rid of until we used banana peels! We just cut off a chunk of banana peel, put it over the wart, and covered it with band-aids at bedtime. Her warts were GONE within 2 weeks and have not returned.

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I'm very interested in an oral med for this, too. My kiddo has a plantar wart that we've been struggling with eradicating.


Banana peels - what a good idea. That one's out for us, as kiddo is allergic to banana (it's related to latex, he's also allergic to that)...


I'll be watching for more tips!

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After spending about $300 going to a dermatologist, Thuja pills worked wonders for us. It is a homeopathic remedy and they are little white pills that dissolve under your tongue. They don't have a bad taste at all. It might take 3 or 4 tubes before the warts go away (at about $7 a tube, that's still better than a dermatologist!)


Good luck.




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I tried all of the above and many other things (including freezing, food grade hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, Vit A) before breaking down and asking my doc for Aldara. It's expensive but worth absolutely every penny. It never hurt and worked wonderfully. I am thankfully wart-free again!


I'd try other things before Aldara but if you don't get rid of it or more show up, get treatment ASAP.

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This might sound weird, but duct tape works too. You just keep it on there until the wart comes off (about a week). I didn't believe it, but I tried it and it worked!


I've tried this and it didn't work.


I have a, to quote the dermatologist, "rare flat wart." I've had it for years and years and it will NOT go away. I've had it frozen by doctors several times. Keeps coming right back. Ugh.

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I've used the ACV before, and it takes a week or two - sometimes up to a month (I had a flat/plantar wart at the end of my thumb that looked like a callous that would NOT budge with freezing)...


It works but it hurts...


I'd recommend coconut oil or the grapefruit seed oil... the tricky part is keeping it on a cotton ball or something to keep the adhesive (band aid or duct tape) to stay on (the oil will keep it from sticking in many cases) - and you really do want to smother it with as little oxygen as possible. The coconut oil is what I've used on children before and it worked beautifully.


It takes a little longer with coconut oil, but eventually the "root" or ball of nerves does fall out and it is pretty painless.


ACV made my whole hand throb. I've heard that some people experience very little to no pain at all... but, for me (it was pretty giant) it was extremely painful.


Coconut oil is a great option... I also recommend eating/taking some with it... It needs to be first/cold pressed and maybe unfiltered, though... In order for the properties to help.

I've never tried the Thuja that was suggested, earlier... That might be worth checking out. Is that what you were looking for? Or have you still not found your answer?


Be blessed in your endeavor!

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My son & daughter have both had worts and used oregano oil. My daughter tried tea tree oil & I understand it works for many people, she has sensitive skin & it was too harsh. Both found that by applying 1 drop of oregeno oil to each wort worked great, neither one covered the wort. Both had more than 1 and it took 2 or 3 weeks depending on the size of the wort. Neither has had the worts return.


They were very turned off by going to a dermitologist to have it frozen, or burned or cut off.


The oregano oil worked great for both of them. I wish I had known about it when I was young. I went through all of the above methods w/a dermitologist before I finally got rid of them and it was painful and stressful, especially the cutting off.


Sounds like you have some great ideas from the group.




Barbara in NH

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My son had a wart on his little finger. It grew and grew and grew. We used compound W on it for weeks and...it just grew and grew and grew.


I didn't know any better so I took him to the doctor. Not that I don't like doctors necessarily, but I didn't know how hard it was to get rid of warts. I thought they could remove it like a mole, and it would be over in one visit.


He saw the pediatrician 3 times.

He saw a skin doctor 5 times.

That was $160 in copays alone.


Sometimes they froze it, and sometimes they put acid on it, but the wart just got bigger and bigger and bigger with each treatment.


Finally, I stopped going to the doctor and did the following:


Washed the hand.

Put petroleum jelly on the delicate skin around the wart (delicate because of the 8 episodes of freezing and burning of good skin around the wart.)

Filled a bowl full of apple cider vinegar and had him put his warty finger in it for 20 minutes. I would have preferred longer, but he's a wiggly child.

Dried the hand.

Doused a tiny piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar.

Taped the piece of wet cotton directly onto the wart with duct tape.


If the tape fell off, we'd douse some more cotton and put it back on. Every couple of days, he'd soak the hand in the vinegar again. He never had that tape off for the entire time we treated him at home.


The goal was to keep the wart away from air and light for as long as possible, and for the acid in the apple cider vinegar to work it's magic.


After all that money, and months and months of treatments at the doctors' office, the wart finally came off with the vinegar-duct tape treatment in about 5 weeks.


All of this just finished up about 2 weeks ago.

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Vitamin E capsules worked for DS#2 when he had warts on his fingers. I thought about trying the duct tape method, but getting duct tape to stick to tiny 7yo fingers was way too hard. I got Vitamin E (100iu) supplements & had him take one a day by mouth for a month. His warts were gone in a fortnight & have never returned.

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