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  1. :hurray: :hurray: BRAG away!!! Please keep us posted on this amazing opportunity. I'm positive the Hive cyber-family would become her biggest fans. I am a USA Swim deck official (referee) and I always feel so honored to watch differently abled swimmers compete with mainstream swimmers and I fall in love with swimming and swim families more and more every time I watch them clapping and sending encouragements.
  2. Our 16-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son compete year round and play water polo club team year round. They just had a two week break from swimming and are back in the water doing both sports 5 days a week and couldn't be happier. New gear ... my son just moved up to the senior's group so he started using a snorkel in practice. He was used to all of the other equipment (paddles, buoy, fins, etc.), but he hadn't used the snorkel yet and he is happy now. I am a super happy Swim Taxi Mom because now that my daughter has a car, she drives them to swim and water polo 4 days of the week and I only have to drive once a week. WOOT!!! :hurray: :hurray: After 7 years of driving to swim practice, I am now cruising to the lazy life ... :laugh: ... or I would be lazy if I didn't keep volunteering for projects and/or trying to now do all of the things on my lengthy To-Do list.
  3. :iagree: I have great memories of listening to the Beethoven's Wig CDs with my children.
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