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  1. We are planning on using Hake Grammar 6 this year for grammar. I am also wanting to use IEW SWI-A for writing, so am I ok in just eliminating all of the writing/composition portions of Hake (besides the journal and dictation)? It looks decent, but my dyslexic DS needs help with his writing BAD. I think it would be too much for him to do both.
  2. Thank you for your replies! No, they didn't use the drill sheets, I didn't know about them, but I will go see if they're in the HIG I have and use those to start her off this year. She picks up the concepts quickly, but she does still use and need the manipulatives right now which frustrates her more than me. She wants to do them without, but sometimes can't picture it.
  3. My daughter used SM SE 1A and 1B in co-op last year and did great. The only problem I can see in her skills is that she has virtually no math facts memorized at this point. She'd like to continue and use 2A and 2B this year, which I'm ok with, but I'm thinking that she needs a couple of weeks of fact review/drill before we start. Is this a common problem with SM? Are you doing drill and fact review on the side? I was thinking of using some of the MM pages where they cover single and double digit addition before starting 2A.
  4. In this situation, I would use Winning with Writing for 3rd grade. It teaches how to build a paragraph and different types of writing (narrative, persuasive, etc.) paragraphs. You could skip the parts he already knows in the beginning and do the rest over the summer.
  5. I have them (and they're getting worse, maybe b/c of age) and I just recently read somewhere it was due to low B-12. I ALWAYS have low B-12 and take supplements daily. Not sure if it's true, but worth checking into!
  6. Otterbox. Great all around and they can withstand serious dropping, backpack carrying, purses, dog carrying around, etc.
  7. Thank you! I appreciate it. I'm getting ready to buy it b/c I'm pulling him out of an independent writing class, and just wanted some realistic opinions!
  8. If you use IEW's SWI-A, how long do you spend per day (or week) on writing? Thank you!!
  9. Thank you so much! I got them last night for the kids! They will be so excited to see them all~
  10. My daughter is 7 and LOVES the new LEGO Friends sets. She also loves the American Girl dolls and other things mentioned, but LEGOs are topping the Christmas list this year after McKenna (American Girl doll), of course!
  11. Since we're home all day, I keep it at 65 all winter long. We're in the south though...if I was in the north, I'm thinking maybe it might be 67 or 68.
  12. He's a demi-god from Camp Half Blood (Percy Jackson series). He's wearing a ripped up a pair of jeans we got at the thrift store, an orange tee, shield, sword, helmet and chest plate. He had 2 (sword and shield) and I got the other two at the local pop-up Halloween store. He's actually excited about it this year!
  13. Could it be a fire ant/other type of bite? Our puppy got one on his front paw and wouldn't leave it alone. I know it was an ant bite b/c he stepped in a ant pile, but they can be anywhere in the yard, etc.
  14. There are SO many nice places in and around Athens. Have you looked while you were there? Have you worked with a buyer's agent? I feel certain you can find a bigger lot inside the city limits or a more updated house outside. I have heard there are a lot of homeschool opportunities there!
  15. I would use cornstarch for that recipe. Also be sure you're using all new ingredients to avoid cross contamination...like butter, etc. Also double check the label on your Worcestershire sauce, spices, etc. Sometimes they aren't want you think they are! It looks yummy!
  16. Were you already with Chase? I'm having trouble getting our current company to give us info. Our rate is 6.25...we have to get it down!
  17. Provided as info, everyone should do their own research and make decisions in their family's best interest. http://www.naturalnews.com/036255_MMR_autism_court_case.html http://www.naturalnews.com/036220_vaccinated_children_disease_allergies.html http://www.naturalnews.com/035466_whooping_cough_vaccines_outbreaks.html These are just from the Natural News site, but they have the sources listed at the end of each article for further research.
  18. GAP used to carry XXS, size 2. Not sure if they still do?
  19. I would b/c with the DS and DSi you have expensive little games to keep up with. On the iTouch, they're all on it, so nothing extra to keep up with.
  20. Clean her home, change the sheets, do the laundry. She won't be able to easily and probably won't feel like it anyway.
  21. 50% means average. What other children at the same level scored. It is not a failing score. I look more at ones that are below 50 and see what we need to work on---punctuation, for example. I'm mailing mine today. I know they're going to be horrible, but the kids got the stomach flu and then a bad case of strep back to back, but I have to send them back so we did it anyway, it will be a total loss---waste of time and money. Oh well!
  22. I would say to stick with it and evaluate at 3 months. I think it takes at least that long for your body to start to heal. READ LABELS...these are all gluten: Modified food starch Hydrolyzed wheat protein Wheat starch Wheat germ Flour Bulgar Semolina Frumento Durum (also spelled Duram) Kamut Graham Einkorn Farina Couscous Seitan Matzoh Matzah Matzo cake flour DEFINITELY cut out ALL food dyes. If is says Red, Yellow, Blue, etc and has a number after it, don't consume it. They are petro-based chemicals and are not good for anyone, let alone someone who has any type of sensory issues. Google it if you need research more info. I promise you'll see a positive change within 72 hours.
  23. :iagree: Also, they provide character building, leadership opportunities, life long friendships and networking for life. It's truly a wonderful experience. There are kids that 'party' and kids that don't in every organization...even the general student population. I was involved locally and nationally for many years and hands down will encourage both of my kids to go through recruitment if their school offers it. I know there are a lot of sites like this out there, but here are a few statistics---http://www.whygogreek.com/stats.html
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