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  1. If you get to Muir Woods early enough, you can enter the park for free - while avoiding the crowded parking lot and/or the crowd in general. My daughter and I had the 1 mile trail to ourselves until we reached the beginning of the loop when it was hard to walk because the trails were so packed. The parking lot and overflow parking lots were packed when we left. When we left Muir Woods, we took a right and drove over the range to spend time on Muir Beach. Your boys would probably love to explore the area with a private beach feel, tidal pool area, and a wetlands area. I think there wa
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fsp.android.friendlocator&hl=en Everyone in our family has this app on their phones. It would have been handy for you to have tried to located her and offer help since it would have picked up on her last known location. Just a thought about for the future. My son needed to be picked up recently and used the app to find out who was closer to his location.
  3. Do you have a friend you could borrow a hand-held Nintendo DS console and a few games? Animal Crossing would keep her busy.
  4. My 14-year-old son and I flew on Southwest Airlines last weekend and he had to have an ID to get a boarding pass AND to get through the security section. Thankfully he has a military ID that he used.
  5. I am flying into LAX later this week and I have a question about the best driving route in that area. Please send me a private message. THANKS!
  6. Our two homeschooled children play club water polo year round, plus they are able to play on local high school water polo teams in the spring. I thought it was exciting to read about an all homeschool team playing in the high school league and wanted to pass along the info: http://blueribbonnews.com/2015/01/water-polo-earns-recognition-as-home-school-high-school-sport/
  7. This is an easy 4 hour drive. You get on I-40 in ABQ and don't get off on the drive east until you reach Amarillo. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadillac_Ranch - we stop here every time we drive through Amarillo. We have been luck enough to find paint cans so we can leave an art signature, etc., but you could always bring your own and leave it for others if you have left over paint in the can.
  8. I had several thousand family photos to scan, so I bought a Flip-pal. I would take a stack of photos to swim/water polo practice and scan the photos while I waited. It seems like it took forever, but I got all of the photos scanned before I knew it.
  9. http://swimtaxi234.blogspot.com/2012/10/baked-creamy-chicken-taquitos.html This is a family favorite that I am going to doctor for tonight's meal using leftover turkey. I have made this with doctored rotisserie chicken, so fingers crossed that it works tonight since I will be serving it to a bunch of teens. EDIT: Huge success - I made 20 taquitos and they are all gone.
  10. The topic of this thread is about electronics (or lack thereof) and somewhere in this thread you also mentioned that your husband has an ipod and ipad - two super fun toys to keep away from your children. Interesting! :glare: Our children each have a cell phone (data plan), tablet, and laptop, plus our son has the xbox and I only have a phone and laptop.
  11. This is the biggest issue for me. The husband has a fun toy that he gets to play. If you want the children to have ZERO electronics, the husband needs to give up his toys (cell phones included) because it is creating a "do as I say, not as I do" issue. We had to face that issue. We were a ZERO electronics family and I was completely against getting our son an xbox until a dear friend pointed out that children who only get to watch TV, watch passively compared with playing video games like Minecraft, etc.. A few of the studies she gave me showed that lot of the games I was against were
  12. Since I started using this Empi Tens Unit in 2010, my liver has thanked me a thousand times because I get relief from the pain without needing to take meds (95% of the time).
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